Do and donts for asthma patients

Do and don’ts for asthma patients  – Asthma is one of the most common health problems among people and even youngsters and kids. You have to be taking extra precautions to not worsen the condition. If you are here to know do and don’ts for asthmatic patients then you are at the right place. Asthma is nothing but a medical condition that affects the bronchioles of the lungs. Therefore, here we will discuss the top things to do and not do for asthma patients.

Do and donts for asthma patients

Asthma is basically caused by the inflammation of airways. The inflammation causes the airways to constrict which causes them to irritate and makes it difficult for the air to get in and leave the air passages and this causes wheezing and breathlessness. Asthma patients usually suffer from sudden and frequent attacks of short breath and breathlessness. Following certain effective tips can help you overcome this health issue with an utmost ease.

What are the causes and symptoms of Asthma?

Cold air, pollution, exercise, emotions, allergies to dust, pollen and animals, smoking and passive smoking are the some of the major reasons that are responsible for causing asthma. Other reason might include unhealthy eating habits, lifestyle etc. Now, that you know the causes, it is important for you to know the symptoms as well. Therefore, scroll down to know the symptoms of Asthma.

  • Wheezing
  • Troubled breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Panting
  • A cough with or without mucus

The list of do’s and don’ts for people suffering from Asthma

There are plenty of things that a person with Asthma should be careful about. Asthma is a serious health problem that definitely has to be taken care of. Therefore, you do not have to look any further if you want the simplest but the most effective things to do and not do when suffering from asthma. Below is the list of the most effective do’s and don’ts that you should strictly follow.


Below mentioned are some of the things that you should strictly do if you are suffering from asthma. Following them in your daily routine can bring out the best and positive results in fewer days than expected.

  1. Asthma patients should strictly stay away from all the things that trigger the asthmatic attacks or breathing problems.
  2. Try to maintain a healthy sleep routine. Also, make sure to include exercises in your daily routine to lead a healthy life.
  3. Avoid smoking and even passive or second-hand smoking as all of them are equally bad for the overall health.
  4. Apart from taking care of yourself, make sure the place you live in is also dust or dirt free to avoid any breathing problem.
  5. Regularly consult your doctors and stay in more pollution- free environment.
  6. Keep inhalers and other important medications handy. Also, take medicines on a proper interval as per your doctor has suggested.


Here, we have compiled a set of the things that you should not do if you are an Asthma patient. Most people end up following wrong routines that make their condition worse. Therefore, go through the list below and try to follow them.

  1. Do not disrupt your regular and healthy routine as this will cause a major effect on your whole body and not just lungs.
  2. Do not smoke and drink, if you do you should quit it right away for the obvious reasons.
  3. Overwater indoor plants if you are allergic to mold. Wet soil encourages mold growth.
  4. Take more medications than required in order to lessen your symptoms.
  5. Hang sheets or clothing out to dry. Pollens and molds may collect on these items.


Therefore, if you have been looking out for the top do’s and don’ts for the asthma patients then we hope this might have been of some use to you. Aforementioned are the top and useful tips that you can bring out in your daily routine to get the satisfactory results. So, go ahead and now fight asthma with the most effective tips.

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