Healthy lifestyle

1. Healthy lifestyle

2. Physical activity-our life!

Physical activity is very
important for the
healthy lifestyle. For
good health you should
do exercises for 30
minutes a day.

3. Please stand and do exercises

4. Concentrate on your food!

Don’t read or watch TV
when you eat.
Eat your food slowly and

5. Drink a lot of water

Drink at least two
liters of water every
Tea and coffee don’t
Drink fruit
It is always good for

6. Vitamins

People need vitamins to stay healthy. They get
them from the food. There are a lot of vitamins
in fruit and vegetables.

7. Fast food

You can hardly find any useful vitamins in
Coke, chips and other fast food.

8. Useful fruit and vegetables

Each vitamin is responsible for different things in the
human body. We get vitamins from fruit and vegetables.

9. Vitamins

There are about 10 major
vitamins. They are usually
named by a letter of the

10. Vitamin A

It is in green and yellow vegetables, milk and eggs. Its
necessary for eyesight.

11. Vitamin B1

It is in meat, porridge and bread. It is responsible for the
nervous system. Lack of this vitamin leads to serious illnesses
and even death.

12. Vitamin B2

13. Vitamin B

It is in fish, meat, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, nuts,
pepper , mushrooms, carrots and greenery.

14. Vitamin B

It is in eggs, chicken , milk products, wheat, fish
and oysters.

15. Vitamin C

It is in every fruit and vegetable. You can find it in black currants,
strawberry, oranges, onions, cabbage and green pepper. It is
important for building bones and teeth. It helps to prevent colds.

16. Vitamin D

It is in eggs. People can get it from sunlight. It makes our
bones strong.

17. Vitamin E

It is necessary for skin and body. It is in the wheat and nuts.

18. Vitamin K

It is in cabbage, wheat, fruit – bananas, kiwi
and avocado.

19. Relate vitamins and products


20. Relate vitamins and products

you eat to live,
but don’t live to eat.

22. Problem pages

1. You shouldn’t eat hamburgers, because they are not good
for you.
2. You shouldn’t eat pizza. It is dangerous for health.
3. You shouldn’t eat cakes, because they are fat and it is not
good for you.
4. You shouldn’t drink cola, because it is dangerous for your
5. You shouldn’t eat chips, because they aren’t useful for your
6. You shouldn’t eat crisps, because they are harmful.
7. You shouldn’t eat chocolate and sweets, because they are
dangerous for health.
8. You shouldn’t eat biscuits, because they are harmful for
9. You shouldn’t eat ice-cream, because it’s not good for you
10. You shouldn’t eat hot-dogs, because they are not good for

32. So, to keep healthy, we should:

1. First of all to eat useful food full of vitamins;
2. To eat more fruits and vegetables, especially apples and
kiwi: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”;
3. To go in for sport: to swim, to play tennis, to play football,
to ski and skate;
4. To go to fitness centres and sports clubs;
5. Not to eat fat food: hamburgers, chips, crisps and cakes.

33. Keep fit and healthy

We should:
eat various food;
eat more fresh fruit and vegetables;
eat low fat food;
have breakfast every day;
not to eat cakes and sweets every day;
not to eat at night.

34. To grow big and strong we should:

go for a walk every day;
do some sport every week;
play computer games and watch TY less
than two hours a day;
Sleep eight or nine hours a day;
You shouldn’t smoke!

36. You shouldn’t drink alcohol.

37. you shouldn’t smoke hookah

38. Not good for us:

physical inactivity
Thank you for your attention:)

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