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Work is everything but then if you are not healthy enough, you cannot imagine living a successful life. Because for being successful, you require a healthy  mind, body and soul. Let us today have a look at some of the questions related  to healthy lifestyle.

Do you think people pay enough attention to their health?

When talking of the average guy, I would say definitely not. The common man is lost in his own world of figuring out things for himself or herself. Most of them are living the sedentary lifestyle with no care of the diet the person is taking. There is always a rush and a time that people have to meet. So, you would find them eating very less of food in the breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most of the times it is neither nutritious nor healthy. Even more, people rarely go for exercise because they don’t have the time, leading them to bigger issues later in life.

Do you think the government is responsible for public health?

Too an extent, I believe yes, government is responsible for public health in some or the other way. So, if there is bad quality of food that is getting supplied than obviously it is the common man that suffers. Also, if proper care from the side of government is not taken regarding the environment people are more likely to fall ill. But, having said that, I think to a larger extent it is the individual in whose hands the responsibility of health lands in.

Do you think there are more unhealthy people these days as compared to a decade ago?

Definitely yes. A decade ago there was no fast food and even the climate was good. So, people ate healthy food, much more healthier than what we eat now. Even more, people were more active as they either traveled on cycle or walked around. These days there are so many things that are easily available to us, making us more lazy and hence unhealthy.

How do you think parents can encourage children to be healthy?

I believe the one way they can do is by remaining healthy themselves. So, a child is more likely to follow what his or her parents are doing. If the parent is going for a jog in the morning, later in years , the child is more likely to do that as well. Another way could be involve children in cooking healthy meals to encourage them to change their eating habits.

Do you think it is hard to give up smoking?

Yes surely. Anything that has become a part of someone’s life is hard to leave especially something as addictive as smoking. But, I think if someone has the determination to do it, they surely can. There have been my friends who were very addicted to smoking but when they decided to leave it, they did. It was difficult for them but yet they did.

How do you usually cope with stress?

When dealing with stress, I am more likely to write or play badminton. So, whenever I am stressed out or worried about something I tend to write it on a piece of paper. There are however times when even writing does not help and in those moment I talk to someone or the other to shift my mind from the stress.

healthy lifestyle

Is there any connection between the person’s style of life and the duration of his life?

Surely there is a relation between the two. A person living a healthy lifestyle is more likely to have a longer duration when compared to someone who is not living a healthy one. There are more chances of someone taking up a disease because of an unhealthy life style when compared to someone who leads a healthy life style.

What is your attitude towards smoking?

Smoking is surely something that can deteriorate a person’s health and it not only affects the person but also the ones living near him or her or anyone who is nearby while smoking. According to a recent survey, there are more people dying of passive smoking than active. But, then apart from the health issues I think there are no moral issues that I have regarding smoking or anyone who smokes. It is harmful, but then it is the choice of the individual to either take it up or let it be.


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