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Lose Weight YOUR Way
(Well, Kind Of…)

1. Decrease high glycemic food consumption

Depriving yourself of your favorite foods will drive you crazy. Rewarding yourself with your favorite foods strengthens your will power and commitment to eat well most of the time.

Some people can eat just a bite or two of their favorite sweet or salty treat to get their “fix.” But if you know you’re not a one-Oreo-type of person, it’s probably best to avoid this strategy.

2. Don’t starve yourself – eat nutritious foods most of the time when hungry

Fasting works for many people because it reduces how many calories they eat during the day. However, one thing you can do is to enjoy nutritious meals. Mind your portions and only eat until comfortably full to practice responsible calorie restriction.

3. Reach for healthy snacks

A handful of Almonds and an apple make a great choice. You’ll feel better too.

4. Maintain muscle mass

Food is just one part of the equation.
Exercise is the other.

Add weight-bearing exercises to your fitness routine.

Create a healthy lifestyle you can live with:

* Eat well most of the time
* Move more
* Get enough rest
* Reduce stress
* Drink plenty of water
* Eat only when you’re truly hungry and only until full
* Know what you’re eating and why
* Enjoy your meals! If you don’t like what you’re eating, you won’t stick with it
* Reach for healthy snacks most of the time like nuts, fruit or crispy vegetables
* Don’t be a slave to dieting

We only get one shot at this thing called “life.” We should enjoy it, not dread it. So take care of your body by fueling your life with food and activities that bring you joy. See MoreSee Less

5 Time-Thieves Stealing Your Productivity & Life

Time equals life.
We only have so much of it.

It’s one thing to relax and enjoy life, it’s another to let little interruptions pillage our productivity and steal precious minutes of our life. We need to guard our time by dealing with these five common time thieves.

1) Social Media/Emails/Texts

There isn’t anything inherently “bad” about social media, email and texts/messages.
But do they serve you?
Or do you serve them?
Are they helpful?
Or are they a distraction?

According to a UC Irvine study, it takes an average of 23:15 to get back on task!

Taking :30 to check a FB post steals 25:00 of your life!

2) Over-Planning & Preparing

We can be busy planning or we can get busy living but over-planning and preparing are forms of procrastination, perfectionism or unclear thinking.

Will your plan be perfect?
Will life go exactly as planned?

But you’ll have a plan that keeps you focused on what matters most to you, and you’ll be living your life instead of planning to live your life.

3) Multitasking wastes time and results in average outcomes at best.

Researchers say it decreases productivity by as much as 40%.

4) Catching the News

Do we really need news 24/7? Just because something is being reported doesn’t make it news.

5) Chores and Errands

Do errands when there’s less traffic and when the stores won’t be crowded.

Do chores during off time – not during work hours or when you’ve scheduled something important to you. Schedule a block of time on a day or two for cleaning and decluttering.

Time = life.
Every day, every person on the planet gets:
86,400 seconds
1,440 minutes
24 hours

When it’s gone…
It’s gone.

Protect yourself against time thieves that have been stealing precious hours of life from you every day.

Live YOUR life! See MoreSee Less

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4 Easy Ways To Sneak More Fruit & Veggies Into Your Diet

Eating more fruits and vegetables reduces our risk of certain diseases such as cancer and extends longevity by years.

By eating healthier foods, we reduce the consumption of junk foods, processed foods and preservatives.

It’s so easy to plug into the power of fruit and vegetables!

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t take having to eat a lot of fruit or vegetables to be healthy.

According to the CDC, every day, we need:

* 1½-2 cups fruit
* 2-3 cups Vegetables


2 cups of leafy greens = 1 cup of vegetables
½ cup dried fruit = 1 cup fruits
1 big fruit (apples, oranges, peaches, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes) = 1 cup fruit
6 – 8 pieces of smaller fruit (strawberries, blackberries) = 1 cup fruit

1) Plan and Prepare
Have things washed, drained, chopped and cut up. It’ll be easier to add chopped spinach to your omelet or sneak fruit into your yogurt or cereal.

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables. They still retain their nutritional value and their delicious flavor. They’re already prepared and ready to go and are available year-round.

2) Add Salad
Salads go with just about anything.
Low in calories (if you go easy on the dressing) and they fill you up. They’re loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals that keep your metabolism going longer while boosting concentration and energy levels.

3) Soup, please
A nutritious option for satiating hunger while providing an easy way for you to get your daily supply of fruits and vegetables.

4) Strategic Desserts
Reach for fruit.
Substituting fruit for dessert reduces calorie consumption, boosts mental focus and stabilizes energy levels versus sugary desserts and snacks that crash your energy.

Make a fruit salad or a smoothie.
Keep an apple or banana with you – nature’s fast food.

Manage your weight, reduce the risk of disease, be mentally sharp, have more energy: See MoreSee Less

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Happy 70th Birthday Faith For Today!
Thank you Shawn Boonstra, Speaker-Director for Voice of Prophecy!
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Maintain muscle mass

Food is just one part of the equation.

Exercise is the other.

Although most people are familiar with treadmills, bikes and jogging, let’s not forget about lifting weights to maintain lean muscle.

Maintaining and adding muscle keeps the metabolism fired up.

As we age, we lose muscle mass, slowing metabolism.

So remember to add weight-bearing exercises to your fitness routine. It doesn’t have to be anything major either unless you’re training for a competition. See MoreSee Less

A donut or bag of chips once in a while won’t force you to send your favorite pants to Goodwill as long as you’re reaching for healthy snacks most of the time.

A handful of almonds and an apple make a great choice.
You’ll feel better, too. See MoreSee Less

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