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 Healthy lifestyle today

  Nowadays healthy
life-style is gaining more and more popularity. Lately people have finally
realized that whatever a person would do and whatever post he
would hold,
health is the most valuable wealth in our life. (*The greatest wealth is Health).

People became
more health-conscious. Now everyone understands that healthy nutrition is not a
mere name. Even developing countries began to take GMO, colorings and unnatural
additives with caution. Now buying only organic and healthy food, eating more
fruits and vegetables, as well as going in for sports and keeping fit are in.

Sport is as
important as the quality of food. Many people are still lazy and do not want to
take up any sports, because they think that sport is only weights and bulky
exercise equipments. In fact, sport is an active approach to life and desire to
improve a body. We are not talking only about the gyms and professional sports
centers. The alternative of any exercises can be dancing, walking and jogging
in the open air.


A healthy
lifestyle is a valuable resource for reducing the incidence and impact of
health problems, for recovery, for coping with life stressors, and for
improving quality of life. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that
shows our lifestyles play a huge part in how healthy we are. From what we eat
and drink, to how much exercise we take, and whether we smoke or take drugs,
all will affect our health, not only in terms of life expectancy, but how long
we can expect to live without experiencing chronic disease.

Conditions such
as heart disease, cancer, 
, joint disease, and mental illness are responsible for a vast number of
deaths and disabilities. Currently, we rely almost exclusively on the provision
of clinical care by highly trained health professionals as our major strategy
to deal with these conditions. Many health problems can be prevented or at
least their occurrence postponed by having a healthy lifestyle.

The Components Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Eating Healthily

The right
nutrition is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. Your body requires a well
balanced diet every day in order to maintain the adequate amounts of vitamins,
nutrients and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body.

An Active Lifestyle

You will need to
include fitness as part of your life. Physical fitness keeps your weight in
check, helps you sleep better at night, prevents heart attacks and strokes and
other health problems, and generally prolongs your life. Basically there are so
many benefits of exercising that you really can’t live a full life without it.

Stress Management

Emotional stress
plays an important role in many illnesses, both directly and indirectly. People
are also more likely to smoke, overeat, drink too much, work too hard, argue
with others and so on, when they are feeling stressed. Thus, stress management
is an important part of your new lifestyle, and meditation and relaxation
techniques are truly a key part of
living a healthy lifestyle.

Make Friends With Yourself

Loving yourself
is a key to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Self-esteem is all about how much
people value themselves; the pride they feel in themselves, and how worthwhile
they feel. Self-esteem is important because feeling good about yourself can
affect how you act.

Powering Up Your Mind And Body

Programme your mind for total success. Develop a vision, a
compelling future that excites and inspires you, and focus on it daily. Don’t
let anything knock you of course, or make you question its possibility. I
promise you, by taking control of your thoughts, you will improve your life in
a big way.

Life Balance

If you want to
achieve a healthy lifestyle you must take steps to ensure you maintain a
certain level of balance… spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially,
mentally and financially. You need to balance work and family, and all the
other areas of your life without spreading yourself too thin and having a guilt
trip when you do one thing, but think you should be doing another. All of the
key areas of our lives overlap and interlink, effecting each other. Unless we
create for ourselves satisfaction in each and every part of our life, we can
never truly be fulfilled, or live a contented, happy and healthy life.


What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

healthy lifestyle isn’t just diet and exercise

. Today we go over the components of leading a healthy lifestyle and how
it’s important to lead a balanced life.

In general, most
would agree that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a healthy we
ight, eats a
balanced healthy diet, thinks positively, feels relaxed, exercises regularly,
has good relationships, and benefits from a good life balance.

Maybe I should
start by trying to look at a few definitions for the word – lifestyle. A
definition in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language says :
‘A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a
person or group’.

The World Health Organisation in 1946 defined health as ‘A complete state of mental,
physical and social well-being not merely the absence of disease’.

defines a lifestyle as the way a person lives. This includes patterns 
of social
relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically
reflects an individual’s attitudes, values or worldview. A healthy lifestyle is
generally characterized as a “balanced life” in which one makes “wise choices”.

A final
definition of lifestyle is: The aggregation of decisions by individuals which
affect their health, and over which they more or less have control.

