IELTS Speaking Questions (Part 1, 2, 3) & Sample Answers: Topic - Health

Health is an important aspect of life and also an important topic in the IELTS Speaking Exam. Being able to talk about health can help you in many ways, including getting a higher IELTS band score. Try practicing your IELTS speaking skills with some of our sample IELTS questions below:

Speaking Part 1

  • Do you have any unhealthy habits?
  • In what ways do you try to stay healthy?
  • Is it easy to keep fit where you live?
  • What do you think is more important, eating healthy or doing exercise?
  • What are the health benefits of playing a sport?
  • Have you ever had any habits which you consider to be unhealthy?
  • Do you think more about your health now than when you were younger?

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Speaking Part 2

Cue Card

1. Describe something you do to keep healthy.

You should say :

  • what this activity is
  • when you do it
  • and how often you do it and explain why you think it’s a good way to look after your health.

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Cue Card

2. Describe a time when you were ill.

You should say :

  • when this was
  • what your symptoms were
  • how long the illness lasted and say how it affected your life at the time.


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Cue Card

3. Describe an activity you do for your health or fitness.

You should say :

  • what you do
  • how often you do it
  • where you do it and explain how you think this activity helps you stay healthy or fit.


Cue Card

4. Describe something you have done that is good for your health and that you would recommend to others.

You should say :

  • what it is
  • when you do it
  • who you do it with and explain why you think it is good for your health.

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Speaking Part 3

  • Do you think people pay enough attention to their health today?
  • What costs are involved when you are ill in your country?
  • Do you think most people worry more about their health as they get older?
  • How can people be encouraged to stay healthy?
  • What are the most popular ways of keeping healthy in your country?
  • Why do you think some people continue bad habits when they know that they are damaging to their health?
  • Do women pay more attention to their health than men?
  • Do you think people have become more health-conscious in recent years?
  • How can children learn to have a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you think the government should promote a healthy lifestyle among the citizens?
  • Would you say modern science and technology has more of a positive or a negative influence on people’s health?


  • What sports are popular among young people in your country?  
  • Is it easy in your hometown to find places to exercise?
  • Do you think the government should do more to encourage people to exercise?

The Promotion of Health Awareness

  • Are people in your country very aware of how to maintain their health?
  • Do you think the best way would be to promote health awareness in schools?   

A Healthy Lifestyle and the Workplace

  • What would be the results of having employees who are not healthy?
  • Do you think this might have an effect on the economy of the country?
  • Do you think work stress is a health issue?
  • How could work stress be reduced?

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Sample Answers

Part 1

1. Do you have any unhealthy habits?

Sadly, a big yes. Because I work until 9 pm and won’t be back until 10 pm, I often stay up late, very late. Besides, I’m also quite busy so I don’t usually cook. I eat ready meals instead.

Ready meal :(phrase) a prepackaged, fresh or frozen meal that only requires heating (often in a microwave) before being served

2. In what ways do you try to stay healthy?

I love working out at the gym. I do a lot of squats, plank as well as weightlifting. In addition, I try to have a balanced diet and often have checkups with our GP. Therefore, I’m always as fit as a fiddle.

GP: General Practitioner (Family doctor)

Balanced diet:  (phrase) healthy diet

Go for a check-up: (phrase) health check

As fit as a fiddle :(idiom) in good health

3. What are the health benefits of playing a sport?

I think playing sports benefit us both physically and mentally. When you play sports, you are giving your body time to build muscles, and to burn fat. Therefore, you will be fitter and stronger. Also, you are giving your body time to relax. That’s why I enjoy working out so much.

Speaking Part 2

Well, I’ve never been seriously ill, but I can remember a couple of weeks ago, I had  taken leave for 3 days because I was under the weather.
I was walking back home from work and it suddenly started to rain cats and dogs, so I got wet. The next day when I woke up, I was a bit off color. I still remember feeling poorly, even I got a headache, a sore throat, chesty cough, and a blocked nose.  I decided to see my GP for a check-up. My GP said that I caught a heavy cold and had to take a lot of medicines. I was in charge of a project presentation at that time, and due to the situation, I had no choice but to phone in sick and reschedule the presentation until this week. But thank God, I was over the worst of it and made a speedy recovery after 3 days of suffering.

  • Take leave: to use time permitted to be away from work
  • to be under the weather: (informal) to not feel well
  • Rain cats and dogs: rain heavily
  • a blocked nose: when the nose has excess fluid due to a cold
  • to be a bit off color: to feel a little ill
  • a sore throat: inflammation that causes pain when swallowing
  • Chesty cough: a cough caused by congestion around the lungs
  • Catch a heavy cold: have a bad cold
  • to be in charge of: take over something; responsible for something
  • to phone in sick: to call work to explain you won’t be attending work due to illness
  • to be over the worst: to have got through the most serious or uncomfortable stage of an illness
  • made a speedy recovery: to recover quickly from an illness

Part 3

1. Do women pay more attention to their health than men?

I believe so. Well, whenever I feel poorly, I will arrange an appointment with my GP for a check-up. But things don’t seem to go the same with men. For example, my dad doesn’t think he is sick until he is at death’s door. Maybe it’s because we think that women are more vulnerable than men.

2. Could governments do more to promote healthier lifestyle options?

I think there are still a lot of things that governments can do to encourage a healthier lifestyle. People should be both physically and mentally healthy. Therefore, both of the aspects should receive attention equally. For physical health, governments can raise taxes on junk food and invest more in public exercise equipment. For mental health, I believe most of the mental problems result from stress. Therefore, governments should come up with ideas to reduce the working hours of employees as well as the workload of students. Of course, this reduction must be accompanied by an increase in productivity and quality.

3. Do you think most people worry more about their health as they get older?

Obviously, people will pay more attention to their health problems when they go grey. The reason is that when we are older, our immune system will weaken. And as a result, we’ll get sick more easily. Besides, the sickness will also affect us more badly.

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