Essay on Why Healthy Lifestyle is Important (833 Words)

The greatest wealth in this world is health and no one can ever disagree with this. So for a better health we need to make few changes to our lifestyle.

For a healthy lifestyle we need to get control on four things and they are food, fitness, habits and sleep. Here will see one by one in detail, what are the changes that we need to do at these 4 things…. 


Taking healthy food means it doesn’t mean that you need to take boiled veggies, leafy salads like that.

Because if you change your diet suddenly you will follow it for few days only. But later again you will be back to your normal menu.

Because that changes you don’t like at all. So just make a little changes to your dream diet. For example veg salad is there in your diet.

You can add salt, pepper, some flavoring herbs, and yogurt to it. That will becomes a mouthwatering meal. Like this you need to plan everything. 

Don’t take large amount of foods at a time. Take small portions in multiple times. Most of the dieticians will tell you the same. Don’t think about the calories while eating.

Instead of that you need to think about nutrition values in that food. If it is Nutri-rich food you can have it without any worry  

If you are attending any parties or going to restaurant don’t give up your choices. Eat whatever you like, don’t compromise on your favorite food.

But plan the remaining meals according to that on that day. That will balance your diet on that day. 

Avoid packaged food because instant foods and processed foods are not good for health. Making your food with lots of veggies and grains is recommended. Make a habit as taking whole grains, brown rice. 

Change your cooking method as well, don’t do deep fry your veggies or food, instead of that try stir fry. Use grill to cook.  

Taking dry fruits, nuts and juices in your breakfast will feels you very lightly in whole day. Last but not least drink plenty of water. Take 6 -8 glasses of water per day.  


Here fitness means not only physical fitness but also mental fitness. Because if you are in sick mood you are not capable to do any work even though you are physically fit. So balancing both will make you happier. 

For physical fitness you can go for gym, yoga, or Zumba dance. Go for anything but practicing it for 20 min a day will make you feel fit. 

Exercising daily helps to control your weight because while doing exercise you’re burning lots of calories. Whenever you don’t find time to do exercise then think about the alternate measures.

Don’t use the lifts and instead take stairs. You can try and do your workout late in the evening instead of day time. Exercise will change your mood and it improves your immunity system.

Proper workout helps you in having a good sleep which will rejuvenate your body for the next day. 

Don’t do workout at home instead go for a gym, yoga center or any other social place. Because if you  exercise alone you will get bored after few days and you will stop your workouts.

Try to have fun in the workouts as well which will help you in pushing yourself to hit the gyms. Also, try different types of exercises don’t stick to only one method.   

Do mediation for 10 minutes daily. That will improves your mental fitness. Meditation improves your concentration levels. Try to increase the meditation time over the days 


For a healthy living you need to give up some of the few bad habits which we usually have 

1). Watching TV continuously for many hours. This will make you feel lazy and you will miss the physical activities too. Don’t watch more than two hours per day.  

2). Stop having snacks and other junk foods even though you don’t feel hungry. Also, replace your snacks with healthy food.  

3). Avoid consuming too much of alcohol. It might affect your liver and there are fair chances of getting various types of cancers. 

4). Quit smoking 

5). Going to sleep at late nights. Exams, work, stress, parties whatever the reason but don’t get late to your bed. . 


Sleeping is very important for good health. Having enough sleep during the in the right time will make your day pleasant  

Having good sleep helps you to improve your memory power and innovative thinking. The physical activities which you perform will also determine your sleep.

If you do more physical activities you will have sound sleep. Don’t sleep late in the nights. Go early to bed and wake up early for fresh oxygen  

If you have any problems with sleeping, like not getting sleep for right time in that case, have some warm milk and give a try one more thing if you feel stressed, before going to bed keep two pieces of cucumber on your eyes for 5 minutes. You will get relaxed. 

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