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Tackling Food Allergies at the Source

Food allergies cost billions of dollars and cause enormous suffering for people. Researchers are trying to remove the source of food allergies altogether — troublesome proteins made by our favorite …

Television Advertising Limits Can Reduce Childhood Obesity, Study Concludes

Limiting the hours of television advertising for foods and beverages high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) could make a meaningful contribution to reducing childhood obesity, according to a new …

Girls Benefit from Doing Sports

Extracurricular sport in middle childhood diminishes subsequent ADHD symptoms in girls, but not in boys, a new study …

Association Between Screen Time Use, Diet and Other Health Factors

Researchers have found that heavy users of screens — defined as those who use screens an average of 17.5 hours per day — reported the least healthful dietary patterns and the poorest health-related …

‘Front of Package’ Nutrition Labels Improved Nutrition Quality

A new study analyzing 16 years of data on tens of thousands of products finds that the adoption of nutrition data on ‘front of package’ labels is associated with improved nutritional …

Connecting the Dots on Food Access

A new study simultaneously examined the preferences of community members and compared those with the community-based programs and resources available to identify the most viable strategies for …

A Spillover Effect: Medicaid Expansion Leads to Healthier Dietary Choices

Besides providing health care to millions, the Medicaid program helps recipients make healthier food choices, according to new …

Exposure to Cadmium in the Womb Linked to Childhood Asthma and Allergies

Babies born with higher levels of cadmium in their umbilical cord blood may be more likely to develop childhood asthma and allergies, according to new …

These Lifestyle Choices Can Reduce the Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease

Active lifestyle choices such as eating vegetables, exercising and quitting smoking can reduce the risk of chronic kidney disease, a new study …

Infants in Households With Very Low Food Security May Have Greater Obesity Risk

Infants from households reporting very low ‘food security,’ a measure of access to adequate and healthy meals, tend to weigh more than those from households with relatively high food …

Are All Vegetarian Diets Healthy?

Vegetarian foods are not equally healthy, according to new …

Spouses Shed More Pounds Together Than Alone

Weight loss is most successful in heart attack survivors when partners join in the effort to diet, according to new …

Obesity Linked With Higher Risk for COVID-19 Complications

From COVID-19 risk to recovery, the odds are stacked against those with obesity, and a new study raises concerns about the impact of obesity on the effectiveness of a future COVID-19 …

In Sickness and in Health: Cardiovascular Disease in Couples

Researchers show that the wives of men with major cardiovascular disease risk factors, namely hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia, are more prone to suffer from the same …

No Safe Level of Caffeine Consumption for Pregnant Women and Would-Be Mothers

Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should be advised to avoid caffeine because the evidence suggests that maternal caffeine consumption is associated with negative pregnancy outcomes and …

How Protein Protects Against Fatty Liver

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the most common chronic liver disease in the world, with sometimes life-threatening consequences. A high-protein, calorie-reduced diet can cause the harmful liver …

Long-Term Exposure to Traffic Noise May Impact Weight Gain in the UK Population

A new study has found a connection between traffic noise and obesity. Long-term exposure to road traffic noise, such as living near a motorway or on a busy road, was associated with an increase in …

Scientists Sound the Alarm: Lockdowns May Escalate the Obesity Epidemic

Researchers warn that rates of obesity may explode because of strategies to limit the spread of …

Children’s Pester Power a Future Target for Interventions

Children’s pester power may contribute to improvements in their family’s food environments. A new study highlights the potential for children to influence food consumption and habits at …

Forty Percent of Dementia Cases Could Be Prevented or Delayed by Targeting 12 Risk Factors Throughout Life

Forty percent of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life, experts …

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