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One of many complaints the Sims community has with The Sims 4 is the lack of traits and aspirations. Most aspirations are simply walkthroughs, which is absolutely not a good thing, and some are very easy and take little to no time. I’ll mostly be focusing on adding traits and aspirations, instead of fixing every single one of them.

So, just to prove that it is possible, I have come up with aspirations and traits for every pack. The rules for this are: 2 aspirations and 3 traits per Expansion Pack, 1 aspiration and 2 traits per Game Pack and 1 trait per Stuff Pack minimum. I’ll start with Expansion Packs.

Expansion Packs

Get to Work

Aspirations: Alien Investigator / Human Investigator (Knowledge), Retail Master (Fortune)

There is a mod for a UFO Investigator trait, which you can find here. The Alien Investigator aspiration would be the exact same as that, but Aliens cannot have it. Instead, Aliens can choose the Human Investigator aspiration. The requirements would be tweaked in order to better fit Aliens trying to fit into a human neighborhood, with requirements such as “Find X Rare Crystals”, “Analyze X Sims’ Personalities”, “Abduct a Human”, etcetera. Retail Master would be pretty much a walkthrough for the Retail system but actually challenging. The requirements would be “Have Three Employees”, “Acquire A Net Profit Of 1.000.000 Simoleons”, “Unlock 3 Store Perks”, that sort of stuff.

Traits: Hard Worker / Slacker (Lifestyle), Sickly (Lifestyle)

Get to Work is in the name, why did no work-related traits get added? Hard Worker makes your fun go up when you’re at work, and your work performance goes up faster. For retail, selling items to customers goes a lot faster and for freelancers, gigs give more money. The downside? Your Sims get tense during off days or when they’re on vacation! Slacker, on the other hand, makes your fun decrease even faster while at work, your work performance goes up a lot slower, selling things via retail is harder and gigs give less money. Kids and toddlers can’t have this trait for obvious reasons (they don’t work), it also affects school performance for teens. Hard Worker and Slacker conflict with each other.

Sickly interacts with the sickness system we have, which should’ve been more polished because it is not good. Sickly Sims are twice as likely to catch diseases and illnesses.

Get Together

Aspirations: Leader of the Pack (Popularity), Dancing King/Queen (Creativity)

Leader of the Pack introduces us to the club system added with Get Together, and it’s a fine aspiration that doesn’t need tuning. But they also gave us Dancing and DJ booths, and it seems weird not to make an aspiration out of that. For the Dancing King/Queen aspiration, the requirements would be “Dance For 5 Hours Without Stopping”, “Nap 10 Times In A Nightclub (karaoke bars work too if you own City Living, disco naps work if you have dance machine)”, “Do 5 Group Dances” and “Challenge 3 Sims To A Dance Battle”, that sort of stuff.

Traits: Night Lover (Lifestyle), Dance Machine (Lifestyle), Insider (Social)

There is no reason to remove Dance Machine and Insider, but with the whole Café and Nightclub stuff, it seems quite nonsensical to not have a Night Lover trait. These Sims would love to go out at night, can make friends faster at night, and their Energy need decays slower! Although, it also fills up very slowly…

City Living

Aspirations: Singing Star (Creativity), City Friend (Popularity)

I HATE Location aspirations. Which is why I will get rid of them! They’re very clearly walkthroughs to get you to understand the pack, but there’s not much to them besides that. There’s barely any dimension to them!!! City Friend would have requirements such as “Attend All Festivals In San Myshuno”, “Visit All Neighborhoods In San Myshuno (you need to be in each neighborhood for 5 in-game hours)”, “Be Good Friends With 6 Sims Who Live In San Myshuno”, etc. Singing Star would be all about the Singing career, writing songs, licensing songs, earning money from royalties, etc.

Traits: Vegetarian (Lifestyle), Unflirty (Emotional), Acrophobic (Emotional)

I do find Vegetarian and Unflirty nice traits so they get to stay! But apartments are tall and so are penthouses, so Sims should freak out a bit when they’re all the way up there. Acrophobic Sims are terrified of heights and get a +10 Tense moodlet when they’re in any apartment or penthouse. They will also receive the tense moodlet if they’re above the second floor of a building.

