Just finished all chapters (audio version, 40hrs). Some scattered ponderings-wonderings. : ACIM

tl;dr: questions at the end, wall-of-text is just the build-up. Sorry, would have preferred direct-mind-to-minds transmit.. if you don’t have the time: we all agree, we don’t “really have” it =) only eternity we really have. And in eternity, “you” have already read it all and “I” received your answers the instant “I” asked. But for the sake of cosmic play:

I noticed gladly early on that the inner light or holy spirit had already journeyed with me for quite a while leading to discovering this ACIM work. It kind of confirmed and strengthened tentative / hesitant “suspicions/intuitions/silent-calls” I had not fully worked out in such precision nor could I have (except perhaps by decades of hermiting/meditating I guess as J suggests, and even then not in this unique erudite manner — he really sounds like someone who’s been “fully out of this world” habitually), such as being guided towards a blessing-goodwill-towards-ideally-all-in-practice-most-fellows (still to be turned into “all” as a truly-deep-felt automatism though =) ignoring worldly factors, and feeling refreshed and lightened by this; generally “self”-training of similar such basic-appreciation-of-all-that-surrounds-me-in-the-moment outlooks ideally regardless of setting circumstance weather or perceived mood constitutions etc. If anyone / anything increasingly helped me stand beside myself and acting as some sort of being-of-light while slowly learning to ignore the fruitless temptation to feel mighty big about “myself” for it, it must have been the Holy Spirit / Inner Light friend. Increasingly heard as “I” settled into a nofap / noporn lifestyle incidentally. Hence the guilt thing really resonated, because what I really learned during that time is that your ego always finds or makes up new guilts, in fact the more “virtuous” you become the easier it seems to find it! Really eye-opening. Almost decided “well screw it, anything worldly doesn’t matter and so anything technically-legal goes since all my ‘choices’ are futile in terms of outcome / lasting-durable-satisfaction anyway, go with the flow or maybe even just let it all flow by chill-like”, and the Inner Light “Real-Self connection” shines upon ACIM to clear up the Real Big Picture =) both semi-confirming and semi-clarifying that hazy mix of notions. The gift: aimed-for aimlessness by listening to the right aims-interpreter/choice-advisor.

When I found it I was really pursuing mildly related though seemingly-different (but perhaps in alignment still) tangents along the lines of the “infinite power of the mind / sub-conscious / self-hypnosis”. The alignment I see is that J suggests that “minds are all connected” / “there is but One Mind” (and apparently separate-but-joined One Spirit). So “I” was already earlier feeling out “my” hazy idea (mostly inspired by earlier periods of Alan Watts reading) that this “cosmic collective delusion” (incl. time-space) is kind of a consciously agreed-on (by “infinity-eternity-immortability itself”, with itself) “play” (theatre-like) / “play” (child-like) / “dream / nightmare” / “chamber-of-horrors”, known(-but-agreed-to-be-forgotten) to end after much real-heartfelt drama with a refreshing and relieving (or perhaps increasingly amusing-“dis-illusioning”-bizarre?) happy waking — with the idea involving that the infinite-power-of-mind in a state of intended-pretend-confusion will automatically breed a forever confusing universe with forever confusing dynamics, which but proves its powers even in chaos. But that mind-separation isn’t real, leading to: having (really) re-taught oneself to forget/forgive all (self-taught) “doubts” (reaching full faith powers), “anyone” (being a child of God) should be able to reach into the full infinite (and infinitely generous) power of mind that has remembrance of everything (“real” as well as “worldly”), at least for “harmless” purposes perhaps? Seems like Holy Ghost is our only link during the separation illusion but that can translate any idea into God’s Purpose, which I find beautifully relaxing. Think about zooming into photographic memory of past world events, or Matrix-like overnight-learning of “worldly skills” — they weren’t “real” perhaps, in a salvation / end-of-the-collective-farce sense, but I’m merely talking about recalls from our collective construction, while we believe we’re in time-space and haven’t yet fully saved the whole sonship in time-space etcpp!) Hacking our own cosmic-work-of-fiction may be structurally-discouraged-by-design but perhaps not forbidden totally: the whole idea is that the child-of-god is trying to grow-out-of / awake-from the fantasy of contradicting its will, but in the game it doesn’t know its will: so if I want to learn French / Spanish overnight, the disconnected / disjointed rest-of-the-gang cannot actively contradict this dreamed wish and the infinite power and generosity of The One Mind was the Creator’s will (rough imperfect interpretation-perception, granted) and so is a given. I was just prior to ACIM feeling out my hazy notion that all my chaotic mind ramblings represent quite an energy that perhaps if really well-and-fully-focused-and-undoubted-and-one-in-purpose might be incredible.

So Question 1: mind powers? have you found inspiration / guidance to fine-tune “your mind” in harmless but empowering ways, bordering on the impossible? I can silence little itches and such but not yet even shy away wasps for example, wouldn’t this be neat? I mean I haven’t tried it with full-love-for-all-of-creation (are wasps and world animals actually “creation” or “just man-_made_NotCreated™ beasts”?), so let’s. I know I’d feel silly asking for worldy silly trinkets and this doubt alone would undo such wishes — but I’m on the fence about nice-to-have harmless-and-potentially-helpful-but-not-felt-as-crucial skills, and J & HS seem to be all about “saving time”.

