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Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. And none of us is untouched by the Youtube craze. Where most of the people visit Youtube to view videos of different niches, there are many people who feel the urge to start a Youtube channel. And therefore, I’ve come up with the ultimate list of youtube video ideas.

Because without having good youtube video ideas, it’s pretty hard to gain popularity and gather public attention. You can’t just start making Youtube videos on any random topic and expects to have millions of views and subscribers.

So if you have decided to get your hands on Youtube, have a look at the collection of youtube video ideas and start your new venture on Youtube just like a Pro.

Youtube Video Ideas: Only List That You need

There are hundreds of ideas for youtube videos that can be used for making compelling videos. But in the below list, I’ve mentioned only 15 best youtube video topics which you can use to start your new channel on Youtube.

Once you will go through the list, you will never ever question about ‘what to make youtube videos about’. Let’s get started with the list.

1. Unboxing Videos

One of the top youtube video ideas is Unboxing products. And the products can be of any niche of your interest. The youtube is full of such Youtube channels, who unbox products and tell people about what’s inside the box before they really buy the product.

Because all of us buy products every now and then. But we all want to get assured before buying the product that what accessories are there along with the product and how exactly the product looks like.

You can choose products for unboxing according to your interests. For techies, the products can be related to electronics, while for a beautician, it can be beauty related products. Unboxing Videos is a popular money-making video idea which makes millions to lots of Youtubers. With these type of videos, you won’t just earn money through Youtube views but also affiliate marketing.

2. Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the most interesting youtube video ideas which is really simple to follow and give you popularity without really doing anything. Vlogging means filming your life and uploading it to Youtube.

But remember, this youtube idea specifically works for those people who have an interesting life. You don’t really need to be a celebrity to vlog, but you do need to have some exciting activities happening in your life, which people want to see. Vlogging is a great way to make a journal of your life and get name and fame from simply being you.

For traveling freaks, this youtube video idea is the most useful. While roaming around their favorite places, they can record it and vlog about it.

3. Reviewing Products

Like unboxing, reviewing products is also one of the most popular youtube video ideas. The reason for review videos is same as I mentioned while describing unboxing. Everyone tries their best to research about the product before paying for it.

And therefore, they head over to to the youtube videos to get the insights about the product and knows the exact review about the performance of their desired product. So reviewing products of different niches is also a good idea to consider. In fact, if you make a channel on a particular niche, you can cover both types of videos including unboxing and the review.

4. Tutorials

What’s the first thing you do when you stuck around something in your life?? If you ask me, I just open Youtube and make a search for the related query and try to get the solution to my problem. I’m sure you also do the same.

So making tutorials on Youtube is also one of the most wondrous and useful youtube video ideas, that anyone can follow who has expertise in any field especially technology. But remember, it’s a competitive niche. But being different from the other existing tech channels, you can succeed in this field as well.

Tutorials do not necessarily need to be tech oriented. You can make tutorials on life hacks, health, home remedies and so forth. Just makes sure the videos are working and helpful to the audience. And they work as described in the video titles.

5. News and Information Videos

The next one in my youtube video ideas list is News and information videos. People with a keen interest in trending and knowledgeable topics love watching such channels. And I guess, you already know that trending videos easily get viral.

But remember, this Youtube video idea works great with people in groups. Because for a single person, managing a news channel is practically impossible. But for multiple people working together, its a money making Youtube idea.

So do consider this idea and go ahead with your news channel. The one advantage with news channels is that the creators don’t have to mind boggle about the topics. Anything trending that’s happening around you would be your next video topic.  

6. Vines

Making Vines is an amazing youtube video idea which can make you popular in no time. Making Vines only require you to have a camera and nothing but talent. If you don’t know what’s vines, Vines are short comedy videos that tend to people laugh.

There are lots of viners out there which upload short comedy videos on the regular basis and enjoying name, fame, and money. If you are a humorous person, and you can write amazing scripts and enact it in a short form of video, making Vines can be a good choice for you.

But makes sure the videos are no longer than 4-5 minutes. Videos longer than 4-5 minutes in length loose its charm. And they fail to impress people.  

7. Cooking Videos

For cooking experts, no youtube video ideas can be as good as making Youtube videos on cooking and uploading them to Youtube. There are so many people around the world who are keen learners of cooking and love making a variety of dishes.

Cooking videos really make sense for the food lovers in both the ways, as a viewer and as content creators. And the reason, why I like this youtube idea is because it’s the least effort taking an idea for those who are already into cooking. To make such videos, you can simply record yourself while cooking for you and just give voice over to what you are doing.

If you keep doing this practice consistently and your recipes are good enough, you videos start to gain recognition and you will eventually get popularity.  

8. Lifestyle Videos

Lifestyle videos also managed to get lots of views and people love watching such videos on Youtube. In lifestyle videos, you can teach people to live a happy and healthy life and help them enjoy the life thoroughly. The lifestyle videos can be covered in different niches like beauty tips, health tips, overcoming depression etc.

Undoubtedly, every one of us wants a better life. Thus, they often are in search of different tips and tricks that can make their life better. So lifestyle videos are one of the interesting and powerful video ideas which you can work on.

