Healthy Lifestyle Essay for Students

500+ Words Essay on Healthy Lifestyle

Life means existence, but not mere existence but having a purpose. Simply living a life without a goal leads to delusion and unhappiness. Therefore setting an objective to live life healthily is today’s urge and need. What is a healthy lifestyle? It is a way of living rather than considering it a mundane regime or a routine. A balanced and nutritious diet helps in achieving it.

A change in eating habits alone won’t suffice, but mental health is also essential to living healthily. Our body needs a combination of physical and psychological fitness to stay active and fit. All sorts of diseases and sickness get weed out.

The seeds of healthy eating and exercising should be sown from a young age when children start understanding. Ultimately its roots get stronger as time passes by providing an enriching life. They eat sensibly and always weigh the pros and cons while consuming junk food like noodles, burgers, snacks, savouries etc.

WHO (World Health Organization) is a specialised agency of the United Nations for international public health located in Geneva, Switzerland. It aims to improve people’s health by eradicating innumerable diseases and promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by conducting various campaigns.

Ways of Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

First, it is required to have a positive attitude towards building an effective immune system that will assist us in the long run. Our body believes in what we say, focus and think. So it is necessary to be positive in any circumstances and speak well about oneself. Research has proven that individuals with a high level of optimism and positivity tend to develop not only a healthy body but mindset too.

Planning number of meals in a day is essential to retain the working of internal organs. Many prefer three meals a day as our ancestors had followed it, but now due to increasing awareness of the nutrition and balanced diet, people favour four or five meals a day. This helps them to enjoy their food and satiate hunger pangs too.

These meals do not contain junk or unhealthy food but wholesome items like pulses, protein, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables etc. They help in managing weight and avoid cravings. Several healthy recipes are available online by experts who are simple, tasty and aid in regulating balance. Also, food should be consumed in small proportions, followed by small bites.

Our body comprises of 60% of water; hence drinking water improves our skin health and beauty, flushes out toxins, maintains blood pressure and lubricates joints. It is advised to drink at least five to six litres of water daily by doctors.

Exercising daily is a must. It can include yoga, jogging, running, weights and high-intensity workouts. This is utmost important as it has holistic benefits for our body. It reduces heart diseases, wards off stress, keeps calm, lifts mood and augments confidence. Apart from these, the primary motive of exercise is cutting and controlling weight.

With a lot of enthusiasm, people enrol in gyms and subscribe for one or two years, but eventually, they give up because of lack of time, boredom and monotonous activities. Their determination level drops quickly, and they resort to old habits again. Lack of knowledge in terms of exercise and coarse diet people to opt-out of gyms and follow an unhealthy lifestyle.

Progressively this has changed nowadays due to the realization of the significance of physical fitness through social media and athletes, sportsperson, celebrities etc. who are a patron of fitness. They play a significant role in influencing youth and today’s generation to adopt healthy practice and are chosen by agencies for promotion of nutritious snacks, drinks and active wear.

Not only people get motivated but also try to transform themselves. The most used platform YouTube is worldwide famous and is useful in inspiring many as innumerable certified coach and trainers upload videos containing exercises. These videos are available freely, and one can do it at home without going out.

Yoga, on the other hand, helps to build a correct posture. It fosters flexibility and mobility. Yoga helps in healing and self-care. Nowadays, it has become a separate subject in schools for children so that they understand its value and vital benefits. In various studies, it is found that children who practise yoga daily show growth in academic and extracurricular activities. They love going to schools, and their IQ and EQ develops better.

Keeping a good company is equally essential as it lets one stay dedicated and focused. The surrounding atmosphere also helps in getting closer to one another and maintain a cordial relationship. Friends and family members encourage each other to sustain healthy habits and accordingly help us to prep meals and exercises. Whereas if surrounded by disturbed and negative people, it creates disruptions which in return affects us to remain intact with our goals.

To break monotony and boredom from routine work, one can take a break for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our mind gets saturated by consistent workload and stress. Going for a mini-vacation or trips helps to recharge our body and mind by invigorating new energy. Fatigue, depression, moodiness gets replaced with zeal, enthusiasm and positive vibes.

It is essential to filter and synchronise the information on fitness and health, which comes from different sources. It is not necessary that all the information received is legit and genuine. Rumour mongers are actively present who mislead us from the correct path and puts us in jeopardy.

Therefore it is mandatory to seek help from reliable sources and then act appropriately. Taking small steps at a time saves us from mistakes, and we perfect the art of organizing slowly. One needs to take into account the type of blood group and body type they belong to upgrade physically.


Following a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of fatal diseases like cancer and cardiac arrest. Not all conditions are curable, but by reasonable efforts, we can surely avoid and prevent them. It ensures flexibility and prolonged good health not only physically but mentally too. An individual is capable of accomplishing his/her objectives and live a happy life. Money earned is not wasted in hefty hospital bills and medicines.

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