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As warm weather approaches, many health, wellness, and fitness brands are poised to attract new customers online. Marketers often turn to health and nutrition influencers to help them grow their audience. Here’s our all-star line-up for the influencers you’ll want to keep an eye on this year.


Health and Nutrition Influencers in 2020: An Overview

Health and nutrition influencers can be certified dietitians, fitness instructors, and former professional athletes. Their goal is to help their fans get healthier.

Frequently, health and nutrition influencers must deal with public perception issues like body shaming and eating disorders. Others are concerned with combating poor-diet-induced conditions like diabetes, IBS, or food allergies.

Brands that partner with these influencers have some kind of health focus, from mental stability to workout tools. Even medical professionals are learning to partner with health and nutrition influencers to promote preventative medicine.

Choosing the Right Health and Fitness Influencer

Health and nutrition influencers are often particular. For example, some nutrition influencers focus on keto diets, while others serve the paleo niche. 

Similarly, most health influencers promote an active lifestyle and favor a particular mode of exercise over another. You can find fantastic influencers for gym rats, yoga enthusiasts, runners, and more.

  • What are your influencer marketing goals? What is it that you would like your influencer campaign to accomplish? Would you like to see immediate product sales, increased subscriptions, or RSVPs to an event? Whatever your goals, make sure that they are clear and attainable, and be sure to discuss them with your influencers.
  • Does your audience align with the influencer’s audience? Because health and nutrition influencers tend to serve niche audiences, you should pay attention to who their audiences are. If you pick an influencer with an audience different from your target market, you’re likely to get mediocre results.
  • Does the influencer have excellent engagement metrics or only vanity metrics? Amidst the many amazing influencers out there, some are fake. You can spot these fake influencers by noting their lack of audience engagement (even though they appear to have thousands of followers and likes, known as vanity metrics). In our list below, you’ll notice that posts by real influencers create excitement among followers. As a result, you’ll see hundreds of post comments and consistent post shares. These comments and shares demonstrate accurate engagement metrics.

More Than Just an Influencer

Most health and nutrition influencers have two things in common.

First, each of them has a unique story where they grew to love their body rather than treat it as an enemy. They’ve learned that an altered lifestyle can mean a drastically improved quality of life. 

Second, they built their online communities by effectively confronting misinformation regarding diet, nutrition, and body image. 

As a result, health and nutrition influencers work hard to empower others by preaching holistic health and informing their audience.

Brands that partner with health and nutrition influencers should pay close attention to how their values may or may not be compatible with the influencers that they recruit.

25 of the Most Creative Health and Nutrition Influencers

Influencer #1: @thefuddhist

best health influencers thefuddhist

Image via Instagram

“Emotions matter, thoughts matter, and, yes, food matters,” says holistic entrepreneur Marianela Pereyra. Known on social media at The Fuddhist, Marianela grew up feasting on the tutelage and cooking of her grandfather, a South American doctor and nutritionist.

Marianela’s posts reflect international nutrition secrets, as well as yoga poses and general messages of positivity. She engages her audience on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and

Influencer #2: @thefullhelping

best health influencers thefullhelping

Image via Instagram

Gene Hamshaw is a registered dietician with a substantial social media presence, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Food52, and, of course, Instagram.

With a focus on vegan cooking, Gene posts thousands of recipes easy enough for the average adult to follow. In addition to her social media activity, Gene is a published cookbook author and moderator for her vegan website,

Influencer #3: @healthyfitcouple

best health influencers healthyfitcouple

Image via Instagram

Fitness power couple Evelyn and Geo are owner-operators for Florida’s Vivire Wellness Spa. HealthyFitCouple combined their professional experience in nutrition and fitness to serve consumers looking to improve their health.

Geo, bodybuilder and chef, showcases healthy meals while Evelyn focuses on weight loss and open-hearted living. While their most significant social media engagement occurs on Pinterest, Evelyn and Geo are also active on Instagram, Facebook, Mix, and

Influencer #4: @marrkb

best health influencer marrkb

Image via Instagram

MarrkB is actually just “Mark.” He half-heartedly created his Instagram account while in high school, where his classmates nicknamed him “Mark B” (“b” for badass).

After graduation, Mark wandered professionally before deciding to take physical and mental health seriously. He began documenting his transformation on social media. As his popularity rose, Mark found meaning and influence through a contemplative and health-aware lifestyle. Today, MarrkB is a travel, fitness, and health influencer on Instagram.

Influencer #5: @nutritionhappens

best health influencers nutritionhappens

Image via Instagram

May Zhu is a registered dietician from Chicago. Her goal is that Nutrition Happens be a space “where being a health lover and food lover are all inclusive.” 