Cats and Dogs

Aspirations: Friend of the Animals (Animal), Top-Notch Vet (Animal)

Friend of the Animals is fine, but a Veterinarian aspiration is quite necessary. Top-Notch Vet would have requirements such as “Have a 5-Star Vet Clinic”, “Diagnose And Cure 50 Pets” and “Reach Level 10 in Veterinarian Skill”.

Traits: Dog Lover, Cat Lover, Pet Lover (all under Lifestyle), Dog Hater, Cat Hater, Pet Hater (all under Social)

The Lover and Hater traits conflict with each other, if you have Pet Hater you can’t have any of the Lover traits, if you have Pet Lover you can’t get any of the Hater traits. If you have My First Pet Stuff, the rats are included on Pet Lover. I think it’s dumb to have 2 of 3 trait slots basically wasted with both Dog Lover and Cat Lover, so Pet Lover is there to give the players more freedom with their traits. The Hater traits work exactly as Hates Children does, they get an Angry moodlet around pets and can be Mean to them.


Aspirations: Season Fanatic, Flower Friend (Nature)

These were easily the hardest ones to come up with, because what kind of season-related aspirations are you even supposed to have? But anyways, Season Fanatic would be all about holidays and would have requirements such as “Eat 5 Grand Meals”, “Become Good Friends With Father Winter”, “Become Good Friends With Flower Bunny”, “Count Down To Midnight”, etc. Flower Friend would be mostly focused on the Flower Arrangement skill. Requirements for this aspiration would be “Earn 100.000 By Selling Flower Arrangements”, “Reach Level 10 In The Flower Arranging Skill”, “Gift A Death Flower-Scented Flower Arrangement To A Sim (maybe to your grandma lol)”, etc.

Traits: Heat Lover, Rain Lover, Snow Lover (all under Lifestyle)

It’s the WEATHER PACK. Give us WEATHER TRAITS! Heat Lover makes your Sim happy during sunny days and heatwaves, Rain Lover makes your Sim happy when it’s raining and during thunderstorms, and Snow Lover makes your Sim happy when it’s snowing! Very simple traits for a somewhat simple pack.

Get Famous

Aspirations: World-Famous Celebrity (Popularity), Master Actor (Creativity)

This pack comes with two aspirations already, and I don’t really feel the need to add any more than that. The requirements could use some tweaking, though.

Traits: Self-Absorbed (Social), Stan (Lifestyle), Celebrity Hater (Social)

I now realize what’s missing in The Sims 4: more HATE. Self-Absorbed is a pretty nice trait for this pack, but it’s not enough. Stan makes it a bit harder to become a celebrity, but your Sim gets positive moodlets when they meet a celebrity (not if they’re in the same family, though) and they can Gush Over Celebrities. Celebrity Haters get angry moodlets when they meet celebrities with a Good Reputation, but will get huge happy moodlets when they meet celebrities with a Bad Reputation.

Island Living

Aspirations: One With The Island (Nature), Mermaid Investigator (Knowledge)

Beach Life is a horrible aspiration, so it’s gone! One With The Island is all about protecting Sulani and keeping its traditions alive. Requirements for this aspiration would be “Become Good Friends With A Mermaid”, “Reach Level 9 Of The Conservationist Career”, “Become Good Friends With A Dolphin”, “Catch And Release 10 Fish While On A Canoe”, that sort of thing. Mermaid Investigator would be just like Alien Investigator, it seems natural to me to have occult-related traits like that. Mermaids can grab Mermaid Investigator, but the requirements are not the same. Instead of trying to prove mermaids exist, they learn how to live as mermaids! For the human version of Mermaid Investigator, the requirements would be “Catch 5 Sulani Fish”, “Obtain Mermadic Kelp (obtaining it via the Rewards Store does not count)”, “Unmask 3 Mermaids”, “Blow An Ordinary Conch”, etc. For the mermaid version, though, the requirements would be “Keep Your Hydration Need Above 50% For 2 Days”, “Summon Ocean Threat 3 Times”, “Sing All 4 Mermaid Lullabies”, etc.

Traits: Child of the Islands, Child of the Ocean (Lifestyle), Hydrophobic (Emotional)

Child of the Islands and Child of the Ocean are cool traits, they get to stay. But with the whole focus on water and islands and mermaids and diving, a Hydrophobic trait seems like a natural addition. Hydrophobic Sims get really tense when inside pools or the ocean, get seasick when on top of canoes or floaters, and might get tense while showering or bathing.

