the cure/treatment for virtually all chronic conditions the health industry and Big Pharma want kept secret : conspiracy

EDIT: I’ve gotten a ton of dm’s (which I don’t answer because I don’t have the time) asking about fasting routines and what to eat. Visit r/fasting to learn more about it and the people there will be happy to help you get started! I’ve also answered many questions here in the comments.

Prolonged fasting means not eating anything for 1-2 days or more, drinking only water, preferably water with sodium and potassium added. This is different from intermittent fasting which is too weak to do much because you’re only fasting ~16 hours and eating in an 8 hour window. It’s still better than what the vast majority of people do, but it doesn’t give you the best benefits of fasting. Personally I do mostly One Meal A Day with the occasional longer fast for the health benefits.

For years now I have been reading about fasting, talked to many people who have done it, and live a fasting focused lifestyle myself. I’ve read many scientific articles about it, learned from a few doctors who have also researched fasting and use it such as Dr. Jason Fung, as well as the testimonies from people who have used fasting to cure practically everything from cancer and aids to autoimmune issues to pathogen infections to injuries and broken bones. It works on literally everyone who has access to adequate nutritious food for refeeds, from children to the elderly.

I’m posting about it here because despite the uncountable scientific studies and evidence, there is a kind of conspiracy from the health industry and big pharma to keep this knowledge from you. They want you to believe fasting for days at a time is dangerous and unhealthy when all the science indicates the opposite. They instead tell you to eat multiple meals a day to keep your metabolism high and that fasting lowers it. Fasting actually increases your metabolism and it only begins to drop a little below normal if you’ve been fasting for like a week or so. More importantly who cares? Your metabolism is always in various dips and rises. Besides which once you refeed your metabolism goes back to normal. But I digress. The health industry has a messed up food circle where they glorify grains and other processed food even though we know it’s bad for us, especially in the quantities they recommend. The fact that added sugar and vegetable oils are on the Generally Regarded As Safe list is criminal when we’ve had scientific research proving the dangers of both years before they became a staple of the American diet.

Whenever I try to tell people about the benefits of prolonged fasting I’m almost always met with derision and disbelief, and it doesn’t change even when I provide evidence. Even on r/fasting the people are ironically ignorant about fasting, saying things like fat children can’t fast and must eat multiple meals a day or it will stunt their growth, which isn’t close to true. I wouldn’t have a fat kid do a 7 day fast, even though he could, I would have him do 48s with some 72s just to be careful and this is perfectly healthy and safe for a fat child.

While there are tons of scientific studies about the benefits of fasting, the thing most people seem to want are studies that specifically show fasting is specifically able to cure cancer. I try to explain to them that of course such a study doesn’t exist and never will because modern medicine considers fasting dangerous and would never allow or consider a study that had even volunteered sick people do what is in their eyes a dangerous treatment. To speak nothing of the immeasurable millions that would be required to fund such a study to the proper degree that people would consider it valid. Who would spend that kind of money to prove a free treatment works when there’s no profit in doing so? Furthermore, while fasting is simple, fasting to cure a problem especially one like cancer is no easy feat and requires a strict routine that is adhered to stringently, usually for a few months.

3 months ago someone dm’ed me here on Reddit asking for more information about my claims of fasting curing cancer because their dad has colon cancer and could die from it and the doctors are useless as usual. So I told him about fasting and other things and his dad started doing it, being desperate enough to try anything. Within the first week of the routine the dad’s tumor stopped causing bleeding in his rectum. A month later the tumor stopped growing and had begun to shrink. A few days ago I asked and the tumor is continuing to shrink, and tumor markers are showing the results of a healthy person. The dad’s life has been completely changed via virtually free treatments anyone can do. Here is a woman who cured her brain cancer in the course of a few months, baffling her doctors. There are countless more testimonials like these. Me personally I’ve seen it heal wounds and injuries quicker and get me recovered from the cold/flu quicker. Used to I would catch a virus at least once every year, for decades. Once I made fasting a part of my life and cleaned up my diet I haven’t gotten sick since. [What I mean is in the early days I was experimenting with fasting but hadn’t fully committed to it. I was still eating multiple meals a day and eating garbage food. It wasn’t until I switched to omad and a healthy diet that I no longer became sick.]

There are many things that happen when you prolong fast such as the activation of autophagy, the lowering of insulin, activation of apoptosis, increase of stem cells (which protects your muscles from degradation), the balance of hormones, giving the digestion a break, regenerating the immune system (upon refeeding), and many more. The benefits of fasting have been proven to be beneficial in virtually all forms of life from bacteria and yeast to insects to rodents to humans.

To go into all the specific details of everything would be a near impossible task for a mere Reddit post. There is tons of literature about all of this. I will instead link to some interesting studies and reports discussing some of these things. This but a tiny sampling of what you can find if you do some research.

Fasting for 3-5 days has been shown to regenerate the immune system by breaking down the old and weak white blood cells. This is the secret to being able to withstand pathogens such as the cold/flu and even covid (not that covid is much worse than the seasonal flu) and why I do not fear it or any natural pathogen. It’s true that during this period your immune system is slightly weaker, and some websites try to spin this to say fasting lowers your immune system. While technically true, what they don’t say is that upon refeeding your body makes brand new healthy and strong white blood cells ready to attack pathogens in your body. This is why a guy who did a 40 day straight fast did not cure his cancer, but the people who go on a routine of fasting followed by eating followed by more fasting over the course of a few months do cure their cancer. If you keep your immune system high from the beginning and stay that way cancer will be something you need no longer fear because your immune system won’t allow it to get out of hand. Cancer is not some mysterious condition the health industry tries to make you believe.

This link says much the same but also says that fasting has shown amazing results in people taking chemo and it’s been suggested that fasting could be used to compliment people on chemo. This is the closest mainstream health will get to saying prolonged fasting is good or useful for curing anything.

Fasting for 72 Hours Can Reset Your Entire Immune System

This one is more of the above:

This one talks about the benefits of fasting on the skin and how it encourages healing. This link actually got me perma banned from r/askdocs who said the link is false and proves nothing. So I called them science deniers and got muted. I gave the link in response to a woman who had a minor skin condition and didn’t know what to do so I suggested some fasting and a healthy diet. Naturally this was called dangerous.

There is so much more to learn and talk about regarding fasting, but this post is long enough. All these years later and I’m still learning new things about fasting and health and nutrition. Fasting here is just the tip of the iceberg of health secrets the health industry and Big Pharma don’t want you to know about.

Note: I don’t believe doctors are “in on it” but rather they are taught wrong in med school. Instead it is whoever is responsible for determining what gets accept by the health industry and gets taught to people in med school that is to blame, because they are the ones denying science in the name of profit. It’s more profitable and you get repeat business if you, for example, sell type 2 diabetics insulin and pills (which is like giving an alcoholic more alcohol) instead of getting the person on a fasting routine and low carb diet to cure their T2D, which is exactly what Dr. Jason Fung does in Canada.

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