May’s popular Instagram feed features tasty (and picture-perfect) dishes of all kinds. Every recipe uses only “whole foods, nourishing, and nutrient-dense” ingredients. May also maintains her blog at

Influencer #6: @minutritionist

best health influencers minutritionist

Image via Instagram

Amanda Hernandez is one of the leading nutrition product reviewers, and she hosts them all on her blog, She is also a registered (and Masters graduated) dietician based in Detroit.

Amanda is a credentialed authority on nutrition, and several health/wellness periodicals have published her work, including Women’s Day Magazine. Her Pinterest account averages an outstanding 4 million viewers a month. Amanda is also active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Influencer #7: @foodheaven

best health influencers foodheaven

Image via Instagram

Vegetarians Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones became friends when their educational aspirations converged. Within just a few years of one another, they graduated with Masters degrees in nutrition. They actively participated in the New York City Department of Health’s Stellar Farmers Markets campaign in 2010.

After the campaign, Wendy and Jessica decided they wanted to keep working together, and thus Food Heaven was born. Together, they “nerd out” on delicious and exotic vegetarian meals and share them with fans on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and

Influencer #8: @karlatafra

best health influencers karlatafra

Image via Instagram

Karla considers herself a storyteller, and the stories she shares are of travels, yoga, and diet.

Originally from Europe, Karla practices health and wellness coaching in Seattle. She’s also a prolific blogger at and Karla engages fans on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Influencer #9: @blogilates

best health influencers blogilates

Image via Instagram

You’ve probably already heard about Cassey Ho. She’s been featured in Forbes,, and Time. Both a pilates instructor and nutrition advocate, Cassey is one of the hottest health and wellness influencers on both YouTube and Instagram.

You can also find Cassey engaging fans on LinkedIn and

Influencer #10: @nicoleferrierfitness

best health influencers nicoleferrierfitness

Image via Instagram

Nicole Ferrier is a competitive bodybuilder – on the side. Her main drive in life is fitness and nutrition education. During adolescence, Nicole was a competitive gymnast with an eating disorder.

When she grew tired of shame and the “yo yo of crash dieting,” Nicole applied herself to health science and fitness programs focused on physiology. Soon after, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Today, she is a certified personal trainer and diet coach. 

Nicole engages her audiences on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, her podcast (Beyond the Bikini), and

Influencer #11: @diabetesstrong_ig

beat health influencer diabetesstrong_ig

Image via Instagram

Doctors diagnosed Christel Oerum with type I diabetes. In 2015, she began Diabetes Strong after feeling frustrated with the pitiful amount of accurate information available about diabetes health. 

Focusing on nutrition and fitness, Christel informs audiences through her blog and engages fans on Instagram and Facebook.

Influencer #12: @nutritionstripped

best health influencers nutritionstripped

Image via Instagram

McKel Kooienga is author of the Nutrition Stripped Cookbook, a popular mind and body wellness recipe journal for those seeking to improve their health. 

“My mission,” McKel says, “Is to guide others to use nutrition as the catalyst to become more in tune and aware of their wellbeing by practicing small daily actions that nourish their bodies.” She engages audiences on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and

Influencer #13: @bewellbykelly

best health influencers bewellbykelly

Image via Instagram

Kelly LeVeque is a popular guest for media brands like USA Today and Talks at Google. Her passion is nutrition philosophy, and Kelly first entered the spotlight after the release of her book, Body Love.

As an influencer on Instagram, Kelly offers advice on wellness habits for diet, exercise, and daily routine. She also shares health insights on

Influencer #14: @freshwaterpeaches

best health influencers freshwaterpeaches

Image via Instagram

Mariah Elizabeth’s life turned upside down when she found out at age 19 that her many health problems originated from food sensitivities. Since then, she’s learned that the right diet could not only improve her physical health but could also transform her mental and emotional wellbeing.

On Instagram, Mariah shares delicious and creative Gluten-free recipes with her fans. She also curates content on her blog,

Influencer #15: @diannebondyyoga

best health influencers diannebondyyoga

Image via Instagram

Dianne Bondy shows that health and wellness aren’t just about being thin. As a decorated yoga instructor and author, Dianne leads guided yoga exercises on her YouTube channel.

On Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, she speaks up for social justice, personal motivation, and general positivity.

In Conclusion

Working alongside health and nutrition influencers is one of the most rewarding ways to promote your products and services. Not only will you enjoy plenty of user-generated content and sales, but you’ll get to witness life changes in your customers.

Improving the quality of life for each audience member is what these health influencers live to see. If you’ve selected your influencer team carefully, you’ll be able to lean on them to help you build the kind of campaign that will powerfully scale your business and transform the lives of others.

For more tips and tools to help you get the most out of your health and nutrition influencer campaign, check out more content listed below:


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