r/KetoDiet2021 - ProstaStream Reviews [2020 UDPATE] – Scam or Does It Really Work?

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ProstaStream is a dietary supplement made for older men experiencing problems with their prostate enlargement. It contains natural ingredients such as saw palmetto, zinc, and pumpkin seed, which from Frank Neal’s point of view, are helping a lot against BPH symptoms. It is marketed as “prostate support” and is sold in bottles of 60 capsules. Prosta Stream ingredients as known to be useful against anemia and some skin conditions. We will see in this review if it helps against an enlarged prostate too.

r/KetoDiet2021 - ProstaStream Reviews [2020 UDPATE] – Scam or Does It Really Work?

ProstaStream Reviews

ProstaStream ingredients are quite natural in their sense, but this is a combination of ingredients that are a lot compared to other dietary supplements. While this may sound good, it also poses a risk of more significant side effects since there are more chances with many ingredients.

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With that said, let us discuss the ProstaStream ingredients and see what their general effects are to the human body in general in a scientific-based way:

Vitamin E – this is a nutrient that helps boost the immune system and overall cell regeneration. It also aids in keeping skin smooth by constantly working on removing dead skin cells. It is also an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory nutrient. Overall, it is a must need for our bodies.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is primarily used to treat a particular type of anemia. It is also used to treat heart disease, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), depression, and other types of certain conditions.

Zinc Oxide – This is a widely used mineral to treat skin conditions such as rash, eczema, or even dermatitis. It is commonly found in powder, shampoo, calamine cream, and the likes.

Copper Gluconate – meanwhile, this mineral also acts like Vitamin B6. It treats another particular type of anemia. It also treats copper deficiency.

Selenium Chelate – this is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your body from heart diseases and certain types of cancer.

Saw Palmetto – the main ingredient on the list, this berry’s primary functions are to treat enlarged prostate, improve urination, enhance hair growth, boost libido and fertility, and decrease inflammation. Also, this berry has anticancer effects, meaning it is also an antioxidant.

Pygeum Africanum – this tree’s bark is used primarily to treat prostate gland conditions such as enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory drug that can treat kidney diseases, urinary problems, malaria, stomach ache, fever, and increase overall libido.

Plant Sterol Complex – this is a medicine used to lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease, and mitigate heart attacks. This treatment is also used for other types of cancers along the gastrointestinal tract and specific weight loss routines.

Red Raspberry – we are not sure why this berry is here since it is used primarily by women! It is used to strengthen the uterus, increase milk flow, and invigorate the mother’s immune system after childbirth. It all has something to do with pregnancy. However, its secondary uses are for treating diarrhea, respiratory airways infection, sore throat, skin rashes, and heart problems.

Graviola – also known as Soursop by some, is used to treat infections caused by bacteria, parasites, herpes, cough, and even cancer. However, this fruit has not been researched well. Its benefits are still up to debate by scientists around the world.

Green Tea Extract – this is a type of tea that is high in antioxidants. It increases fat burning, as well as protect the brain from aging. Because of this, Green Tea can effectively boost brain function. It can also prevent diabetes and promote better cardiovascular health.

Cat’s Claw – this herb can treat various conditions, including herpes, human papillomavirus, and HIV. It can also allegedly treat Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, arthritis diverticulitis, peptic      ulcers, colitis, gastritis, hemorrhoids, parasites, and leaky bowel syndrome.

Broccoli – This vegetable has properties that can prevent prostate, breast, colon, bladder, and stomach cancer. It can also boost the effectiveness of your immune system as a whole.

Tomato Powder – also called Lycopene, is a powerful antioxidant in its own right. It can also improve the condition of one’s skin.

Nettle – also known as the Stinging Nettle, is used for various inflammatory conditions such as painful joints and muscle pain. It can also treat eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. It has only been recently that nettle has been added to the list of herbs that can treat BPH or enlarged prostate due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Maitake Mushroom – this mushroom from Asia is used to treat cancer and side effects of chemotherapy as well.

Reishi Mushroom – while Maitake can treat cancer, Reishis are used to boost the immune system. It can also reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue. It somehow can also treat hypertension, which makes it a useful mushroom for everyday usage.

Shitake Mushroom – this is the combination of Maitake and Reishi mushrooms. It can be used to boost the immune system and treat the person with HIV/AIDS. It can also be used to treat the common cold, flu, and like conditions, but there is little scientific evidence yet on these aspects.

These are the main ingredients of Prosta Stream as a whole. It is a lot, but all ingredients seem to work together to treat enlarged prostates and keep men’s reproductive and urinary health in tiptop shape. All capsules of ProstaStream are enclosed in vegetable matter, which is relatively harmless and easily digested inside our stomach.

The things to notice here in ProstaStream are probably the ingredients that help treat anemia and skin conditions. These are odd men out since the prostate’s welfare only relies on antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, and anti-infection substances – all of which are in abundance in the Prosta Stream supplement. Also, what is up with the red raspberry, an ingredient that is primarily for women? The rest of the analysis is up for you to decide, but it is always nice to check out the ingredients first before trying out the product as a whole.

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How Does ProstaStream Work?

