Top 10 Lifestyle Vloggers on YouTube (Updated)

In the world of YouTube, there are more than just daily vloggers. Vlogging is a vast category within the YouTube community full of a diverse range of creators. As the platform grows and evolves, comedy vlogging, family vlogging, travel vlogging, and prank vlogging have become some of the most popular genres on the site. However, for those YouTubers not defined by a specific niche – they fall into the category of lifestyle vloggers. Check out this list of the top 10 lifestyle vloggers on YouTube.

  • 11.8M subscribers
  • Joined February 15, 2010

Casey is a New York-based lifestyle vlogger, filmmaker, co-founder of the multimedia company Beme, and the founder of 368, a space for creators to collaborate and influence each other creatively. Neistat started to post his daily vlogs on YouTube in 2015 but stopped in between 2016-2017 to focus on making short films. As of 2018, Neistat returned to making vlogs based on his energetic and exciting lifestyle

  • 4.83M subscribers
  • Joined September 4, 2012

Zoe Sugg, otherwise known as Zoella, is a British YouTuber, lifestyle vlogger, and author of Girl Online. Previously, Sugg’s channel focused on mostly fashion, beauty, and haul videos while she posted vlogs on a second channel called MoreZoella. Now, Sugg has moved her vlogging skills to her main channel where she partakes in Vlogmas and other fun lifestyle videos with her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber, Alfie Deyes.

  • 2.85M subscribers
  • Joined November 26, 2006

Nicole is a longstanding Youtuber that has been posting beauty and lifestyle vlogs since 2006. As a beauty blogger, she amassed millions of fans through her blog Naturally Nicole, which focuses on fashion, product reviews, and makeup tutorials. Guerriero furthered her career through YouTube where she now posts lifestyle vlogs with her fiancé on top of her beauty and makeup videos.

  • 2.4M subscribers
  • Joined April 19, 2008

Tess Christine is a lifestyle vlogger based in New York City that found the YouTube community to share her own tips and tricks about makeup, hair, and fashion. As the years have passed, Tess has expanded her channel to include travel vlogs and lifestyle vlogs with her best friends and husband, Patrick.

  • 2.21M subscribers
  • June 14, 2008

Dulce Candy has been creating content on YouTube since 2008 – so she’s a self-proclaimed OG of our lifestyle vloggers. On her channel, she shares fun makeup tutorials, fashion advice, lifestyle vlogs, and personal vlogs about her infertility journey. The Mexico-born and Southern California-raised YouTuber has developed a vast following on her two YouTube channels (one is now inactive) and Instagram, which has allowed her to partake in over 250 brand campaigns on social media.

  • 2.12M subscribers
  • Joined January 22, 2011

Aspyn Ovard is an extremely popular blogger and YouTube vlogger that posts videos about anything and everything from fashion to her family. With her husband Parker Ferris, Aspyn created a second channel to share more insight into their lives with lifestyle vlogs for their followers. On their vlog channel, they post weekly videos covering their everyday life from packing to vacation to redecorating their home.

  • 2.06M subscribers
  • Joined March 1, 2015

Bella is an Australian YouTuber who posts videos every week about true crime, fashion, beauty, and travel. Fiori is also known for her lifestyle vlogs in which she films her life with her boyfriend and three dogs. With over 600k followers on Instagram, she has also gained a following for her “Get Ready With Me” and chatting videos, in which she talks directly to her followers.

  • 1.95M subscribers
  • Joined July 5, 2014

Sydney Serena is a 19-year-old lifestyle vlogger who also makes beauty and other random fun videos on her channel to connect with her subscribers. Sydney, who also goes by Syd, films everything from trying to learn new TikTok dances to makeover vlogs. Serena is also known for her “day in the life” videos where she discusses being a 19-year-old living alone in California since she is originally from Minnesota.

  • 1.26M subscribers
  • Joined April 21, 2012

Hailey Sani, like Sydney Serena, is known for her channel full of a little bit of everything. She films fitness videos, outfit of the week videos, advice videos, and carpool karaoke videos with her friends to model the popularized series by James Corden. As she mentions on her YouTube bio, Sani doesn’t like to categorize herself as a beauty guru because she posts a little bit of everything, but she mainly focuses on lifestyle vlogs where she shares pieces of her everyday life.

  • 1.44M subscribers
  • Joined September 21, 2007

On his YouTube channel, professional Swedish freeskier Jon Olsson gives his subscribers a look into his life with his wife and son, along with his exotic and fun travels. In his weekly vlogs, he features his lavish lifestyle with yacht and luxury car vlogs, along with showing off his busy, active life in other countries.

Want to check out some other lifestyle vloggers? Here are some that didn’t make the cut:

Name Subscriber Count View Count Date Joined
Lauren Elizabeth 1.23M 101K February 2, 2011
Claire Marshall 981K 60.9K June 10, 2010
Acacia (Brinley) Kersey 913K 85K June 1, 2008
Lydia Elise Millen 814K 125K February 2, 2011

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