Discover University

Aspirations: Academic, Robot Enthusiast (Knowledge), Friendly AI (Popularity)

Academic is the only aspiration that comes with Discover University, which is… weird? Sure, it encapsulates most university gameplay, but it focuses a lot on the Research and Debate skill. Robot Enthusiast focuses more on the other skill introduced in this pack: Robotics! Requirements include “Reach Level 8 Of The Robotics Skill”, “Build A Servo” and “Witness A Servo’s Catastrophic Meltdown (sorry!)”. Friendly AI is a Servo-only aspiration, which is related mostly to being friends with many human Sims and helping them as much as you can! Requirements include “Become Good Friends With 10 Sims”, “Toggle Between All Behavior Modules (they must stay with the modules for 4 in-game hours before swapping to another one)”, that sort of thing.

Traits: Nerd, Jock, Rebel (Lifestyle), Mechanic (Hobby), Debate Pro (Lifestyle)

No new traits for a pack like University is very weird since there are so many traits that very clearly could’ve (and should’ve) been added to the game. Nerd, Jock and Rebel take inspiration from TS3’s University pack, where Nerd Sims can develop Logic, Handiness, Robotics and Rocket Science very quickly, but struggle to increase their Charisma and Fitness skills. Jocks are great at developing Charisma and Fitness skills but struggle with increasing Logic or Robotics. Jock and Nerd are conflicting traits. Rebels are great at Research and Debate, Mischief, and Mixology, but their relationships grow very slowly. Mechanic is focused on Handiness and Robotics, giving your Sim huge buffs when successfully fixing broken objects and upgrading all sorts of items. Debate Pro is very Dance Machine-like, where your Sim will want to debate literally everyone they see over the smallest issues. You Spent 7 Minutes Glitching Instead Of Making Me A Drink, Bartender Lady. Here Is Why That Is Problematic: First Of All,

Eco Lifestyle

Aspirations: Eco Innovator (Nature), Master Maker (Creativity), Eco Destroyer (Fortune)

I was actually going to leave this pack as it is since there are two aspirations and four traits, which is a lot compared to none on Seasons or Get to Work. But since it’s just a game, I think it’s fair to want to destroy the world there. Eco Destroyer is somewhat similar to Eco Innovator, with the following twist: you hate green sceneries. The color green is your least favorite color. You want to make Evergreen Harbor the biggest oxymoron ever by turning it into an industrial hellhole. All of that is now possible (and encouraged!) with the Eco Destroyer aspiration. Requirements for this aspiration include… well, I don’t know, I hope you can come up with something. It’s actually quite hard to make your world industrial so… yeah. Eco Innovator would be tweaked to actually feel challenging since it’s very tutorial-esque.

Traits: Freegan, Green Fiend, Recycle Disciple (Lifestyle), Maker (Hobby), Industrial Fiend (Lifestyle)

Four traits? Damn. Never thought I’d see the day where that happens. The only addition needed is Industrial Fiend, which mirrors Green Fiend. Industrial Fiends love to watch acid rain and don’t have any trouble breathing in the horrid industrial air.

Snowy Escape is not out as I write this, but we do know it comes with two aspirations and two traits. Both are Location aspirations from what I remember, so I’d move the Extreme Sports one to Fitness and the tutorial aspiration to Knowledge, while making its requirements a lot harder. It could maybe be redone to be a culture researcher kind of aspiration, which could be fulfilled in Mt. Komorebi, but also in Sulani or Selvadorada. The traits, Adventurous and Proper, are fine to me, but maybe an Improper trait should be added, conflicting with the Serious and Proper traits.

Game Packs

Outdoor Retreat

Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast (Nature)

This one is pretty good. It can stay.

Traits: Squeamish, Hates Outdoors (Lifestyle)

Squeamish already comes with the pack so I’m not going to remove it, but, once again, we are lacking in HATE. Sims who have the Hates Outdoors trait will get tense or maybe even angry when going outside of their four walls. They get even MORE tense when going on vacation! Now that’s painful. They can also Demonize the Outdoors to other Sims.