All men have something that we call the prostate gland. It is a walnut-sized gland that’s situated between the bladder and the penis. The urethra goes through the gland. Its primary function is to help keep sperm healthy by excreting nourishing fluid that protects them from outside harm. However, people can have enlarged prostates due to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), which happens more when men grow older. While most men do not have adverse effects from this condition, some may face worse situations, which can bring certain bad health conditions involving improper urine flow and blood poisoning. It only happens if the prostate gland is inflamed at abnormal sizes.

The ProstaStream supplement tries to mitigate these symptoms by adding ingredients that are useful and beneficial for our prostate gland’s overall health and our body in general. It mostly has anti-inflammatory and prostate-specific substances that can manage the worse complications of an enlarged prostate.

Who Made ProstaStream?

ProstaStream was made by Frank Neal, who is on the quest to find the formula for the best prostate supplement ever after his brother succumbed to the worse side of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or an enlarged prostate. His brother was experiencing symptoms similar to that of gonorrhea. It was because of an enlarged prostate that is effectively making his brother incapacitated by the hour. Standard treatments did not work on his brother, so Frank Neal went on to find a way to stop it.

Just from this story, we can find that the creator of Prosta Stream is not entirely credible. There is no company and no background in the medical field. It brings suspicions to mind, but here is more. According to the ProstaStream website, Frank Neal is just a “pen name used for marketing purposes to protect the author’s identity.” They also have a disclaimer that you should inform your physician about the changes in your lifestyle and that ProstaStream should not replace what you are already taking in right now. These disclaimers are reasons enough not to trust the product’s credibility, but at least we can see a positive light on the retailer’s side.

The retailer for ProstaStream is BuyGoods, which is a respectable seller of dietary supplements that are 100% natural and organic. Some of the products they retail are great, but some also have something terrible reviews. It is a mix of everything, really, but the company’s reputation itself when it comes to retailing is uncanny.

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ProstaStream Benefits

ProstaStream has many benefits. For one, it has anti-inflammatory ingredients, which are useful to curb the inflammation caused by a raging prostate gland that’s out of control. Also, it is packed with antioxidants. Usually, an enlarged prostate is a precursor to Prostate Cancer. While 93% of men have enlarged prostate, this can evolve to something worse with an improper lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle is usually denoted by a lack of antioxidants in their diets. Antioxidants, on the other hand, help prevent cancerous cells in some way. Finally, ProstaStream has ingredients that prevent infection. It is essential for an inflamed prostate gland so that other complications do not arise in the vicinity.

These benefits work together to give men better reproductive and urinary health not to be bothered as they grow old. When older, men will most probably have an enlarged prostate, so we must take steps right now when we are still young to prevent complications later in life.

It is also important to remember that ProstaStream is still a dietary supplement and, therefore, recommended only to supplement your diet. Eat a healthy, balanced diet with carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, protein, and small amounts of fat, sugar, and oils to keep your health at maximum efficiency.

How Long Does It Take for ProstaStream to Work?

The ProstaStream official website states that the results will vary from person to person. Each man has different levels of an enlarged prostate, and therefore it depends on the severity of the situation to assess how long the effects will work. However, they are confident that you will see changes after using one bottle of ProstaStream, which means it takes one month to see improvement. They still recommend taking six bottles to see real results, but of course, we all know that this is still a business, so test the waters first before getting into the big deal.

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ProstaStream Costs

A single ProstaStream bottle costs $69 per bottle. It contains 60 capsules, which is good for 30 days at two capsules each day. Shipping is free anywhere in the United States. However, there is a $15.95 shipping fee charge for customers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

r/KetoDiet2021 - ProstaStream Reviews [2020 UDPATE] – Scam or Does It Really Work?

However, if you want to strike a bargain and want to try out the product, they offer 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages at lower prices for each bottle. The 3-bottle package is called the Standard Package. It costs $177, which means that each bottle is only priced at $59.

Meanwhile, the 6-bottle package gives you the best ProstaStream has to offer. It is called the 

Premium Package, and it only costs $294. This means that each bottle is priced at $49, the lowest price that ProstaStream can offer ever. The same shipping policies apply for the packages as well.

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Overall ProstaStream Review

ProstaStream is one of the rare dietary supplement that targets prostate gland enlargement. By aiming to solve this relatively common occurrence in men, it gives this product a niche where it can dominate the market as a whole. Sure, it looks like any other dietary supplement out there, but ProstaStream kind of nails the improvement of prostate health, with a few hiccups on some ingredients (I am looking at you, red raspberry). Even though that is the case, it is still useful since a dietary supplement with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-infection properties are the most extraordinary combination we can ever have for a prostate support supplement.

As usual, most dietary supplements have side effects, but this one has a lot in comparison. This owes to the number of ingredients that this supplement has. However, it is excellent to know that you will only experience these side effects if you overdose, so do not do it. As a last reminder, dietary supplements are meant to supplement your diet only. They are not meant to replace anything. Still go about your daily balanced, healthy diet, and you will be fine. Overall, ProstaStream is a superior dietary supplement. Go try it out if you are a man who is conscious of his prostate health or if you want to protect yourself from prostate problems in the future.

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