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Fig: Treating Back Pain With Yoga

Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints among people. Sedentary modern lifestyle contributes more to back pain, not only for the aged but youngsters too. At least once in their lifetime people experience back pain. Muscle imbalances, irritated nerves, muscle spasms, stress, slips, and fall contributes to back pain. It often extends into the hips, lumbar spine and down the legs. The guideline to prevent back pain naturally without medications is to focus primarily on Yoga therapy, postural correction, and Stress Reduction.

Cause of Back Pain:

If we look at the possible causes of back pain, we can unravel the mystery of how the pain occurs. We can then prevent it by taking certain precautions by not doing the things that contribute to the pain. However, we live in such an environment that there are certain professions that top the list for putting people at risk of developing back pain.

People who drive vehicles for long hours are often victims of back pain, as this pain is caused by spinal compression, tight low back muscle pressure and vibration they are subject to while driving long distances. Sitting for longer periods also plays a vital role in back pain. Working in offices with poor seated posture, using the computer for more hours on a couch, may weaken the muscles. When you finally get up and move around, the body is never properly conditioned or warmed up, causing spasms and strains more likely. Back pain can be treated effectively with Yoga therapy and by having a healthy lifestyle routine.

Yoga Chikitsa For Back Pain

Certain inherited conditions, lifestyle factors like obesity and traumatic incidents may bring about an earlier onset of degeneration, but sooner or later most adults will experience this condition. People still prefer to treat it traditionally by taking medicine, slight changes in their lifestyle or by implementing some self-care treatments. However, the fact is, that back pain is a mechanical problem and to bring long-lasting relief one has to align the spine. Painkillers provide only temporary relief.


Yoga therapy is a mind-body medicine that is used to treat back pain, arthritis, body pain and other musculoskeletal pain caused due to a number of reasons. Strong muscles and toned body do more good than just look good. Few people ask, “Can yoga therapy improve health & reduce pain?” Absolutely, yoga therapy is a very powerful treatment for various pains that our body could experience in a lifetime.

Yoga therapy can completely remove the root cause of pain and provide a quick remedy and also transform one-self both physically and mentally .some. Yoga therapy can be an inspiring process to take care of your body completely.

Yoga therapy focuses on medically modified yoga poses like spinal extensions. It is helpful for people who sit for a longer period of time. It re-aligns the entire musculoskeletal structure to correct the imbalance and it also strengthens the muscles which are atrophied due to lack of use. Today’s generation experience more stress due to over workload and busy life schedule. The survival instinct, however, is still a driving force in our daily lives where Self-consciousness of not being late to work, deadlines of a project, work pressure, etc makes us feel low. Our body and mind become ‘tight’ and compressed when we struggle to survive in this competitive world.

Yoga therapy brings about harmony in both mind and body, as it helps to balance your body and brain functions positively.

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Source: Treating Back Pain With Yoga

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