Spa Day

Aspiration: Relaxation Master (Nature??? I guess?????)

This pack is all about relaxing, enjoying yourself, having some nice time inside a spa… so this is the only thing I can make an aspiration for. Relaxation Master’s requirements would be “Go To 3 Different Spas (you need to be in there for 3 in-game hours for it to count)”, “Reach Level 10 Wellness Skill”, “WooHoo In A Sauna”, very relaxing things overall.

Traits: Relaxed, Anxious (Emotional)

Sims with the Relaxed trait have a +2 Fine moodlet at all times, and they will not let small issues ruin their calm and collected selves. Anxious Sims, on the other hand, can never relax. They will always have a +2 Tense moodlet and even if you get your hands on the Carefree reward trait, IT WILL NOT GO AWAY. Relaxed and Anxious conflict with each other, and so do Relaxed and Hot-Headed, plus Relaxed and Erratic.

Dine Out

Aspiration: Restaurant Master (Fortune)

Much like Retail Master teaches you how the Retail system works while being challenging, Restaurant Master walks you through the Restaurant system! Requirements include “Own A 5-Star Restaurant”, “Earn 800.000 Simoleons Through Your Restaurant”, “Hire 3 Waiters”, etcetera.

Traits: Carnivorous (Lifestyle), Cheap (Social)

It is incredibly hard to come up with traits for Game Packs since they’re focused on just this single thing, like… Foodie and Snob are base game traits already, what else am I meant to add? Anyways, Carnivorous is meant to mirror Vegetarian, so your Sims will get really upset when they don’t eat meals with meat in them. Cheap Sims pay less for literally everything, but their relationships with everyone start out negative.


Aspirations: Vampire Family (Family), Master Vampire (Knowledge), Good Vampire (Popularity)

Don’t really need to make any changes, these are all good.

Traits: Nyctophobic (Emotional), Vampire Hater, Vampire Lover (Lifestyle)

You can now make Twilight fangirls and Buffy Summers in The Sims, congratulations. Sims with the Nyctophobic trait get very tense when they go outside at night or when inside badly lit-up rooms, and will absolutely freak out when they see vampires do any vampire-related things. Vampire Lovers can gush about vampires to the dark creatures, but they will get upset and feed on you all the time. Vampire Haters, on the other hand, can scare off any vampires they see and can break out of their mind control.


Aspirations: Super Parent (Family), Super Child (Family, also a Child aspiration)

Super Parent stays, I guess, but I feel like Parenthood does not focus a lot on… the children? I guess it IS called Parenthood and not Childhood, but… you can’t be a parent without kids! Super Child is all about being a great kid and being nice and responsive and… all that. As a child, the requirements are quite simple, “Become Good Friends With Your Parent”, “Have A Parent Reach Level 6 Parenting”, but since Child aspirations only have three “levels”, the fourth level is only unlocked after you become a teen. Once you grow up, the requirements you get are “Become Best Friends With A Parent”, “Have All Character Values Over 80%” and “Get An A In High School”. After that, the aspiration is done.

Traits: Hates Family (Social), Serious (Lifestyle)

Hates Family mirrors Family-Oriented, these Sims absolutely do not enjoy spending any time with their family whatsoever. Their character values are quick to decrease, while slow to increase. Family-Oriented and Hates Family are conflicting traits. Serious mirrors Childish, so Serious children will get their fun up by watching the News channel (and so will Serious adults) and they don’t get as much fun as other kids by playing with toys. Serious and Childish are conflicting traits, and so are Serious and Goofball and Serious and Slacker.

Jungle Adventure

Aspirations: Archaeology Scholar (Knowledge), Jungle Explorer (Nature)

These already came with the pack, they seem fine to me.

Traits: Skelephobic (Emotional), Relic Enthusiast (Hobby)

Jungle Adventure gives us skeletons and archaeology, so these seem like clear additions to me. Skelephobic Sims are terrified of skeletons, and yes, this includes any skeletal friends present in Spooky Stuff. If they see a skeleton moving around, their bladder need will decrease rapidly. Relic Enthusiasts are very interested in the Archaeology skill and using any Relic they put their hands on.


