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Healthy Habits is essential for everyone.

Good morning Mom, where is my bed tea?

I am late, please give me a fast.

We have heard such thing so many times from many people and, maybe you, myself or anybody?

Before taking tea or coffee we have to think which is good for our Health or which is not.

Healthy Breakfast can give you so much energy and you can get energies whole the day.

So, get ready for – Healthy Habits and learn from- healthy-myself along with Healthy Breakfast.

STAY HEALTHY/STAY FIT  is the dream for everybody’s wish.

1. What is Health?:

What is Health-Healthy-myself.com

Health: It is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Disease-free life is everybody’s wish so we have to know the general health status.

General Health Status:

A measure of general health information of our population throughout the decade.

Every country maintains its population health status and improves its prevention policy of disease, treatment procedure up-gradation and public awareness program under the guidance of “WHO”.

2.Benefits Of Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits-healthy-myself.com
Healthy Habits https://healthy-myself.com/

* It reduces stress.
*Smiling release endorphins that counteract and control the stress hormones, as per research.
*Increases productivity as motivation increases.
*Kill pain of body, this is surprisingly true.
*Increase attention, so earn success.
*Smiling lower the heart attack problem.
* It controls hypertension problem, high BP problem and Insomnia problem.

3.Top 11  Golden Healthy Habits:

So, come and follow 11 tips on a regular basis by slight changes in our daily lifestyle-


First of all, we have to know what is “balanced diet”?

BALANCE DIET is the diet which contains all of our nutrients such as CARBOHYDRATES, FAT, PROTEIN, VITAMINS, AND MINERALS.

The average persons need 2000-2200 calories/day to maintain their health.

So we have to intake food like fresh food like

  • Green Vegetables
  • oils
  •  Fish
  • Egg
  • Meat
  •  different types of nuts
  •  Fresh Fruits
  • and milk.

For our body’s nourishment, we have to take a balanced diet otherwise the body will more prone to disease, infectious and weak.

It will give more effect on growing children, pregnant woman, lactation mother and worker those are doing physical work more.


Everybody should exercise on a daily basis.

So many benefits are found by doing exercise daily.
* For long life, By doing exercise you can live longer as risk factors will be less and the body will act more and get strengthen.

*Strengthen your bones, muscles, cells and blood circulation.

*Your regular exercise slowly increases bone density, maintain blood circulation, the betterment of muscle movement, cells growth will be faster.

So, go ahead, start slowly but regularly. Start from today onward.


No Alcohal and Tobacco Zone- Healthy-myself.com
No Smoking https://healthy-myself.com/

* LONG TERM USE OF ALCOHOL INCREASES RISK FOR LIVER inflammation and liver disease.

* It damages the Pancreas also. When your Pancreas and Liver not functioning properly then risk factor will be more for HYPOGLYCEMIA i.e. low sugar in the blood and some time HYPERGLYCEMIA i.e. to much sugar in the blood

*It affects the central nervous system badly.
Alcohol can reduce BRIDGE COMMUNIC

ATION between body and brain. So memory will fall down and some time brain disorder happens.

Taking too much alcohol affects your digestive system, blood circulatory system also.

* It increases the sexual problem, in women it gives effects to the menstrual cycle, that put them to great difficulty and risk for INFERTILITY.

* IT affects IMMUNE SYSTEM also.

According to the statistics TOBACCO cancer case increasing rapidly. It may be cancer of mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Pancreas.

Smoking can also affect in various ways of life –

* Sense of taste and smell can alter.
* It reduces physical and mental ability.
* It is shown a greater risk of DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, NEGATIVITY.
* It is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.
* It gives Gum disease also.

Therefore avoid smoking and developed culture not to smoke and away from smoking.


Get enough sleep-Healthy-myself.com
Get Enough Sleep https://healthy-myself.com/

Take enough sleep for keeping a healthy body. It enhances the Immunity power of Vital Force.

* It helps to reduce weight.
*It improves memory power.
*Sleep reduces Stress,  Anxiety, Feeling better, better functioning of Heart.
* It increases the concentration power.
*It improves your attention power so an accident will be less.
So, take sleep properly.

Now the question arises how much sleep is required/day?

Actually, it is not fixed, it depends upon the climatic condition, individual work, age factor(Infant, children, teenager, young, Middle age person, old person, man, woman) and finally Physical & mental strength of that person.

After research, we got the data –

infant-18 to 20 hrs.
children-12 to 16 hrs.
teenager -9 to 11 hrs.
young – 7 to 9 hrs.
middle age -6 to 8 hrs.
old person – 5 to 7 hrs.

(Note: this data may vary in different sources )


“Prevention is better than cure”-  by washing hands in a proper way we can keep away so many diseases.

So we have to guide others to prevent them from the harmful effect of bacteria by only washing hands.

we can prevent-

*prevention of Diarrhoea and uncomfortable Intestinal Disease.
*common eye infection.
*common skin disease.
* allergic problems.

So, friends, we came to know that it is the first line of defense against the Bacteria/Infection.

Start today onwards for washing hands properly by soap/hand wash/Dettol.
You may ask when I wash my hands?

Good question, the answer is as follows-

*We should wash our hands, finger, palm with soap/hand wash/Dettol when they are dirty.
*Before and after taking food.
*After using the toilet.
*When coming or travel from anywhere first wash your hands and face.

It is a good hygienic habit which everybody should follow.


Caffeine is an addictive substance so avoid it at your earliest as it changes your brain’s chemistry and creates so many problems.

