Healthy lifestyleClassify the following habits as healthy andunhealthy ones.

Помогите с английским пожалуйста.СТРАДАТЕЛЬНЫЙ ЗАЛОГ PRESENT CONTINUOUS глагол to be в Present Continuous + 3 форма глагола Комнату сейчас убирают. =

The room is being cleaned. Эти вопросы сейчас обсуждают. = These questions are being discussed. PAST CONTINUOUS глагол to be в Past Continuous + 3 форма глагола Обо мне говорили, когда я вошёл. = I was being spoken about when I entered. Коробки хранили внизу. = The boxes were being kept downstairs. PRESENT PERFECT глагол to be в Present Perfect + 3 форма глагола Письмо отправили (только что). = The letter has been sent. Эти дома были куплены недавно. = These houses have been bought recently. PAST PERFECT глагол to be в Past Perfect + 3 форма глагола Я увидел, что мою машину украли. = I saw that my car had been stolen. Составьте предложения из следующих слов, используя страдательный залог 1 The walls / paint. (Present Perfect Passive) 2 The car / fix. (Present Continuous Passive) 3 The children / look after. (Present Continuous Passive) 4 The evidence / find. (Present Perfect Passive) 5 My car / service. (Future Simple Passive) 6 The house / build. (Past Simple Passive) 7 The tests / check. (Past Perfect Passive) 8 The flowers / water. (Present Simple Passive) Переделайте предложения из активного залога в пассивный. 1 Mike has made the preparations.2 They built the Pyramids. 3 They will deliver my car. 4 The boy has broken the window. 5 He is interviewing them. 6 Helen had closed the window. 7 The police were questioning the suspect. 8 People make wine from grapes. 9 They took Alice to hospital. 10 They will sign the papers.​

Вставьте в пропуски much, many, (a) little, (a) few по смыслу.
She ate so ______ jam yesterday that she is never going to eat jam again.
He ate so ___

________ bananas that he is never going to eat a banana again.
Could you give me _______ biscuits?
I gave him __________words of advice.
Last week there was so________rain that I couldn’t go out.
He knows _________ but well.
She has very __________knowledge of the matter.
________people heard about the book, but _________ people read it.
I had __________ close friends here, so I feel very lonely.
I am afraid he always thinks too ___________.
Give _______ milk to the kitten, please?
_____ was said but there are still ______things I should like to add.
I have so______things to do that I don’t know which to do first.
I suggested that he should get______ wine and some bread.
I began to miss London very _____

1 Look, read and complete,O Als a spaceshipNI BIs a2 Cisa3 Dia** 4 Eisa5 Fisa​

210.Choose the correct variant: They’ve bought _______ little house in the south of Spain.
A) A
B) An
C) Some
D) Any
E) The
211. Choose the correct va

