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The positive vibe helps in accomplishing our dreams and whatever we want to achieve at a certain point in time. Another method that can be helpful is trying to concentrate on our strengths rather than our weaknesses. Once we are aware of what we are capable of, we become confident, this confidence in return helps us to become happy and satisfied. Satisfaction is something which is lacking in us today. We are always craving for more and more. The ongoing hunger to get more and more take away our happiness. Let us take a simple example in this context. A rich man is never satisfied and always tense, the reason being that he is greedy to have more. He can never be content and happy. Whereas a poor man realizes that he cannot achieve much in his life and he is content with what he has and never tries to get more. He is happier compared to the rich man. So, we can understand one thing that luxury cannot give us happiness or in other words, one does not need to be rich to lead a good life.
A simple life is important to lead a good life. Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that we should never hold on t our past, rather we should let it go. The past cannot be changed but holding to it will definitely ensure that we ignore in building a better future. One should learn from the past and try to be better prepared for the future. Let us keep one thing in mind, we can change today but we cannot do it tomorrow. Be the change you want to be. Live the life you have always wished to live. Smile. A smile can give a whole new dimension to life. Smiling lifts up a person and cheers him or her.  We should take a control of our life before it is too late. We should be compassionate and forgiving. Spending time with our family rather than chatting on Facebook can really help us a lot. Keeping these few things in mind can help us in moving towards leading a good life. Let us change today in order to be happy tomorrow and have a good life in the near future.


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Promoting healthy lifestyle choices

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices The population in the UK is considered to be increasingly ageing with and with rising health care needs. This population is at risk of chronic diseases related to ageing including diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer. This is caused by poor health and lifestyle choices made throughout the individual’s life. On the other hand, positive changes in lifestyle and diet can better the quality of life for the elderly. This paper explores factors which may affect health and wellbeing, the concept of health and wellbeing, models of behavior change and issues linked with the role of promoting healthy lifestyle choices. This is by…

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(2750 words)

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… to the World Health Organization report (1998) a healthy lifestyle is a way of living which decreases the risk of being seriously ill and presents early dying. When people adopt a healthy lifestyle, they can take advantage of numerous benefits. World Health Organization report (1998) advises that some of those benefits might be having more money to spend, if people reduce alcohol and tobacco.

In his annual report the American Institute for Cancer Research (2009) noted that alcohol is responsible for 100 thousand deaths per year. The main causes are cancer, high blood pressure, suicides or homicides. World Health Organization (1998) studied that people who practice go…

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Wellness and healthy lifestyle

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… and Healthy Lifestyle Table of Contents Introduction What 2. Kinds of Alternative Health Medicine (Literature review) Why 2-3
3. Methodologies How 3-4
4. Advantages and disadvantages (Analysis) When 5
5. Results and recommendations What 6
6. Conclusion Where 7

1. Introduction-
Alternate health medicinal field is the growing option that is fast gaining popularity across the world with a major portion of the market occupied by acupuncture, massage and chiropractic therapies (Adams, 2005) among the various available alternatives to conventional allopathic treatment. The conventional medicine which uses pharmaceu…

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Adopting of a Healthy Lifestyle

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Beginning to Live a Healthy Lifestyle I. Introduction It cannot be denied that cases of obesity are on the rise among teenagers. Corollary to this issue, diseases caused by obesity such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are also on the rise. The mortality rate of cardiovascualr diseases and diabetes are not only higher, but younger as well. Obesity has already reached a magnitude where it can already be considered as an epidemic. Indeed, there is now a need to address the issue of obesity so that people will have a healthier lifestyle so that they will live a fuller life that is active and free from disease.
Obesity is caused by a lot of factors. It may eve…

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Healthy Lifestyle and Exercising and Hypertension

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… living has a large variety benefits that have been espoused by all. It is vital to lead a good life. There are a lot of advantages of dieting and eating the proper food. This hypertension assignment has helped me in comprehending the affects of a good lifestyle coupled with the intake of nutrients in the right mix. It has given me a lot of data regarding the ingesting of sodium and potassium in right proportions. This strategy can be applied in the form of DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). It primarily focuses on decreasing the consumption of salt. The DASH eating plan tends to also regulate the amount of saturated fat, unsaturated fat, cholesterol,…

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…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Full Good Forms and Healthy Communities 05 February (estimated word count = 640) Environmental Studies The article is titled “Lynch revisited: New urbanism and theories of good city form” written by Larry R. Ford from the San Diego State University of San Diego, California, USA; it was first published in 1999 in the journal Cities and discussed how modern cities have been marketed to appeal to various segments of buyers, without consideration of how these cities provide the necessities of modern living; the new urban communities are not authentic, and in many ways, are dull, alienating and isolating, which contradict those basic criteria used by David Lynch to judge…

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Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… a healthy lifestyle
It is increasingly becoming difficult for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle because of their hectic schedules and unhealthy habits like eating fast food, lack of physical exercise and stress. A healthy lifestyle does not demand that we denounce our existing lifestyles. In fact it can be adopted by making slight changes in our habits and preferences related to our food and activities and the ways we handle stressful situations. “… the adoption of a healthy lifestyle will facilitate overcoming stress. The healthy lifestyle includes: good feeding practices by eating a balanced diet, avoiding junk food… doing regular exercise…” (Landow, 76) Thus, ado…

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…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… A new client comes to you wanting to lose 30 lbs. They seem to be relatively active. What is the healthiest way to lose the weight, and to help them maintain their weight after their goal is achieved? What areas of health might be impacting the weight gain?
Losing a weight nowadays can be a major cause of self-loathing and self-destruction as one has to go through awful and highly disgusting eating and daily routine. Thanks to our ways of eating in addition with Victoria’s Secrets Angels and Abercrombie & Fitch models physiques who has raised the standards of being called “Smart” so high that people found themselves utterly hopeless.
Reaching an optimal level health is not a child’s play. It requires lo…

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Fundamentals of Healthy Lifestyle

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Life Style
How would you feel if you found out your child was eating fattening hot dogs and greasy French fries for lunch every day? Many people spend a lot of money to treat illness related to health issues. If people adopt a healthy lifestyle, our medical expenses will reduce significantly. This is why we, especially kids, should eat healthy foods. Most people understand the health benefits of eating a balanced diet and exercising. Keeping our bodies young and healthy is vital so that we have fulfilling lives and live longer. Eating a balanced diet and exercising daily are the only way to help you deflect health problems and protect your body from deter…

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Living a Healthy Lifestyle

…Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Leading a Good and Healthy Lifestyle… Healthy lifestyle The ability of people to have the right mindset in their social, physical and mental in regards to healthy balanced diet and regular exercise that may keep them away from diseases may be referred to as a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is individual responsibility. This is because individual’s bodies are usually like complex machines which are prone to breakdown in the case of poor care. Further, inadequate knowledge about individual’s bodies may also result into underutilization of individual’s bodies potential. It is for this matter that people needs to adopt healthy living style in order to ensure that they stay healthy and exploit…

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