Nutrition Goals 2019- How to achieve your goals of a healthy lifestyle

It’s New Year again!!!

A time for re-evaluation, resolutions, and goals.

It is that special time of the year everyone is trying to get it together, planning for future, finance, relationship, and most especially weight loss goals.

Can you believe it’s already week 2 and we have just 50 more weeks to go?

How are your goals coming along?

Are you keeping up your nutrition goals for 2019?

Are you sure you haven’t been taking sugar / high and empty calorie drink?

Took that crab diet already?

Well, I am not asking to spite you, I just want to intimate you on some basics.

One of the toughest goals to reach is *healthy lifestyle goals.

Need some help? Off course you do!

Get rid of the strict, parallel diet plan and aim for a healthier you.

How do we do that?

We aim towards a balanced lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to lose weight or not. A balanced lifestyle should be the aim of everyone.

I believe nutrition is a lifestyle. You live nutrition, you eat good nutrition and it becomes an affixed habit.


Why Do You Need A Healthy Lifestyle in 2019?

Everyone needs to stay healthy, irrespective of age, shape & size and one major way to do that is to live a balanced lifestyle (i.e. good nutrition, exercise, and healthy behaviors. This ensures longevity and prevents chronic lifestyle diseases


How Do You Achieve Your Goals of a Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy behaviors
  1. Plan your food ahead, if possible prepare your food beforehand,
  2. Make sure the environment you are is devoid of anything unhealthy
  3. Seek support from family, friends and loved ones
  4. Try to be deliberate about your everyday activities
  5. Evaluate yourself.
  • Good Nutrition:
  • good nutritio
  1. Say No To Sugar: It starts from the sugar you add to your tea or coffee (reduce it), the carbonated drinks should stop (take more of homemade fruit juices or fruits itself)
  2. Drink Water: Your body needs water you know, water is essential to life. Above all it helps flush out toxins, dehydration is not an option. Make sure you take at least 8 glass of water in a day. I would advise you always have a large water bottle anywhere you are.
  3. Do not skip meals: Skipping meals is equal to snacking. This is because your body needs option food on time. So ensure you eat good food (Try taking small portions of a meal like 5 times a day. It keeps you satisfied without snacking.)
  4. Opt for healthy snacks: saying no to snack permanently is just deceit. So instead I will tell you to opt for healthier snacks. There are lots of beautiful things you could use for healthy snacks; e.g. plantain chips, potato chips, yogurt and majorly fruits.
  5. The drinking has got to stop this year: We know you are not addicts but for pleasure to enjoy yourself with friends, kindly avoid drinking, let us kick out chronic diseases together.
  6. Eat breakfast: Study shows that people who eat breakfast in the morning perform better than those who don’t eat at all. It is also a strong immune system booster.
  • Exercise:
  • Exercise - goals of a healthy lifestyle

There is a saying that goes nutrition is king, exercise is king. These two go hand in hand. You cannot leave on and face the other especially if you want to lose weight.  To ensure you keep up with your exercise goals:

  1. Choose realistic sessions that fits your ability and goals: Most times we are not able to meet up to the strict exercise goals we have laid down for ourselves because it is quite unrealistic. Just like food, start small.
  2. Always have short warm-ups
  3. If you fail to meet up or you feel you cannot exercise, take long walks, it is very healthy.
  4. Exercise is one goal people are quick to cancel. To ensure you keep on track register at a gym or get yourself an instructor.

Okie Dokie

I am done

Remember, these goals can only be achieved when we practice healthy behavior and are deliberate about it. But, if you miss it once, don’t beat yourself up there is always room for improvement. Pickup from where you missed it and continue on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

I wish you all the best and an awesome year ahead.


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