riant: When I saw them they were walking _______ the park.
A) In
B) On
C) Away
D) Off
E) By
212. Choose the correct variant:_____ a swim in the sea.
A) Have
B) Go
C) Get
D) Be
E) Come
213. Choose the correct variant: ______ a train to Paris
A) Go
B) Have
C) Get
D) Be
E) Come
214. Choose the correct variant: ____ up late at the weekend.
A) Get
B) Have
C) Go
D) Be
E) Come
215. Choose the correct variant: She ________ the radio and listened to the news.
A) Turned off
B) Looked for
C) Watched
D) Turned on
E) Took off
216. Choose the correct variant: ___ dressed in the morning
A) Go
B) Have
C) Get
D) Be
E) Come
217. Choose the correct variant: ____ on holiday to Greece
A) Go
B) Have
C) Get
D) Be
E) See
218. Choose the correct variant: ____ for a walk in the evening
A) Have
B) Go
C) Get
D) Be
E) See
219. Choose the correct variant: We love summer. We go on holiday ____ August.
A) In
B) On
C) For
D) At
E) By
220. Choose the correct variant: Our garden is small. There aren’t ____ .flowers.
A) Some
B) Any
C) Much
D) Little
E) An
221. Choose the correct variant: They are quite healthy. They don’t eat ____ sugar.
A) Much
B) Many
C) Little
D) A few
E) Few
222. Choose the correct variant: Listen! Can you _______ that noise?
A) Look
B) Have
C) Hear
D) See
E) Go
223. Choose the correct variants: I’ve met her before but I’ve _______ her name.
A) Lost
B) Remembered
C) Forgotten
D) Written
E) Received
224. Choose the correct variant: Dan has gone out. He _______ about half an hour ago.
A) Leaved
B) Has left
C) Leaving
D) Left
E) Have left
225. Choose the correct variant: The weather was lovely this morning so we _______ to work.
A) Walked
B) Have walked
C) Has walked
D) Are walking
E) Walks
226. Choose the correct variant: Where _______ your sister _______ at the moment?
A) Has working
B) Is / works
C) Has worked
D) Is / working
E) Did / work
227. Choose the correct variant: _______ you _______ well last night?
A) Did / sleep
B) Have / slept
C) Did / slept
D) Do / sleep
E) Are /sleeping
228. Choose the correct variant: She answers the phone and talks to visitors. She is a _______ .
A) Musician
B) Builder
C) Receptionist
D) Nurse
E) Cook
229. Choose the correct variant with one word: He drove the car into the ________.
A) Garage
B) Kitchen
C) Bathroom
D) Bedroom
E) Hall
230. Choose the correct variant: Did you watch the program about Turkey _______ night?
A) On
B) In
C) At
D) By
E) Of

Впиши определенный артикль там, где это необходимоLake BaikalSiberiaPacific Ocean Ural MountainsFar EastIrkut River​

помогите пожалуйста знатоки Английского языка.​

помогите пожалуйста. пожалуйста​

Work in pairs. Which verb can you use for a) and b)? Put each verb into the present simple or present continuous.1. a) Don’t switch off the TV! I’m wa

tching it. b) I love that programme! l watch it every week. 2. a) Can you call me back later? I … my homework. b) I try to keep fit. I … yoga and aerobics every day.3. a) I love tennis, but I … badly.b) Sorry, I can’t hear you because Matthew … the piano. 4. a) I … about twenty text messages a day, usually to friends. b) She … a book. It will be published next year.5. a) Daddy can’t come home now. He … late at the office. b) Usually he … from 9a.m. to 5p.m. from Monday to Friday.6. a) I like to spend time with friends. That’s what … me happy. b) I … some coffee. Do you want some? 7. a) She loves the school. She … a lot of friends there. b) Jill … some problems with her phone. Can you check it? 8. a) He only met his real father last month. They … to know each other now. b) In the UK, about 50 percent of married couples … divorced. 9. a) She always … a book to her son before he goes to sleep. b) I … his new book at the moment. It’s really good.10. a) Hi Tim! I’m in town for a week. I … an old friend. b) When we go to London, we usually … the National Gallery.​

Помогите пожалуйста!
Perfect tenses
Translate the sentences into English using the appropriate tense.
1 Мы только что говорили об этом. 2 Я никогда не

был в Лондоне. 3 За последнее
время она перевела несколько научных статей. 4 Он сказал, что читал эту книгу много
лет назад. 5 Они ушли до того, как мы получили телеграмму. 6 К какому времени вы
закончите перевод этой статьи? – Я только что перевёл её. 7 К тому времени как он
придет, мы сами завершим работу.
Open the brackets, using the appropriate time. Translate the sentences into
1 The rain (to begin) before we arrived home. 2 We saw the film after we (to read) the
book. 3 I not (to see) my friend since the holidays. 4 He just (to get) this letter. 5 She
already (to have dinner). 6 They (to finish) this experiment by the end of the week. 7 I (to
read) the book twice. 8 The secretary (to type) the article by 6 o’clock. 9 No sooner I (go)
to bed when the phone rang. 10 We (not to write) the test when the teacher comes.
Make sentences interrogative and negative.
1 They have heard the news.
2 I have already done my work.
3 We have already written our test paper.
4 She has just passed her exam.

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