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A nutritious diet supplies the body with adequate nutrients needed for the growth and prevention of diseases. A diet that lacks adequate quantities of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and fiber is considered unhealthy and poses significant risks to the wellbeing of a person. Unhealthy diets that lack adequate nutrients and are high in sugar, salt, and fat may lead to the development of chronic conditions. In many cases, diets that lack vegetables and fruits may exposé one to heart diseases, kidney failure, and stroke. In addition, diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and hypertension have been found to be caused by poor dietary habits.
            Second, weight gain is another challenge associated with unhealthy diets. This is usually caused by consuming processed foods that contain large quantities of sugar and fat. Continued consumption of such foods leads to excessive weight gain, and eventually, obesity. Lack of physical activity further makes the problems of weight gain and obesity worse. Obese people are prone to health problems such as heart attacks and diabetes. Furthermore, an obese person might find it difficult to undertake daily routines and activities, and this may impact his productivity and general way of life. As a result, such people find it difficult to fit into the larger society, and thus may leave one feeling isolated and neglected. 
            Third, unhealthy diets may lead to mental health problems. Naturally, the brain requires certain minerals and nutrients to function properly. For instance, the brain requires sugar in order to undertake its functions properly. Therefore, consuming foods that have either too much sugar or no sugar can significantly alter the functioning of the brain. In addition, other problems related to poor dietary patterns such as obesity, body weakness, and nausea may result in feelings of stress and depression. According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that these may further affect one’s mental stability and hence may result in mental health problems.  Finally, unhealthy diets contain fewer proteins, and this leads to muscle loss. 
The body requires adequate amounts of protein to build and repair body tissues. A diet that lacks adequate proteins forces the body to consume its own muscles. This may lead to feelings of weakness and fatigue. The body does not function optimally. The affected individual will not be able to carry out daily activities effectively.
In conclusion, unhealthy diets are responsible for a number of health problems today. People have to be careful about the types of foods they consume and how they consume them. The discussion above has shown that poor diets have significant effects, and may lead to death. People need to evaluate their lifestyles and make the necessary changes to lead a healthy and productive life.


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