*It raises the BP level and some times creates anxiety.
* It is costly, so by avoiding it, a person can save money which will be useful for family expenditure.
*Person is getting lethargic by taking caffeine on a regular basis, so keep away from it and say goodbye.
* Some times vigorous headache feeling by the person with vomiting.
*Possibility of drug interaction, drug or Medicine will not work properly.
Next, come to the point of drinking Sugary Drinks- it is giving so many bad effects, so avoid it for a healthy life, healthy living.
* Sugary Drinks increase Obesity.
*Risk of gaining weight and developed Type 2 Diabetes.
*Risk of Heart disease.
*By taking it regularly Dental Cavity developed.
*Sugary soda can cause Insulin resistance.
*Risk factor for CARDIOVASCULAR disease.
*It can give CANCER also.
so friends avoid it as early as possible and educate others from today onwards.


Drink plenty of water/ healthy-myself.com

FOR HEALTHY LIVING water is most important and useful as water is prescribed as “SUPREME MEDICINE”.

Seventy percent of our body is acquired water.

Some benefits are as follows-

*By drinking water life become pleasant and heat of the body will be removed.
*Water is used as a cleansing agent of our body, so clean all morbid material through secretion.
*Water is maintained, body temp.
*Water helps in the Digestive system, Blood circulatory system, and Urinary system.
So, friends, we should drink fresh, pure water every day. If it is not pure then boiled it, cool it and filter it by fresh cotton cloth.

One question is everybody’s mind – how much water one should drink?
This is the big question. There are different views.
Actually, it depends on the Season, Kind of work person doing, age factor, the condition of the person( diseased or normal person).

On an average of 8 to 12 glass of water/day for an adult is required.


If one person reduces stress then health-wise so many benefits found.

Nowadays negative impacts spread rapidly in our society.

So keep away from stress, do exercise, deep relaxation, develop a hobby, listen to music or sing a song.

Avoid critical comments. Become aware of your own strength rather than weakness.

Write down your thoughts in a diary and express yourself.Y our feeling, emotion, anxiety, a good thing, bad thing, everything and slowly you will feel the degree of stress will decrease day by day.

Always take advice from an expert.

For avoid stress practice following-

*Laugh a little for some time.
*Practise Relaxation Technique such as take long breathing, keep silence, take plenty of water.
*, Do Meditation regularly. Start from 5 minutes/day then slowly increase the time.
*Talk to family or friend circle.
* Never stay alone, make a room partner or someone, keep light on.
For avoid, stress enjoys your life with a tension-free mood.

3.9) DO MEDITATION every day:

Daily meditation can boost yourself and change totally i.e.physically, mentally and spiritually.

After meditation person will feel better, relaxed, less anxious and free mind.

Some benefits as follows-

*Person’s confidence level will be high and positive thinking mind gets a lot.
*Sleep better with no disturbance.
*Research says Meditation can make you a creative thinker.
* Lower the Risk of Heart Attack.
*Feeling happy, feeling less lonely.
*Memory power improves.

Overall, do Meditation every day for a healthy life. Practice it from today onwards.


Researches continue to explore the effects of positive thinking and it is really effective for our healthy life, for long life and happy life

*It increases the life span
*It decreases Depression.
*Better result in Cardiovascular disease.
*It improves personality.
* It can focus on a goal as increasing strength of mental ability, concentration power.

*Positive thinking leads “NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION”.

When you are an optimist in any subject or situation your confidence level will be high and can do anything in this world, you will think all is well and possible, this is the secret of life.

So, be positive, stay tuned and enjoy a healthy life.


Just the simple smiling in your face can lead you to feel better, confident, happy, and healthy.

No money to spend, no distance to be traveled, no stress, nothing to spend, an only smile can give you tons of benefits.

If you are poor, not smart, not handsome no problem, only keeping a smile in face give you a lot. This is the strength of a smiling face.

4.Healthy Habits Charts:

4.1. Healthy Habits Chart No 1-

Healthy Habits Chart-Healthy-myself.com
Healthy Habits Chart https://healthy-myself.com/

4.2. Healthy Habits Chart No 2-

Healthy Habits -Healthy-myself.com
Healthy Habits Chart https://healthy-myself.com/

5.Healthy Habits Picture

Healthy Habits Picture-Healthy-myself.com
Healthy Habits Picture https://healthy-myself.com/


Conclusion /Healthy-myself.com

6.1. Take some time to take deep breaths-

With everything that’s going on around you, you might only be taking short, shallow breaths.

Spending a few moments breathing deeply can calm your mind and provide physical benefits, such as lowering your blood pressure and heart rate.

It can also help you manage your stress.

6.2. Take a micro-vacation In Regular Interval-

Every day?

If you can! It only takes half an hour.

Lie back and stare off into the distance.

Let your brain wander. You’ll be surprised at how beneficial this can be for your creativity and energy levels!

6.3. Sleep Properly as Per-Age-

Sleep, just like exercise and a healthy diet and, is one of the pillars of good health.

Getting enough sleep between 7 to 8 hours every night on a regular basis will have a positive effect on your mood, memory, and longevity, as well as your cognitive and physical performance.

6.4. Keep Smiling face-

This is an easy habit and free, no money will be spent only to adopt it and will greatly impact your mood.

Simply raising the corners of your mouth and it produces endorphins, providing instant happiness! Wah, very simple.

6.5. Take Salad every day –

Always order a side salad and veg when eating out.

6.6.Walk & Move:

Walk And Move-Healthy-myself.com
Walk And Move https://healthy-myself.com/

Find reasons to walk. Walk to buy your groceries, get off the bus a few stops earlier, or for 20 minutes on your lunch break. Move always …

up and walk around every couple of hours.

6.7. Be positive Always-

Positive Always-Healthy Habits-Healthy-myself.com
Positive Always-Healthy Habits https://healthy-myself.com/

A positive person gets more success in life than others.

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So, friends let smile and change life for making a beautiful world.

Thank you for reading /Healthy-myself.com

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