Healthy Lifestyle Lesson Plan


Topic of the lesson: Healthy lifestyle Aims of the lesson: ~ 80 min Discussing the key elements of a healthy lifestyle;

Raising students awareness of how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle; Developing reading skills, i.e. skimming and reading for detail;

Introducing and practising new topic-related vocabulary; Giving practice in paraphrasing and providing synonyms; Practising listening for gist as well as listening for details; Practising speaking skills (both in pairs and as a class).Level: upper-intermediateTime:

Materials: additional worksheets, PPT presentation, a short video, an online quiz.No.Procedure (incl. stages, tasks & activities)Mode*TimeMaterials


Greetings and checking attendance. The teacher briefly introduces the topic of the lesson.


3 min


Warm-up: students share their ideas on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. The pictures in the PPT presentation may serve as a source of inspiration. + clarifying the meaning of the verb to constitute


5 minPPT presentation


Reading task: students receive an article about a useful health tip. – First, they skim the article and get familiar with the main idea (1st reading).

– Then, the teacher asks general questions related to the article. – Next, students are asked to read the article again and pay attention to details (2nd reading).

– After that, students answer detailed questions prepared by the teacher.IWCW


CW3 min

3-4 min5 min

7 minReading worksheets; PPT presentation

4.Vocabulary task 1: students find words in the article which are printed in bold and paraphrase them/provide synonyms. Then, they discuss the answers as a class.

PWCW10 minReading worksheets; PPT presentation

5. Students match words/phrases from the article to their definitions. Then, they discuss the answers as a class.

IWCW10 minPPT presentation

6. Listening task: students watch a video (Top 10 Tips for Healthy Living):

1st listening for gist, 2nd listening for specific information.

After the 2nd listening they answer a number of questions prepared by the teacher. Students discuss these questions in pars and then share their opinions with the class.


CW8 min

10 minA short video; PPT presentation

7. Revision task: students complete a gap-filling exercise. Afterwards, the teacher checks the answers with the whole class.


CW10 minPPT presentation

8.Home Assignment: students take an online quiz entitled How stressed are you? How stressful is your lifestyle?. They report on their results and reflect on what could be done to make their lifestyles less stressful (150-200 words).

IWAn online quiz

Mode* = modes of work: PW pair work; IW individual work; GW group work (small groups of 3-5 learners); CW class work (e.g. during whole class discussion); LS lockstep (e.g. a teacher explaining or presenting something to the whole class)

Reading & Speaking materialsIdrank water with warm honey and lemon every morning for ayear. Heres what happened (adapted from afew years ago, honey and lemon drinks were somethingI bought inapacket at the chemists whenI had the flu. Naturally, those little packets didnt help much, soI was sceptical whenI started this challenge. But drinking real lemon juice and proper honey inwarm water isatotally different experience, and with all the hype around itI begana12month quest tosee ifitreally was asmiraculous aseveryone says.

Iam pleased toreport Iam completely converted, and here iswhy.

Ihave not had acold, flu orany stomach illnesses for the entire year.

Literally. Though Ihave sometimes felt very early signs ofsickness, nothing atall has materialized. Sure Ive had tired days and afew headaches, but nothing towrite home about. I now absolutely swear byhoney/lemonto the point Ive become prematurely old-aged and carry them both inmybag whenI stay atfriends places orhotels.

Ino longer need coffee and have become amorning person.

The powerI get from lemon and honey first thing inthe morning doesnt leave mewith headaches orthe nasty caffeine comedown. Ialso have more energy for longer and amquicker tosmile inthe morning.

The people around meare becoming more healthy the biggest reward.

Sothis has taken the longest: toconvince myfamily that honey and lemon can help them prevent some oftheir own illnesses.

But after playing nurse and giving mymagic potion tothem when they are attheir most desperate, they can finally see its benefits. When they say, Whoa! That helped straight away! Ifeel delighted; itreminds metokeep going every morning.

Its such alovely feeling toknow thatI can help myloved ones feel well through something sosimple and available.

MY RECIPEIgenerally use the juice ofhalf afresh lemon, and a teaspoon oforganic honey inastandard mug with freshly boiled water that has cooled alittle (but still hot enough tomelt the honey). Ithen add some cold water soI can drink immediately inone go.

However, itdoes depend onthe lemon and the honey, some lemons are juicier ormore sour and some honeys more sweet, soexperimenting isimportant! Also half alemon may betoo intense tostart, myfamily uses aquarter.

Why does itwork? There are atleast nine major benefits ofdrinking warm honey lemon water every morning. But Ill list mythree favourites here:

1. Itprotects you from infection When taken first thing inthe morning, this mixture stimulates the digestive system. Italso cleanses the urinary tract and protects it against infections.

2. Itimproves digestionEvery part ofthis drink aids inthe digestive process; lemons assist your liver inproducing more bile soyou can break down complex foods better and use the good stuff from your meals. Honey isantibacterial which protects you from any infections you might have. Italso helps with the production ofmucus inthe stomach, helping to detoxify your organism. For this reason, italso assists with healthy weight balance.

3. Makes you glow with health and beautyLemon has many benefits for skin, but italso helps purify the blood aswell asstimulating the production ofnew blood cells that act ascleaning agents. The water and honey have arestorative, antibacterial effect on your skin too.

So there you haveit, myverdict isextremely positive and Ihighly recommendit!

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