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Ever had a day that you were free from work or school, went out to run a quick errand looking like a corpse and ran into your crush or someone you want to impress? I think we all know the feeling, it’s as if the universe KNOWS when you look your worst.

Because I know the struggle I wanted to share some tips on how to look good while having a chill day or even if you feel a bit under the weather!

Make sure your hair doesn’t require too much maintenance ✨

  • Those outgrown roots may not look as noticeable when you put in the effort and your hair may look great when it’s curled and washed but when you don’t take the time to fix it you may look unkept. For this reason it’s important to get regular trims to treat those split ends (because when you don’t iron it, those dead ends look like hay). And get dye jobs that don’t require regular upkeep (ask your hairdresser, they’ll know what to do!). When you don’t know what to do, a tight low bun is always a safe and quick option.

Buy matching lounge wear ✨

  • Owning a few tracksuits that match instantly makes you look like you have your shit together. You don’t have to think about what to wear and it doesn’t take any effort to pull together. DON’T buy any clothes you don’t want to be seen in (you can’t dress bad if you don’t have any bad looking clothes, so no more weird combinations on wash day!), that soft hoodie that’s completely washed out and neon onesie with holes in it may be comfortable. But there’s stylish work-out clothes that are just as comfortable but make you look 10 times better.

Get a “bare minimum” makeup look ✨

  • Whenever I go out with the chance of bumping into someone I know I have a bare minimum makeup look I can apply in less than 2 minutes. For me it’s a dab of concealer under my eyes, blush and brow gel. This already improves my look so much and makes me look like I’ve been awake for hours. Figure out your biggest problem areas and what you want to conceal most, make sure it takes a minute or less to do. That’s your emergency makeup look!

Get a diva pair of sunglasses ✨

Invest in your natural look ✨

  • Being skilled at makeup is a great thing to be able to do, but makeup is temporary. What’s underneath is always there, that’s how we look when we wake up. Make sure you have a solid skincare routine and visit a beautician regularly if you can. A lot of skin issues like redness, acne or pigmentation can be fixed with treatments like laser. Use brow and lash serums and look into PMU (Permanent Makeup).

Honorable mentions ✨

  • Get a pair of white sneakers and keep them clean, they match with almost every outfit

  • Working out and a healthy lifestyle will make you look and feel better around the clock

  • Make sure you are moisturized for that natural glow, it makes you look youthful and healthy

  • Leave your clothes on a chair the night before, your future self will thank you

  • Take 10 minutes every day to keep your space tidy, if you can find everything you need like keys where it should be, you have more time to get ready and will experience less stress (the same goes for your car)

  • Don’t wear nail polish if you’ll let it sit till it cracks off, you’re better off wearing no polish in that case. Keeping the nails clean and short is always a safe option.

  • Look into using self-tanner if you tend to look pale and washed out in the morning for a healthy glow

  • Wear work-out clothes on your free days, people will think you’re living an active lifestyle (and those leggings make your butt look awesome 😉)

  • Add some jewelry to level up your outfit and add that bit of sparkle ✨

How this may look when applied:





PS: this list is for those days you really can’t bother to put in any effort or even feel bad, most of these tips are preparation so you don’t need to do much on the chill day itself 🥰. If you feel like it you can of course go glamour any day of the week!

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