Aspirations: Agent of Shadows (Deviance), StrangerVille’s Hero (Knowledge)

Agent of Shadows makes use of the listening device added with StrangerVille, along with elements of the Secret Agent career. The requirements this aspiration has include “Earn 50.000 Simoleons Through Blackmailing”, “Join The Villain Branch Of The Secret Agent Career”, “Reach Level 9 Logic Skill”, etc. StrangerVille’s Hero is mostly the same as the old StrangerVille Mystery aspiration, this time with harder requirements, since if you want to be a hero, you have to EARN IT.

Traits: Paranoid (Social), Conspirationist (Lifestyle)

Paranoid can stay, it’s alright. But I feel like Conspirationist is such a clear trait to add! Conspirationist Sims are very awkward to socialize with, and will always try to convince you that the Moon is made out of cheese or that Al Simhara is actually hiding a nuclear laboratory and deadly weapons. Their Social need decreases very quickly, and they have a lot of new and unique interactions with others, so good luck trying to find someone who’ll believe you. If someone DOES believe your Sim’s theories, though, they will help you share them with others.

Realm of Magic

Aspirations: Spellcraft & Sorcery (Knowledge), Purveyor of Potions (Nature)

These recent packs have really delivered it when it comes to aspirations. These are fine!

Traits: Spell Lover (Lifestyle), Spell Hater (Social)

Spell Lover and Hater are similar to Vampire Lover and Hater, where I just took the occult present in the pack and added two traits related to how people feel about them. Spell Lovers love Spellcasters, and will dream of becoming one. Their chances of experiencing a Spellcaster Overload are reduced. Spell Haters, on the other hand, will always complain when they see a Sim casting spells, will get very angry when inside the Magic Realm, and if they become spellcasters, they will have a +3 Angry moodlet at all times.

Journey to Batuu does not exist

Stuff Packs

Luxury Party Stuff

Trait: Party Animal (Lifestyle)

Ah, Stuff Packs… a horrible creation. It is genuinely so hard to come up with a single trait because the content in these packs is extremely limited. It has party in the name, so here’s a Party-related trait. Party Animals might forget about the Luxury part of Luxury Party Stuff, and embarrass themselves in front of their friends. They get a +2 Happy moodlet during every social event, and after it’s over, they might get a +1, +2 or +3 Happy moodlet depending on how the event went.

Perfect Patio Stuff

You see why making a thousand packs with little to no content is a bad idea? This could’ve easily been added with, I don’t know, Get Together? But nope, we get a stuff pack all about patios. There is no trait I can come up with here.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

Trait: Chef (Lifestyle)

Dine Out is about restaurants, and restaurants have kitchens. City Living has those plates from countries all around the world, but no, the Chef trait will exist in a forgettable Stuff pack. Chef Sims are naturally better at cooking and have a higher chance to make Excellent quality dishes. If they end up making a poor quality dish, they’ll get a +2 Sad moodlet for a while.

Spooky Stuff

Traits: Candy Lover, Scare Enthusiast (Lifestyle)

It’s the Halloween pack, which should’ve been added with Seasons, but EA likes easy money, I guess. Candy Lovers will not become fat if they eat sweets, while getting positive moodlets for eating something they like. Scare Enthusiasts can pull all types of pranks, and people will rarely get mad at them. Scare Enthusiast conflicts with Serious.

Movie Hangout Stuff

Traits: Loves Movies, Hates Movies (Lifestyle)

It’s the movie pack. Sims with the Loves Movies trait get huge buffs after watching a movie, while Sims with the Hates Movies trait will be disappointed after watching most movies.

Romantic Garden Stuff

Traits: Lucky, Unlucky (Social? Lifestyle? idk)

This is the only thing I could come up with for this pack, because of the Wishing Well object it adds. Lucky Sims will have a higher chance of finding rare collectibles, treasure maps, most interactions of theirs will have a positive outcome and the Wishing Well will always reward your Sim. For Unlucky sims, they’ll get common collectibles most of the time, and most interactions will have a negative outcome. The Wishing Well will punish them most of the time, and they’re more likely to die of accidental deaths, much like the Clumsy trait.

