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Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how to stay fit and live a healthier and longer life. I did some research though. And I combined all of those research altogether and finally I end up with the article ‘HEALTHY LIFESTYLE HABITS’ that you are reading right now.

However, I would not have written this article if I haven’t found an interesting topic out of it. Though, I find the topic that I have written in my article is much less discussed but very important in our lives.

I am sure you won’t find this topic in anywhere else but in my article. And you will also find more awesome kinds of stuff if you will go through my article. However, the topic that I am willing to share with you will surely lead you down to think about your health.


Health is very important and there is no one on earth who doesn’t want to have a good health. But is there any way to maintain good health? Or should I say, Healthy Lifestyle?

Most of the people think that having a good health is almost impossible and very challenging. But there are many people out there who are living a healthier life. Then where did you miss? And the question is, do you follow healthy lifestyle habits?

Did you know, good habits plays a very important role to have better health and to live life longer. Well, you can also say, this is the secret of great fitness and wellness. Healthy lifestyle habits are not only about having a good physical or mental fitness. But having a great ideology to live healthier and a better life including, which really matters.

Read the whole article for trying out these habits that will change your life magically. But first, let me clear out your thoughts and try changing your mindset before I start sharing some tips for healthy lifestyle habits in my article.

Why do you need Healthy Lifestyle Habits? 

You might be thinking why do you need habits to stay healthy, or how habits can improve your healthy lifestyle. They say, ‘You can’t find out the solution, until or unless you find the problem’. So, it is necessary to know why do you need it.

(Important topic)

You probably take your car or bike in for servicing when they break down or have a malfunction. Sometimes you replace your vehicle’s tires to a quality one.

Why? Because you do care for them and you don’t want your car and bike to get damaged early and you want your vehicles to last long. You want your car or bike’s engines to be healthy to work smoother and to drive well.

Well, here it is.

Our body is just like a machine. And there is not only one, but many engines are working in it such as Heart, lungs, kidney, liver etc. Which are continuously working even from before you took birth on this very earth, and only stops when you die.

These engines inside our body could be harmed by many of our atmospheric effects, which our outer body can not resist. And it can also be harmed by toxic foods and those drugs that we intake. Which results in the weaker health and weak immune system.

Here the question is, Do you want to live healthily? Do you want to live longer? and most importantly, Do you love yourself?

Now, remember when was the last time you really did something for your better health, and provide something good for the engines inside your body. If not, then it is the right moment to change your life and get healthier by following these simple habits that I have mentioned bellow.

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Habits to improve your health and lifestyle: 

Habits can immensely change your lifestyle with good health. If you want a healthy lifestyle, it is more important to be healthy first. And let me assure you that there is no such thing called ‘shortcut’ for being healthy.

Let me help you with this. There are more than a hundred of healthy lifestyle habits and no doubt all of those works effectively. But here I am giving you some major and best out of best habits for you. So check these up.

Physical activity habits: 

Physical activities are an essential part of our daily life. You can’t just sit all day in your room watching television or spending most of your time with your laptop, cellphones and other electronic devices and just doing nothing.

Think how to be healthy without engaging yourself in all the unearthly duties. Is it that hard? Try out physical activities. To maintain a proper physical fitness you don’t have to hit the gym every single day, or thrice a week will suffice.

You can also maintain a proper fitness simply by scheduling a regular and simple home workout. This not only helps make a good body but also promotes a healthier and longer life. It also helps to prevent vulnerable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression, premature death etc.

People nowadays are busy and they do not have enough time to maintain even an hour of regular home workout. Well, here is the thing, you don’t have to. Just pick out two days of a week. Have thirty minutes max, after you wake up in the morning, free from your daily routine. And follow the points given bellow about some healthy physical habits.

Body movement improving techniques: 

To participate in all the daily works, starting from your chores to having a conversation with your family members and friends, it is very important to have a good body movement.

First, you need to improve walking style. always remember to walk straight, your head held high, shoulders apart and walking in a straight pattern. Which results effectively in any work you are willing to do. It helps you to think clearly and concentrate on a particular thing resulting good outcome of the daily routine you participate.

Do you listen to music? Sure, you do. Play a dance song. Now feel the beats of the song and on each beat you keep stepping your feet, walking in a straight line from one corner to another of your room.

After a while you’ll notice your moving according to the beats of the song, resulting in a good body movement. Maintain this exercise for three to four days and you will see the result for yourself.

You can also do works with your hands while walking. For example, read a book, solve newspaper puzzles, which will also help you improving your mindset while you walk.

