Gun violence is a hugely controversial topic in the United States, so let’s first take a look at some relevant statistics. According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2013 there were 11,208 firearm homicides in the U.S. Compare this to an average U.K. firearm homicide rate in recent years of 45 (37 in 2012), according the Office for National Statistics. The U.S. has 5 times the inhabitants of the U.K. 11,200 : 45 = 250 : 5 = 50 times more. That’s a pretty huge difference and can be observed in the statistics below of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime and the OECD:



Compared to the Third World, the United States does very well when it comes to gun violence, but compared to Europe and other English-speaking countries, the United States is quite a distaster. And these are just the homicide numbers. They don’t even include suicides and accidental firearm deaths, which add another 40% to the total. Then the picture looks like this (rates can vary significantly per decade or even year):


Let’s look a little deeper at these statistics.
In 2013 the total number of homicides in the U.S. was 16,121, so 11,208 : 16,121 gives us
a 70% murder rate by firearm. Now, looking at the U.K., we have an average in recent years of about 550 homicides. Divide this by the earlier-mentioned 45 gun homicides and we have an 8% murder rate with guns. That means the U.K. only has 17%, or let’s say 1/5, the homicide rate of the U.S.
My seemingly obvious interpretation of this data is that guns make it many times easier to kill someone.

Does this mean we should ban all guns in the United States? Well, before doing that, the U.S., and maybe the West as a whole, should first firmly acknowledge that immigrants and especially blacks in the United States generate the vast majority of crime. This includes a murder rate that is 8 times higher than whites. Hispanics kill rough 2 to 2.5 times more often than whites. Asians, on the other hand, do four times better with this than whites. Ultimately the first step towards any new gun legislation is a solid acknowledgement of these facts.

Because this is unlikely to happen, we should still be able to bring down the amount of deaths by increasing prices, mandatory training, mandatory membership of a local shooting club (for practice and to demonstrate you still know what you’re doing, but also as a social control structure, so antisocial, obnoxious trailer trash will instantly get banned – and with that their license to own guns), regular check ups if guns are stored properly at home, and banning everyone with a history of psychological issues, including any person who orders anti-depressants. Whoever visits a psychologist or orders an anti-depressant, should be registered and their gun license revoked. Simple as that.

Usually people think that guns are completely banned in Europe. This is not true and the fact is that gun laws in the Netherlands are more than fine for all of Europe. In the Netherlands no guns are allowed to protect personal property, although it is possible to acquire bows and crossbows for people who fear burglars (it’s not advisable to shoot the burglar though). It’s extremely uncommon that people do this, however. If you want to own a gun you’ll have to be a member of a shooting club for at least one year or follow a one-year hunting course. In both cases weapon permits are only provided after extensive background checks with the police occasionally checking if guns are properly registered and stored at home. Hunters need to be active.

Most likely one of the few areas of improvement in the Netherlands is to do more extensive psychological background checks and banning anyone with a history of serious psychological treatment. Also anyone on anti-depressants should hand over his or her guns, because it’s very common for them to actually cause bouts of emotional instability. Most public shooters in the U.S. actually were on over-the-counter anti-depressants, so the use of this type of medicine needs to be tightly registered.

The Dutch model should work just fine in the United States, with maybe a few minor additions. What would change in U.S. states with strong hunting traditions? Nothing really. One can still have the guns; just tighter controls will be in place and every single person will be educated about its use. Also, somehow I don’t mind that so many Americans are in the possession of assault rifles and heavy-powered sniper rifles, at least in the more remote regions, away from the big cities and crime-ridden ghettos. It’s a tradition that maybe should be cherished (certainly it keeps movies more interesting), but not expanded to other countries. I’d fight to keep guns banned here, but maybe would campaign a little to keep guns around in the proper regions of the United States. It really depends on population density, ethnic backgrounds and immigration (huge!), the level of culture and education, and the effectiveness of the police forces if guns can be allowed somewhere. Of course, if you allow guns in one portion of the country, there are vastly increased chances of a black market developing.

There’s one thing that gun owners should realize: guns only offer very limited protection from a modern government. First of all, any aspiring fascist government would find pretexts to have the guns taken away. As simple as promoting the use of anti-depressants might do the trick: a few more school shootings in a row and the guns may go all by themselves. Alternately, the aspiring fascist government itself can orchestrate a few mass shootings in a row, Gang of Nijvel-style or loner-related. Poof! Guns are gone. It’s really quite easy, because the media is already owned and large scale psychological warfare has made it impossible for anyone to bring up conspiracy theories.

What is also important to keep in mind is that guns will not protect the masses from an advanced army that most likely will target the wives, children, family and friends of dissidents, or simply kill an entire neighborhood where an act of resistance has taken place. The Nazis did it, Stalin did it, and the CIA and Pentagon have all the knowledge and experience to do it ten times as effective. Also, dictatorships are often born as a result of a major economic downturn in which too many people will simply be too poor and weakened to put up any serious resistance.

The fact is, using guns to prevent tyrannical government is like having been irresponsible with your health all your life, finding out at the last moment that you have terminal end-stage cancer at age 52, but still trying to save yourself with chemotherapy. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll overcome it, but in all circumstances your recovery is going to be a devastating experience with the odds greatly stacked against you. Obviously it’s much better to detect the cancer at a very early stage or even prevent it altogether with a healthy lifestyle.

The real ingredients for preventing tyranny is a large amount of citizens having knowledge on how society is being manipulated by the superclass and the security services at every level: false flag operations and control over the mainstream media as well as the alternative media. Ultimately that requires enough people getting themselves really educated, and then writing, spreading knowledge in the streets, becoming truly independent activists, and refusing to back down even in the face of extreme ridicule. This, of course, is a lot less fun than waving the flag, drinking beer, and emptying your AR-15 at the local shooting range with your buddies. But this is precisely what is necessary: knowledge and awareness, not guns.

To summarize: Guns are for killing living things, preferably animals that will be eaten. Guns can be used to have a good time. They can help prevent an occupation by a foreign country. However, it’s very questionable if they will stop a modern government. One has to become more intellectually sophisticated to prevent that. And statistically speaking, using guns for personal protection does not make for safer streets. It does the exact opposite. But life is not all about statistics and who am I to step on tradition? So as long as we kill cows for meat and there’s enough game to hunt, guns should not be made all-out illegal.

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