But remember, this idea works only for those with knowledge of lifestyle. You can’t give tips to people unless you yourself know about it, isn’t it?? So if this topic appealed you and you have knowledge about it, why delay? Just move ahead and create your first youtube video of LifeStyle.

9. Makeup and Hairstyle Tutorials

Who on earth doesn’t want to look stylish? And don’t tell me that you prefer going to beauty parlors every now and then for your beauty treatment. Instead of going to professionals for makeup and other beauty treatments, most of us prefer to watch makeup tutorials on Youtube.

And the same thing implies to hairstyle tutorials as well. Gone are the days when youngsters used to rely on simple hairstyles. Now, people lover experimenting new hairstyles. Therefore, makeup and hairstyle videos are gaining more and more popularity with the time.

So if you are expert in makeup and hairstyles, you don’t need any youtube video ideas. Just get a camera and start making such tutorials. This way, you will be able to utilize your knowledge, you can help the needy and of course, you can make money out of it.

10. Gaming

Out of all the youtube video ideas mentioned in the list, this video idea is exclusively for the gamers. Playing games is the favorite pass time for most of the youngsters from the past. And even today, the craze of games is ever increasing.

But what if I tell you, you can make millions by just playing game over Youtube? Yes, you read it right. It sounds strange but my next youtube idea is to play the game and make money on Youtube. People not only like playing the games but also, they love watching other playing their favorite games on Youtube.

There are several top channels on Youtube, which are completely gaming oriented. And they have a large audience. So if you are a gaming expert, don’t just play it in private. Instead, record your gaming sessions, make commentary on it or do some interesting tactics to make it interesting and upload it to Youtube. Trust me, your life will be changed for good.

11. Prank Videos

Are you a prankster?? Do you love to play pranks on People??? If your answer is yes, this video idea is just for you. Pranks are the great way to make people laugh and create a humorous environment. However, this type of videos does require a creative mind to get it done. But such videos manage to gain a lot of views on Youtube.

And for the people, who are already into pranking, such video works wonder for them. And the best part is, making Prank videos doesn’t require many efforts. All you need to have is an idea to prank, a camera to record the reaction and a person to play a prank on, of course.

12. Top Lists

Top lists videos also managed to get a lot of views on youtube. And therefore, it’s my next pick in the top youtube video ideas list.

There are lots of Top Lists channels who exclusively makes list videos and doing really good in their field. The List videos like, “Top 10 most popular politicians in the world” or “Top 10 richest people in the world” and so forth.

This youtube type is really interesting which makes your audience know about various fields and people really admire watching such videos. So consider this Youtube idea if you find it interesting. Else, move further to my next Youtube ideas.

13. Creative Videos and Lifehacks

It’s one of my favorite video ideas for youtube, If you are a creative person and loves doing creative things, just go ahead, start a Youtube channel and start to show your creativity to the world. Believe me, people love watching creative things.

However, it is important that the creative things are applicable in daily life. For instance, a video like “5 creative ways to utilize your old jeans”. If you surf any social media and a video titled “5 creative ways to utilize your old jeans” comes your way, what will you do? will you complete watching it or scroll further?

For me, I’ll watch it complete and won’t leave any chance to watch similar videos. So if you have that creativity which can benefit people for good, you don’t need any other youtube video ideas!

14. Reaction Videos

Reactions Videos is a unique video idea out of all the other youtube video ideas on the list. In the recent past, reaction videos have managed to get eyeballs and popularity. And many Youtube channels are doing good by just reacting to others video.

However, this video idea is not my favorite at all. But since people enjoy watching it, you can also try your hands on it. To make reaction videos, you don’t really need to do anything. Just gather interesting videos from other top channels, or bizarre things like strange food or something, try eating it up after setting up a webcam and record your expression while trying them for the first time.

If you have got a good face and your reactions are interesting, you can get attention from the public.

15. Web Series

Making web series is also one of the trendy youtube video ideas, which has become really popular in the recent past. Many big production houses are making web series and earning millions. The web series has the advantage that people compulsorily subscribe to your channel in order to get notified about the new episodes.

Making web series doesn’t only earn you money but also subscribers. However, making web series is not a single-handed task. To make compelling and eye catchy contents in the form of web series, you need to have a proper team, storyline, a proper script and high-quality equipment.

So this Youtube video idea will only work for you when you are in a team. Or you own a production house.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


So these were the top 15 youtube video ideas which you can use to start your new Youtube channel. All these ideas are already proven and make lots of money to hundreds of Youtubers.

Apart from these topics, you can also make a channel on public reactions. Like you can roam around street asking questions about certain topics and capture their views on the topic. It’s also a popular niche which interests youngsters.  And honestly, any video idea which is unique and interesting will work wonders for you.

If you are a magician, or if you have proficiency in animation, or if you have knowledge on playing musical instruments, videos on dancing, podcasts, inspirational videos, baby videos, QnA videos, videos on animals and any niche for that matter.

All the youtube video ideas will work for you like anything. But make sure, the videos you are making are appealing and interesting. No one wants to get bored. So choose any video idea as per your talent and interest, get your camera ON and just go ahead with your channel. Believe me, the success is not far away from you.

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