Healthy Living Grant Program

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    Private Foundation

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    C – Funds little to no technology

    American Medical Association

    The AMA Foundation, with support from the AMA Alliance, began the Healthy Living Grant Program to address critical issues which include: obesity, tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and violence. Based on the thought that local leaders can come up with the best solutions to these problems, this initiative supports grassroots organizations who are on the front lines in their communities. These grants provide critical funding that can jump-start a project, affect change quickly, increase visibility for a project/organization, encourage collaboration and make a lasting difference in a community. The three funding categories are:

    • Nutrition/Physical Fitness: The proposed project must include a least one nutrition objective and at least one physical activity objective;
    • Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Smoking Prevention
    • Violence Prevention: Anti-bullying, domestic violence (with a focus on providing a safe environment for children), suicide prevention, and internet safety. The target audience must be youth/young adults between the ages of 2-21. 

    Organizations that receive grants design projects to meet the needs of their local communities. The current round of funding is intended for projects focused on Prescription drug safety.


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