Healthy Lifestyle Instagram Accounts To Follow for Inspiration

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle can feel simultaneously intimidating and inspiring. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to get into the groove of having a balanced diet and working out consistently.

Maybe you’ve jumped onto the healthy lifestyle bandwagon and fell off the track harder and longer than expected. Or maybe you’ve been rocking a healthy lifestyle for a while — kudos to you! Wherever you’re at on your health journey and whatever reasoning behind why you’re wanting to develop a healthy lifestyle, know that it can be incredibly beneficial not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well– especially when you’re focusing on the more important things like overall health and emotional well-being as opposed to strictly your look.

Listen, we get that life can get in the way and sometimes we tend to lack motivation every now and then. That’s why we made a list of Instagram accounts to follow for health inspiration to help jump start your health journey.


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I’d be lying if I said I only follow this account because of the mouth-watering plant-based recipes. You’re almost guaranteed to be inspired by her striking travel photography and motivated by her positive, funny and genuine captions. Not to mention the family of four (soon to be five) lives in Hawaii, so you’ll be sure to get a lot of exhilarating water shots and tips on Hawaii traveling. Mahalo!

From healthy recipes, workout videos and motivational quotes, her account has it all. This girl is not only a motivating fitness expert but she is also a three-time bestselling author. It’s obvious she’s passionate about health and fitness by how she encourages everyone to create a happier, healthier lifestyle that is ultimately sustainable!


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This gal is all about a balanced lifestyle and developing an intuitive eating mindset. As a graduate with a B.S. in Nutrition Dietetics and an aspiring registered dietician, she strives to share her knowledge about nutrition, recipes, fitness and living a balanced life wherever she can. Take a look at her blog and you’ll also notice that she’s open about her faith and shares motivational life tips and bible verses!

Nutrition Stripped’s goal is to keep their readers feeling their best. They have hundreds of healthy plant-based recipes, rad facts on nutrition science, and they even have online programs and monthly subscriptions. Founded by McKel Hill, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and author of her cookbook “Nutrition Stripped,” you’re sure to be in good hands to get the motivation you need and the tools to guide you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

If you love humorous and motivating pictures and captions, puppies, breathtaking travel photography and heavenly food recipes (basically everything you could ever want in one account), then you’ll definitely love this one. As a personal trainer since 2008, Kayla Itsines became the co-creator of the Bikini Body Guides and started educating and encouraging millions to improve their fitness and health. You’ll also be able to see transformation pictures that will leave you motivated and inspired.

In 2008 Angela Liddon started Oh She Glows to write about her recovery from an eating disorder, her journey to living a healthy lifestyle and how impactful food can be in transforming our lives positively. The Instagram account features a variety of meals, side dishes and snacks that are sure to help you stay on track with your health.

I mean come on guys, look at those cookies!

If you find yourself looking through Pinterest for hours trying to get new healthy recipes, this one is for you. And the best thing about these recipes? They typically fall into at least one of these three categories: 30 minutes or less, 1 bowl, or 10 ingredients or less. Praise! No wonder they’re called “Minimalist” Baker. They also have adept photography skills so you’re sure to get eye-catching and drool-worthy photos in your Instagram feed.

Last, but certainly not least, In it 4 the Long Run (ran by Georgie Morley) is all about discovering a healthy lifestyle from the connections between self-care, wellness, eating habits and relationships. As she says, “In short, a blog for bad*** babes on a mission to live a joyful life.” Follow her for tips on personal growth and wellness, and podcasts with wellness experts. Coffee lovers, get jazzed because she’s also a barista who posts captivating photos of caffeinated beverages!

Keep in mind that feeling great and at your best isn’t just about how and what you eat, it includes all areas of your life.

So why wait until January 1 to start living a healthier lifestyle when you can start right now? And, with the help of these healthy lifestyle Instagrammers, you too can be well on your way to be an inspiration not only to yourself but to others around you as well!

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