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  • The secrets of a healthy lifestyle The Secrets of a Healthy Lifestyle A. Naumova 10 A school №26 teacher: V. R. Konovalenko

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body. It just feels good to breathe, feel and live. • A healthy mind in a healthy body It just feels good to breathe, feel and live

  • Secrets of healthy eating: Secrets of healthy eating:

  • Fundamentals Eat moderately – even much of a good food can be bad.Balance – a balanced diet increases the mental capacity and learning ability of students.Variety – if we eat a wide variety of foods, our organism can get all the nutrients we need. Vitamins – essential for a healthy life.If you follow these guidelines, you can eat whatever your heart desires!

  • Vitamins Vitamins are indispensable for us.Vitamin tablets can’t replace fruits and vegetables.The need for vitamins is growing, because of the toxic substances, humanity is exposed to, is also increasing (carbon dioxide etc.) Lasting vitamin deficiency can be dangerous to our organisms. Foods high in fat and sugar are often low on vitamins and minerals.Use vitamins moderately, eating too many vitamins for too long isn’t healthy either.

  • 5 reasons to eat fruits and vegetables: 1. They are nourishing and tasty! 2. They are unique – each of them tastes differently.3.They contain plenty of vitamins andminerals. 4. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which gives us satiety and helps digestion . 5. Eating them sufficiently can prevent several diseases.

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body

  • Sport Exercising a little is necessary for a healthy life, but don’t overdo with it! Exercising makes you feel good.Exercising in fresh air is good for brain.Exercising relieves stress, helps to overcome worries and makes you happy.Some forms of sports do not require much effort (e.g. Rollerblading, swimming), so everyone can find the sport of their likings.

  • Nobody’s perfect Thesociety and environment affect our lifestyles, so it is very important to be kind and friendly to everyone.No one is born into this realm, as they wouldn’t wish.No one should be cast out of the company of others because of their looks, race or wealth – it’s low. Everyone has a soul, even animals.

  • Consumption of alcohol and tobacco damages health A person who smokes or drinks alcohol is repulsive to others.Smoking can result in getting cancer…

  • Fresh air and tidiness Fresh air and tidiness Exercising in fresh air and enjoying the nature is wonderful It is good for your health Environment in which a person lives has to be clean and tidy Exercising in fresh air and enjoying the nature is wonderful It is good for your health. Environment in which a person lives has to be clean and tidy.

  • Sleep is sweeter than honey… Sleeping sufficiently is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.An average adult needs about 7-8 hours of sleep per a day.Children need to sleep more, infants sleep the most. The need to sleep decreases as we age.And most importantly – it’s pleasant to sleep.

  • Smile and the world will smile back to you… Happiness is the key to life.Every smile adds 5 minutes to your life.

  • Laughter stimulates the brain’s euphoria center and gives others the signal that you are friendly. Whenever you notice something funny, don’t be afraid, just smile!

  • Friends Good mood attracts others. Friends are necessary for a good life. They help you when the times are rough and they always understand you. Thanks to your friends you are happy and enjoy even little things.

  • Behealthy! Behealthy! Think healthy! Live healthy!

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