Good Health Is ’Simple – But
It’s Not Easy’

It is so
important to make ‘keeping healthy’ a part of our day-to-day living habits.
Your health depends on what you do throughout the day, everyday. A healthy
lifestyle is absolutely vital. Here is a real simple solution – slowly improve
your lifestyle in a step-by-step way. If you take one new health step every two
months, for example, in two to three years you will be among the healthiest ten
percent of people in the Western world. And boy will you see and feel the

Improvements do
not have to be large steps; take one small step for your health today, keep
that one going, and add another one every two months. Have a plan – maybe
introduce 6 improvements over the course of a year.


How to benefit from music in sport and exercise

During the last two decades, advancements in technology have allowed music to grow into being an effective intervention to achieve a range of desirable psychological and performance effects among athletes. Lead researcher in the field of music in sport and exercise, Dr Costas Karageorghis has primarily explored the psychological, psychophysical, psychophysiological, and ergogenic effects of music:

  • The Psychological effects refer to how music influences mood, affect, emotion, attitudes, cognition and behaviour.
  • The psychophysical effects of music involve sensory responses to physiological processes. In music related research, this involves the perceptions of physical effort and is most often measured via the ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) scale.
  • The psychophysiological effects of music relate to the influence of music on a range of physiological factors, such as heart rate and respiration rate.
  • Music exerts an ergogenic effect when it improves physical performance by either delaying fatigue or increasing work capacity. This often results in higher than expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength.

When accompanying training and workouts with music, researchers have suggested assembling a wide selection of familiar tracks that meet the following six criteria in order to achieve benefits to performance:

(a) strong, energising rhythm; (b) positive lyrics having associations with movement (e.g., “I’m gonna make you sweat” by Snoop Dogg); (c) rhythmic pattern well matched to movement patterns of the athletic activity; (d) uplifting melodies and harmonies; (e) associations with sport, exercise, triumph, or overcoming adversity (e.g.. Heather Small’s ‘Proud’, used in the London 2012 Olympic bid); and (f) a musical style or idiom suited to an athlete’s taste and cultural upbringing. Choose tracks with different tempi, to coincide with alternate low-, medium-, and high-intensity training.

What is the definition of Healthy Living?

The World Health
Organization (WHO), defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental, and
social well-being, not simply just the absence of disease.

The actual
definition of Healthy Living is the steps, actions and strategies one puts in
place to achieve optimum health.

Healthy Living
is about taking responsibility for your decisions and making smart health
choices for today and for the future.

So healthy living would
consist of:

(For The Body)

Good Nutrition,
Eating Right

Getting Physically Fit, Beneficial

Adequate Rest

Proper Stress

Emotional Wellness (For The Mind)

Self-Supportive Attitudes

Positive Thoughts and Viewpoints

Positive Self-Image

You Also Need to Give and Receive


Love and Compassion

Need to Laugh and Experience Happiness.

Need Joyful Relationships With Yourself and Others.


Inner Calmness

Openness to Your Creativity

Trust in Your Inner Knowing

And all aspects
of one’s self, must work in harmony to achieve 
, so you need to create a balanced life.

Are You Living A Healthy

Do you wake up
with enthusiasm for the day ahead? Do you have the high energy you need to do
what you want? Do you laugh easily and often, especially at yourself? Do you
confidently find solutions for the challenges in your life? Do you feel valued
and appreciated? Do you appreciate others and let them know it? Do you have a
circle of warm, caring friends? Do the choices you make every day get you what
you want?

Healthy Lifestyle

Being Healthy is so important. Just change one thing
in your life today. Have a healthy life beginning now. Living a healthy
lifestyle will bring you happiness, health and the life of your dreams. You can
fit into your favourite pair of jeans again. You can enjoy all the benefits
that perfect health offers you. You can feel your best at all times of the day.

I have spent
over ten years working in the area of 
personal development and in helping others to achieve their
potential. It is the belief that everyone should be helped and encouraged to
reach their full potential that motivates me in my work as a coach and blogger.
I’m passionate about this because I have seen its effects in my own life and
the lives of others. I am 100% committed to making the difference, and I pray
this is obvious to you through my blog.

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Tips to start a Healthy lifestyle

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