Rotation exercises:  

You can’t just start giving pushups immediately after you have woken up. You have to build up your body for that. Here are some rotation exercises you should follow.

  • Wrist rotation.
  • Neck rotation.
  • shoulder rotation.
  • Chest rotation.
  • Waste rotation.
  • Knee rotation.
  • Ankle rotation.

It will take 3 minutes max to execute these exercises if done in a set of 8 reps per exercise. Now, these exercises can also be followed by 20 to 25 jumping jacks. And then you move to harder free hand exercises.

Freehand Exercises: 

You might find it hard at the beginning. Don’t worry. It will go smoother with your daily practice. Now, are you ready for it? Freehand exercises must not be done more than 10 to 20 minutes. Move to these free hand exercises only if you are done with warming up your body. The free hand exercises are:

  • Push ups.
  • Pull ups.
  • Sit ups.
  • Running.
  • Jogging.

If you are doing it for the first time, you will definitely feel pain on the whole over your body. But don’t give up, the more you are doing it, the more you are used to it. Now you can go hit the gym if you want.

Healthy eating Habits: 

You must be thinking that how eating habits can effectively develop our health and lifestyle. Yes, it does. Just for an example, if you are pushing hard at the gym in order to reduce or gain your weight, what do you think? is it enough? Could you afford not having a good diet for your body? Well, you know the answer.

Many people find it very hard to change their eating habits in a good manner. They don’t want to restrict themselves by making a daily eating schedule, neither do I. It’s just too hard to maintain that. But here is the thing, you need to try this out and keep doing it until you are doing it correctly.

Healthy lifestyle habits

Anything you eat too much is just improper for your good health. Likewise, eating less is also can weaken your body strength. So make sure you make a list of your food quantity properly and then go for it.

Make a list and plan for the shopping of your healthy food and buy them by yourself. Set a regular time for your healthy shopping every day. Spent time on choosing and purchasing your food as much as you can.

You don’t have to starve for your favorite food every day. But, by not having your favorite food anytime, just maintain an extra daily time schedule instead. That way you don’t have to through your favorite food out of your list.

Eat fresh fruits on dessert rather than cookies. Replace and store more open and fresh food in your kitchen in place of toxic packaged, wrapped and processed foods.

Switch your foods into healthy grains and vegetables. Keep a daily food diary and try cooking your own food every day by yourself.

Do you drink more water every day? Drinking water is a major habit for your good health. Drinking pure water can prevent stroke, hypertension and increase the level of oxygen in your body blood. It can also work as cleansing your stomach and intestine. You need to drink not at least 5 liters of water a day.

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Sleeping habits:

Sleeping habits work immensely on our body and health and also a healthy lifestyle. We spent one-third of our life sleeping. A good or a bad sleep is always linked to our physical, mental and emotional well-being unknowingly. But many of us don’t know how a good sleep promotes our health.

During sleep, our body strengthen our immune system, restore our brain waves and muscles, promote human growth hormones, relaxes our eyes, detoxify our body blood, regulates body temperature, Strengthen our digestive system and much more.


So, having a 7 to 8-hour sleep is mandatory for our good health. But in today’s generation, many of the youngsters and the aged one’s also has sleeping problems. You can also check out this link for how to fix all of your sleep problems.

If you have problems and difficulties with your sleep and you want to improve it then you should be following these healthy sleeping habits. Believe or not, these habits leave an impact on your healthy sleep.

If your sleep time is irregular, then make a time schedule of maintaining your sleep as your choice. Have in mind that it should not be affecting on your daily duties at night or even in the morning. Maintain this schedule at least for a month respectively.

If you don’t feel sleepy, don’t go to your bed. And in order to maintain your daily sleeping time schedule, if you don’t fall asleep after 30 minutes, get off your bed. And get to the bed only if you feel sleepy.

Make your bedroom as comfortable as you can. Make sure your bedroom is clean, relaxing and with suitable temperature. It will ease your mind and help you with sleeping. Also, use your bed for sex and sleep only.

Turn off all the electronic devices in your bedroom before 30 minutes you go to sleep. While sleeping at night, set a beam light in your bedroom instead of bright light. It will help making a comfortable scenario for your eyes which will lead you to a better sleep.

Don’t intake too much of food and water at night before you go to the bed. And also highly restrict yourself with consuming alcohol before bedtime. Many say it gets a good sleep if you are drunk. But it’s not the correct way to get a healthier sleep.

So these are the healthy lifestyle habits that you can implement in your daily schedule with ease. Hit like if you like this post and check out our new and upcoming posts. We will bring more interesting updates, don’t forget to subscribe our news later.


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