Top 10 Healthiest Careers in the World

Although we have a life outside of our workplace, we spend a lot of time there and though every career has risks, some are healthier than others.

But, being healthy is not just about your direct environment. For example, professions that are high stress with long hours, tend to negatively affect your well-being. The following jobs are some of the healthiest in the world.

10. Farmer

Most farmers carry out a lot of physical work. Although the days can be long and hard, fitness levels are generally high. Most farmers also eat plenty of whole foods, avoiding the processed foods that are associated with various health risks.

Farmers also spend a lot of time outdoors, which is highly beneficial for one’s mindset and blood pressure. Farmers tend to have high energy levels, which is due to their physical state and diet. When someone is conscious of the food they eat and exercises often, it’s no surprise that they will be classified as some of the healthiest people.

9. Fitness instructor

The number of reasons this career choice would make it onto the list is quite extensive. The most obvious is the amount of exercise they get. When you get people in shape for a living, you’re clearly in shape yourself. Many instructors also watch what they eat, and drink plenty of water.

There is a direct correlation between the food we eat and our overall fitness. You cannot stay fit without eating properly. Also, fitness instructors are highly social. This social environment is great for one’s mentality. With all the exercise and social interaction, mental ailments like depression are less common.

8. Software engineer

This one may be surprising, but it has made the list on many surveys. Yes, sitting in front of a desk all day is not good for you, but this career has some of the happiest individuals in the world. Health is not just about your physical state, but your mental state as well.

Many companies have already started making the workplace more employee-friendly. Google is a prime example of a company that focuses on their employee’s happiness and well-being. Many companies are experimenting with exercise rooms, standing desks, and more. Software engineers are passionate about they do. They’re happy in their career and tend to be treated well by their employers.

7. Nutritionist

It’s not that nutritionists have access to better food than anyone else, they just possess the required knowledge. Nutritionists study and encourage healthy eating for a living, therefore they have all the tools to consume the healthiest diet possible.

As a nutritionist, you will learn how food works within the body. This allows you to build a healthy relationship with the food you eat, preventing sickness and disease. You can effectively eliminate toxins, increase your immunity, maintain your target weight, and so much more. Food is fuel, but it is also the greatest medicine we have. Once you truly understand our relationship with food, you can live the healthiest life possible.

6. Yoga instructor

Although this may be classified as a type of fitness instructor, yoga instructors focus on calming the mind. Many jobs are highly stressful, while this career allows you to eliminate stress from your mind. The healthiest jobs incorporate both physical activity and low-stress levels.

As a yoga instructor, you would spend your time improving the mental and physical health of others. This career focuses on fitness and well-being, so it makes sense that it is one of this list.

5. University professor

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University professors rank in the top five least stressful jobs for various reasons. The most obvious is their salary. With a high paying salary, there’s less stress outside of their career. The work environment is low-stress, as there’s great flexibility in terms of hours and workload. Many professors have assistants that do all of their marking, prep work, etc.

This career is also aligned with the academic year, meaning they get long breaks. It allows them to regenerate their mind and body. Although it requires very little physical activity, with the flexible schedule exercise is easy to fit in.

4. Landscape gardener

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Landscape gardeners have to be physically active and spend a lot of time outdoors. When you’re planting, mowing, paving, and installing, you are burning a lot of calories. As long as you eat right and drink plenty of water, this is highly beneficial to your heart and other vital organs.

Being outdoors helps to calm the mind, providing a natural form of meditation. Gardeners also have a similar lifestyle in their workday. The key here is high levels of physical activity within a calming environment.

3. Small business employees

Although big business have lots of perks, small business employees have a more personal relationship with the company. It allows them to feel more inspired and valued. This is important regarding your mental health. When you feel more fulfilled, you’re happier, making your mental state healthier.

A study in 2012 found that US counties that had more locally owned businesses were healthier overall. They had lower mortality rates, fewer obesity issues, and lower levels of diabetes in comparison to larger companies.

2. Chiropractor


Becoming a chiropractor is healthy for a number of reasons. First of all, chiropractors are not sitting at a desk all day. They’re moving around, continually staying active as they perform adjustments on their clients.

Not only are they more active, but they tend to take a more holistic approach to medicine in comparison to other doctors. This means that they approach medical conditions in a more natural way. They focus on a person as a whole, not just one or two symptoms. When a health issue arises, physical, psychological, and social factors are analysed. This helps get to the root of the problem, instead of masking symptoms with medication.

Chiropractors also tend to be self-employed and as such less stressed. When you’re your own boss, you can take off the time you need to spend with friends and family. It can be a lot easier to find a healthy work-life balance when you’re self-employed.

1. Florist


This career may surprise you, but florists tend to be happy, healthy individuals. To be a successful florist, you need to know a lot about the plants and flowers that you supply. These individuals generally have a love for nature and the beautiful arrangements in which nature provides us.

Being around nature and greenery tends to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Also, florists get to meet all kinds of people. They provide flowers to people for all occasions, which are generally positive in nature. This is great for your mental health in terms of being highly social. They are also on their feet more than people who sit behind a desk for eight hours a day.

No matter what career you choose, pick a path that interests you. The key to a healthy lifestyle is; exercise, proper diet, and low-stress levels. The above careers allow individuals to maintain their health within their work environment, but you can do the same outside of work. If you are highly stressed at work, participate in yoga or a take a long walk a few times a week. If you sit in front of a computer all day, get active after work. Skip the fast food and bring a nutritious lunch. All of this is possible; you just need to motivate yourself towards a healthier, happier lifestyle. 

Do you think you could make your workplace healthier? Let us know in the comments section below…

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