Kids Room Stuff

Aspirations: Voidcritter Collector, Jack/Jill-of-all-Trades (both Child aspirations)

No traits for this pack, because there are none to really add. Aspirations, on the other hand… Voidcritter Collector requires your Sim to go hunting for all 20 Voidcritter cards, rewarding you for finding them in different and unique ways. Jack/Jill-of-all-Trades is basically a mashup of all four base-game Child aspirations, with requirements from all four of those Aspirations and the reward trait of higher Skill gains on every single skill in the game.

Backyard Stuff

Backyard. I can’t make things up when there’s nothing to make up, the only thing about Backyard Stuff is the water slide thing.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

Traits: Servant, Glamorous (Lifestyle)

Pretty clear additions, to be fair. Every butler would be generated with the Servant trait, which basically makes them a lot better at cooking, fixing broken objects, cleaning, etcetera. Glamorous makes your relationships grow faster, except if the Sim you’re talking to is Childish, a Slob or a Child. If you have Get Famous, becoming a Celebrity is easier.

Bowling Night Stuff

Trait: Bowler (Lifestyle)

Bowling only has 5 skill levels, so it’s kinda hard to make an aspiration out of it. The Bowler trait makes your Sim naturally better at bowling, though.

Fitness Stuff

Traits: Healthy Eater (Lifestyle)

It’s the fitness pack, so here is a fitness thing. Healthy Eater Sims will feel guilt after eating unhealthy food or sweets but will get very happy after eating foods low on calories. They can make protein shakes to boost their workout performance by a lot.

Toddler Stuff

The Base Game toddler traits are more than enough, and Toddlers can’t have aspirations, so… this is a skip.

Laundry Day Stuff

Also a skip, because household aspirations and traits were already taken care of in other packs. Not a bad pack, just not one with enough content to have a trait packed with it.

My First Pet Stuff

Traits: Rat Lover (Lifestyle), Rat Hater (Social)

The rats are the only thing My First Pet gives us, so it’s better than nothing. Same as the other Pet traits in Cats and Dogs. Hamsters can’t have traits, also, and I believe the Dog and Cat traits we got are more than enough.

Moschino Stuff

Traits: Fashionable (Lifestyle), Stylist (Hobby)

Since it’s the clothes pack, clothes-related activities are a given. Fashionable Sims will feel uncomfortable after wearing the same outfits for too long, and will have an easier time becoming Celebrities if you own Get Famous. They can also make fun of other Sims’ outfits. Stylist should be added to the base game, since it’s based on the Style Influencer career, but whatever, I can fit it in a pack.

Tiny Living Stuff

Trait: Claustrophobic (Emotional)

This one was such a clear addition, I’m not sure how they overlooked it. Basically, all benefits Tiny Homes give will be reverted with this trait. Your happy, inspired and focused buffs last for half the time, instead of twice. Skill gains are halved, Comfort values are treated as 0 (making them all Uncomfortable) and your relationships grow twice as slow but decay twice as fast. Basically, a Hard Mode toggle. They will also always have a +3 Tense moodlet when inside Tiny Home Residential lots or when inside a room smaller than 5×5.

Nifty Knitting Stuff

Aspiration: Lord/Lady of the Knits (Creativity)

It’s alright, I don’t really mind it.

Trait: Knitter (Hobby)

This was supposed to be a hobby pack. An arts and crafts pack. How a Hobby trait was not added is such a mystery to me. Knitter is much like all the other Hobby traits, your Sim gets huge buffs after knitting or looking at knit items and can raise the Knitting skill much faster.

Free Packs

Holiday Celebration Pack

It’s free, did you really expect it to come with traits? No money = no work.

Alright, so that’s it from me! If someone wants to add these traits to their game as CC, feel free to do so! I had varying levels of fun coming up with traits and aspirations, but this post is mostly trying to prove that yes, EA/Maxis is perfectly capable of coming up with things to add to their games, I personally did this in ~3 days and it was only hard because of how limited some Stuff packs are.

One thing I did not address, though, is Reward Traits. You get Reward Traits for clearing Aspirations, and I did not come up with any of those for aspirations I created. I’m sure whoever’s reading this can come up with some, and I’ll leave that up to you because I’m really tired.

I would also like to apologize for being a bit too rant-y in some parts, but Sims 4 was my first Sims game, the one who introduced me to the franchise, so I feel very strongly about it. I really wanted it to succeed, and I’m afraid that’s not a possibility anymore.

anyways bye lol

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