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r/Dofus - I reached Omega 475 so that you wouldn’t have to. A guide to insanity.

Well, this one certainly took a while to achieve and that’s why I wanted to do a bit more than just share a screenshot. Besides that, this sub has plenty of resources for newbies so some end-game guide to a swag ornament will (hopefully) bring some variety. If you are interested in long and not very useful grinds, great, keep reading, if not, keep reading anyway, there will be a test tomorrow, and this guide is fifty per-cent of your mark.

Hi, I’m Kralamar, a player from Rubilax that mains Xelor. I’ve played Dofus for quite a while, (around 12 years or so) and last year I decided to start again from scrap to enjoy the content that the game has to offer.

After reaching my first milestone of acquiring all 6 primordial dofuses and doing all the lvl 200 dungeons in the game (minus eliocalipse) I decided that I would play to hunt the rarest ornaments in the game since that’s what brought me to the 6 of 6 quest in the first place and getting normal ornaments like the ones from Sufokia or Ecaflipus Dimension where neither that exclusive nor hard to get.

After some research I found out two potential candidates: one was the Dreams 14 ornament and the other the Omega 475 ornament. While the Dreams one was even less common, I decided to go for the Omega 475 since the account still lacks a lot of achievements that are needed to buy bonuses in Dreams (also 475 looks cooler imo).

And so, I started planning.


See, there was a little problem with the 475 ornament, it required around 560billion XP points (https://dofuswiki.fandom.com/wiki/Level ) and I had around… 13 billion… after playing for more than 7 months. It was clear that I needed another way to farm XP, an optimal one if possible and you will never guess who already had an extremely optimal way of farming. That is right, the French! Surprise!

And so, after searching a couple videos on the matter I concluded that Queen of Thieves or QoT for short was the fastest XP method, by a mile.

A couple of problems arose out of that:

Number 1: The team required to farm at max speed QoT consists of 3 Cras, an Enutrof and a Rogue. I already had an Enutrof and a Rogue… but I hadn’t played a Cra once in my life.

Number 2: The sets for each of the Cras was crazy expensive. I am talking about Ochre, Vulbis, Cloudy, Ebony… Plus they all needed to be fully scrolled, plus I had to buy all the Idols…and the parts of the set itself weren’t cheap either.

So, after planning everything that I needed I got to work to create the team needed to farm, and let me tell you it took a WHILE to say the least, I had to level 3 Cras in Nidas with my panda and Rogue and after that 3 more for a friend, this process took around a month by itself since I had to relearn Nidas from scratch.

After all that leveling, my friend and I went to farm using the Int Cra team which completely obliterates mobs and does not require a crazy expensive set (Still I had to sell every set and Dofus in my PVM team). At that time Int Cra farming was not a common tactic in my server so the resource price stayed up (we rotated between some zones) and I can honestly say that I’ve never made that much kk, ever. Here’s the technique for those interested, it does not give the same benefit than before since a lot of people already farmed with it (at least in my server) but its still interesting to watch. https://youtu.be/W3qr4kX8j3E?t=243

This planning took around 2 months from leveling the Cras to finally having enough kamas to buy almost full sets (I bought the 3 Vulbis later) and maging them to do tons of damage since I had to buy 20 mk worth of transcendence runes to give each one a %1 spell damage.

After that I had to buy a couple of extremely cheap sets for the Enutrof and the Rogue and a maxed and maged wisdom set for my Xelor. Finally, I was ready to start learning QoT.

Learning QoT:

Idols, starting positions, initiative, range of the enemies, AI behavior (some enemies flee), Queen’s glyph…It was a process and it took me three days of trial and error to finally be able to do a single round of Queen, with a whooping time of 42 minutes. After that I spent around a full month learning keyboard shortcuts to fasten my times and my XP income, it was kind of a speedrun, a never ending speedrun.

I ended up getting pretty good at it, reaching times of 12 minutes or so, I even reached the second fastest time on my server, and yeah there was competition, haven’t I mentioned? Queen was FULL of teams.


QoT is the most lucrative thing I’ve seen in my life. People with teams who leeched wisdom characters of well off players asked for 900kk per character (they could bring with them up to 5 players using only a Rogue and two Cras) and people got out of Nidas and linned up to get a spot since the XP was just too good to pass.

See, the magic of QoT is that it’s not only is a wave fight which increases by a lot the XP gained with Idols, it also was the only wave fight that was farmable and had a +90% XP bonus in the dungeon zone (Nidas had a -40%). This means that each fight that I did on QoT had a +90%XP slapped on top of the challenges that I could complete (I also had to optimize those to get the max amount of XP).

It was a lot of XP, around 370million per fight, but that still meant around 1500 fights against QoT to be able to reach Omega 475.

XP gain:

So, here’s the important part. How much XP did I make daily?

After the first month I averaged 4 billion XP points a day. “Thanks” to corona I did not skip a single day.

Second month around 5 billion XP points a day. Some days I did a bit more time, one day I farmed for around 10 hours and got around 9,7 billion, never again.

And then I reached Omega 400 and got invited to a farming group with the top players on the server. We all had a minimum XP to give daily, we received a message each time we had to enter our characters into the fight, and they would carry you (or you would carry them, If it was your turn).

During that time, I reached up to 17.5 billion XP points daily (Mostly around 10 b/d). It was insane. But it needed to be if I wanted to reach omega 475 and not die of boredom.

See, I always loved repetitive task, they have no variations and are mechanical, my brain can go off for a while and relax, but QoT might have ended that for me because while the first months where ok the last one was just exhausting.

So, what did it take to reach 475?

The Price of Omega 475:

Time wise: I do not even want to calculate this. It would hurt my soul, I can try to excuse myself since my country had corona lockdown and I had nothing else to do, maintained a healthy lifestyle doing indoors sport and read a bit (Brandon Sanderson is a genius) but it’s still too much time. I went from playing 2 hours a day or 2:30 at max for 3-4 days a week to… this. I started farming Queen with a playcount of around 700 hours and 3 and a half months later I am at +1600… So a lot. And I had a +90%XP zone bonus and a group of dedicated players leeching my character when I wasn’t doing fights by myself, go figure what will it take when all dimension bonuses are at -40%. From start to finish including prep work I’d say I’ve been at it for around 5 months and a half, and solely farming Queen I’ve been at it from June 11 until now, so yeah, time consuming.

Kamas wise: Since I farmed in group and didn’t really recruited clients to not wait, I spent around 200millon kamas just in keys.

I spent around 600million in the sets (Just the Dofus are around 400 million)

And around 10mk in energy potions I’d say. You die a lot in QoT B8 with Idols.

The benefits of Omega 475:

I leveled up guilds for kks up to level 200 for around 150million kamas.

I also got and recycled resources into Nuggets for around… 3.5mk daily between all my characters, so around 385million kamas worth of nuggets.

And I got a cool ornament to show which is big enough to compensate for my lack of skill and achievement points.

Was it worth the time spent?

I’ve always loved grinding and Dofus so this feat was in my bucket list for a long time and I am glad I finally did it, I also made some more friends, achieved my dream of getting an extremely rare ornament and had time to listen to all of the TAZ podcast which I absolutely recommend. While at the end I was (understandably so) extremely tired, the learning process and optimization that went into being able to do the fight in 12-14 minutes was quite enjoyable.

Now I will embark on my next and even longer task of reaching 20k achievement points with three other guild members. But I will chill while doing it, Rushing isn’t fun if you are with friends.

Anyways! I rate this grind at a 6.5 out of 10, still better than playing League by a mile.

TLDR; Dont do it.

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