Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits in 2020

1.Often sing

The scientists have compared 20 old singers with their peers who do not often sing and found that the singers have developed chest wall muscles, good cardiopulmonary function, and slow heart rate. The benefits of singing are no less than running, swimming, rowing, etc. Many professional singers live longer than ordinary people for more than 10 years. Singing can also change the composition of human blood and help improve human immunity.

2.Bask in the sun

In New York State, the United States, admire the lifestyle of sunbathing when they have time. More sun exposure is very good for the body because the sun itself contains a very nutritious ingredient, namely vitamin C and vitamin D. But before sun exposure, remember to apply sunscreen first to avoid sunburn. Sun exposure in winter is still necessary, it can renew the dead parts of the body.

3.Walking in the rain

It is a fashion for modern Europeans and Americans to go shopping or take a walk in the drizzle. Walking in the rain has many fitness effects that can not be compared with walking on a sunny day. A drizzling rain falls on the earth, which can wash dust and dirt and purify the air.

Also, the large amount of ions produced by the setting sun before the rain and the first drizzle fall enjoys the reputation of “air vitamin”, which is soothing and comfortable and helps to eliminate the body’s emotional depression that is easily caused by rainy weather.

4.Eating less meat

Vegetarianism is now popular in Russia. They believe that eating a lot of various types of meat and its products will aggravate certain diseases or induce certain diseases. Under normal circumstances, human body fluids, including blood, intracellular and external fluids, are all weakly alkaline, and the PH value of the human body is closely related to the food we eat. If you eat too much acidic food, it will make the body’s PH value imbalance, and then cause the acid-base balance to break. Therefore, the combination of acidity and alkalinity of food is very important to human health.

5.Rest after eating

In Japan and South Korea, “rest after a meal, and then go for a hundred steps” has become a popular practice for health preservation.

If you engage in strenuous exercise or intense mental work immediately after a meal, a part of the blood must be drawn from the digestive organs to support the body, resulting in insufficient blood in the digestive organs, thus affecting digestion. At the same time, when the muscles are active, the sympathetic nerves are excited, which can inhibit the activity of the digestive organs and also affect digestion. Taking a walk after a meal and participating in some less stressful cultural and sports activities is also beneficial to health.

6.Walking with straight posture

Experts from the University of Missouri in the United States believe that raising the head and chest not only makes people look young and energetic but also helps to reduce back pain. The chest will reduce the load on the spine, and the lung capacity can increase by 20%~50%. As air is inhaled more, the amount of oxygen obtained by body tissues also increases. When a person gets more oxygen supply, the body will not get tired easily


Take a break from the busy schedule, calm down, sit and meditate 1 to 2 times a day for about 30 minutes each time. Eliminate distracting thoughts and relax your body and mind. It will help relieve nerve headaches and lower blood pressure. This kind of healthy wind is popular among residents of Texas in the United States. Meditation also has a significant effect on the treatment or adjuvant treatment of many chronic diseases.

If people can sit quietly often, they will feel calm, blood flow will be smooth, and disease will not easily occur. If you are constantly disturbed by anger, fear, sadness, and lust, and become upset and irritable, it will cause qi and blood disorders, which will cause all kinds of diseases. For example, people who are old, or frail and sick, feel cold in their hands and feet in winter, they will feel warm in their hands and feet after sitting still. When the weather is hot in summer, sitting still can cool the body.

8.Family Fun

In your spare time, sharing family happiness has become popular in Japan and some countries in Southeast Asia. We face too much pressure in our daily lives, and this pressure requires timely mediation.

“Home” is a good place to decompress. No matter how irritable your work during the day is, you must actively adjust your emotions after returning home, and interact with your relatives, you can play games with your children, you can make a sumptuous dinner with your lover, and you can enjoy it with your parents. A movie or read a book. Persevere, you will find that your mind is much better, which is naturally beneficial to health.

9.Go on foot

Go on foot has become increasingly popular in European and American countries. Like all persistent physical exercises, walking can encourage organs to burn calories, convert carbohydrates, fat, and protein into energy, and reduce fat storage. If you walk a lot, your weight will drop and your body curve will gradually improve.

It has been proven that people who are depressed and those who are suffering from stress can walk 3/4 times a week for 30 minutes each time, which can effectively improve mood and improve self-confidence. An energetic walk can stimulate the secretion of endorphin, the happy hormone. This natural decompression can relieve physical illnesses such as insomnia, daytime fatigue, good hunger, and loss of appetite.

10.Do good deeds

First of all, people who do good things will be respected and respected by people. No matter the great kind or the little kind, they will get different rewards. When you do good deeds, the beneficiaries will also be grateful to you, and good deeds get a virtuous circle, pass on to each other in our lives, and play a practical teaching role for future generations.

Secondly, people who do good deeds will get a kind of indescribable psychological satisfaction, which helps strengthen the person’s immune system, regulate the “combination of the body and mind”, and is beneficial to health and longevity.

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