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Now to embrace ago healthy lifestyle in the new year with three days until 2021, Kelly leveck is joining us with tips from her new book “Body love: A journal.” Good morning to you. It’s great to have you. Good morning. O great to be here. Thanks for having me. Of course, of course. So you work with clients all the time and helping them get to the best versions of themselves. And setting their wellness goals. What do you suggest? How do you suggest that people start out this process? Utely. Well, it C really tempting to create a laundry list of resolutions. But when I work with clients, I help them come in on a few strategic goals. I call this the hit list. It’s an attainable list of one to three goals that can create momentum. When we achieve a goal, we release dopamine in the brain and it increase Tess likelihood that we’re going to continue that behavior again and again. And the same goes for food journalling. Food journalling is something that can create food anxiety and make us actually be more restrictive with food, but if we have a healthy checklist nourishing foods, we can create positivity. And, again, create that momentum to get started on the right foot every single day. Now, a lot of people have lost some of that momentum during the pandemic, during all of this time in quarantine. But you say it takes just 12 weeks to get back into the right how do we do that? Where do we begin? Again, it’s about resisting the urge to jump all in and do double days and work out every single day. Instead, when I work, what I encourage my clients to do is create anchor appointments. And this is a nonnegotiable weekly appointment. It’s building an appointment in with yourself. That might be a Saturday morning yoga class at 8:00 a through zoom that you don’t get. If the goal is a healthy lifestyle over the year, it’s not about going all in in January and letting those goals Peter out in February. It’s about creating that lasting healthy lifestyle over the whole year. So commit to those weekly anchor appointments and really start to create that moment Okay. Kelly, how do you keep my encouragement up? How do you keep going? A lot of people set these lofty goals for 2021 and they don’t meet them. Then they get disappointed. How do you keep those folks encouraged? It’s all about positivity tracking. At the end of eachday, you write three specific things you’re aiming for. What will end up happening is you’re going to start to see the simple joys of life start to create positivity and keep your momentum going. So wehave a viewer question from Jackie in new Jersey. Let’s take a listen. Hey, Kelly. Since working from home, I find it difficult to make healthy what are some tips to getack on track? First O all, I want to say that you’re not alone. I’m working with so many clients right now and the pandemic has really changed all of our working behaviors. We’re working 50 feet from our pantry which makes it difficult. Our office is in our bedroom. So first of all, give yourself a bit of a break.and then create momentum. What I have my clients do is eat the fab four.this is a light structure lifestyle that I created. It regulates hungernes and balances blood sugar. Instead of thinking dontd eat food, focus on putting it fab four on your plate every single meal. That’s protein, fats, fiber and there are so many ways to do that. And I can give you a few examples if you like. Maybe a fab four smoothie. So this has some protein, avocado, fiber, some leafy greens. Maybe that might look like a salmon salad, so healthy protein in the simon, healthy fat in the oh meg bat threes, some dressing and veggies. Really talk about what you’re not eating. Kelly, forgive us. We are out of time, but the fab four, we will remember that. Thank you so much. We appreciate it.

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