Question 2: any urgency? what exactly do you interpret is the origin of the sense-of-urgency in ACIM? Considering also the statements: in eternity, the dream was already over as it began, all the madness never was real and will be fully forgotten, in reality the separation never was, the way it ends is already fully decided (graceful barely-noticable wakeup-transition from finally-beautiful-world-of-forgiveness-into-real-heaven), every imagined-fragment aka “individual” is guaranteed “their” part (one that is always both necessary but not alone sufficient) and will succeed by will of God. This is all a great relief, so what’s the urging about? Do you think it’s a neat trick to satisfy our (ego’s?) builtin sense of needing a mission to save the world? I don’t really mind it, since all is “no pressure” and “baby steps for all”. Just wondering-pondering as all we unknowing must..

Question 3: mind communication? Especially now in times-of-isolation: Body as a mere learning device for communication? What’s the idea… I suppose the communication with inner light / holy spirit is open anyway to all Mind fragments across “body deaths” / “lives” and so it’s not a bodily function. So it must be a learning device for some other form of communication. Body language or chit-chat is out since here the body becomes just our veil/mask to fool one another. Anyone ever managed to commun(icat)e with any Brothers via Mind means / Holy Spirit? ie. unaided by / unhampered by the-5-ordinary-senses? (Or are they retrained or something?) At least from my ACIM listen I feel there’s recurring reminders of minds-joining-one-another “not occasionally/temporarily in time and space” but more like “bridging/forgetting-of-the-imagined-gap between brothers”. Guess the idea is reconnecting in the eternal instant which is ever present and where only true / holy / innocent thoughts can transmit anyway, with no worries about judgment / self-censoring that usually come to the notion of telepathy / mind-reading / mental communing / whatever etc.

Question 4: eternal changelessness as never-boring bliss? I know we can’t conceive of or imagine the “real world” J outlines for us: life without contrast of death, love without contrast of fear/hate/etc, forever summer with no seasons, forever brightness with no night, perfect equality and oneness of all in all. But given that that is our eternal birthright and heritage anyway, how urgent do you think you want it? Given that apparently it must be chosen in this world where we know not our will, while promise-among-brothers it is really our will in the real world and already-done. Was there perhaps some reason other than randomness / chance we “remembered not to laugh at this mad idea”? Were we gasp “bored” with infinite bliss, just for one instant out of infinite ones? Is the salvation a common safe-word to get out, or a jesty kink thrown in the works as a Joker / mad-idea-in-mad-idea / hack? We won’t know until time-space-death are done for but what’s your playful idea tinkering with this one..

Really isn’t this the real fear, rather than perceived childish ego screams: losing the sunsets and sunrises, colours of the seasons, minor “charming” imperfections, diversity of history and naturally-imperfect-hence-enchanting works-of-art, narratives, etc — even though granted after some decades one might increasingly jadedly dismiss them as yet-another/just-the-next cheap kick — for some sort of “shade that contains all colors at once, sound that contains all tones at once, etc” community of equal atoms / creator bees in “perfect harmony” or should we say accord. Yeah we seem to (have instructed ourselves to) love not just our own imagined uniqueness but the fiction of countless uniquenesses and surprises at every corner from the micro to the macro, wherever we focus… is it a faint echo of our true and much more beautiful nature, or everything-we-could-never-have-otherwise 😀

Question 5: senselessness of everything worldly while time-space remains? is it possible to do anything other than the most menial without thereby being already “too invested in the delusion” to ever see the light / turning whatever one turns their attention to other than The Father into something of an idol? The good tidings of course being it’s perfectly forgivable and forgiven, plus the HS can turn any childish wish or dream into a stepping stone for salvation if it is only fully & freely shared. Neato! But if one gives up any notion of hope-of-completion / ego-identification one can still play guitar, draw, write stories, program software etc eh? Allowing it’s all just “childrens toys”. In fact the full awareness of the utter futility in terms of infinity-eternity-immortability can only lighten such activities and remove any self-imposed strain or stress or pressure from them I guess.. but right now “my” focus keeps shifting back on this whole ACIM topic, but once settled there’s once-again “time” to “kill”. Special relationships were out for “me” of late anyway… 😀

Question 6: bodily health by healthy mind: this is interpretation not knowledge for us, but what’s your guess: is the fictive individual body directed by the fictive individual mind, or does the collective pretend-separate Mind direct the longevity / healthfulness of “the human body in general, in a given time-space point” (then making up some sciency narrative for said constitution). Would explain the old myths of earlier long-lived ones who lived for a 1000 years, maybe at some point the theatre decided for shorter lifespan for more drama or less relevation or whatever.. or upcoming “longevity research breakthroughs” could pave the way to collectively decided slow gentle transition to Dat Blissful Wakey-Wakey..

Side-quest: finally, I noticed recalling 90s eurodance songs now reinterpreted ACIM style.. “what is love, baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more” or this or this or this or this or this (maybe it’s a Dune thing..), any come to “your” “mind”? =)

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