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What is a healthy lifestyle?  A Healthy lifestyle is a major contemporary lifestyle, and what is health?  Many people say that first of all there is no disease, which is right.  But how do we want to have a healthy lifestyle?  A Life health regimen is a profound subject. But everyone has his/her own way of life.  Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle is what people have been pursuing. At the same time, a healthy way of life in the present life has received more and attention; however, some people still do not pay attention to a healthy life. According to foreign epidemiology, clinical sociology and social studies have demonstrated that human health is a major constraint: lifestyle and living conditions (50% ~ 55%), the environment (20-25%), genetic factors (15 % ~20%), work (10 to 15%) of the health care structure.  So lifestyle and living conditions would greatly affect health; however, an unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a person’s life in a sub-health state, at the same time, quality of life would decline.  A healthy lifestyle and an unhealthy lifestyle are different regarding living habits and appropriate sport, but they are similar in food.

Even though A healthy lifestyle and and unhealthy lifestyle are both life, they are strikingly different in many ways. First, living habits have become one of the most widely discussed issues in countries, such as improving sleep habits, managing stress, and balancing lifestyle.  For a healthy lifestyle person, getting  good sleep is a prerequisite for a person to start a new day.  It is not only because  good sleep can lead to people have a very good mental state to improve the efficiency of work and study,  but also because a good quality of sleep can alter a person’s mood, and let person become calm.  Conversely, long-term or temporary lack of sleep can cause negative emotions, including restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration, reduced ability to withstand pain and so on.  Furthermore, “Stress is not just a psychological concept, but also a physiological one.”(Michael Davidson) People who live an unhealthy lifestyle always put their emotions and stress inside, which accumulated in the heart.  Excessive pressure can cause people to lack concentration; memory loss; understanding, creativity decline; irritability; and anxiety.  Different from people with an unhealthy lifestyle, people with an unhealthy lifestyle know how to manage the stress in their life.  These people are more confident than the people who do not understand how to release stress.   On the other hand, “there are a lot of things you can incorporate into your lifestyle that will help make it more balanced and healthy.” (Mikey D) Compared with unhealthy lifestyles people, a healthy lifestyle people usually choose to quit smoking and drink in moderation. In general, balancing their lifestyle is probably the most challenging for an unhealthy lifestyles people who have to do their best to adjust these bad habits.

By contrast, there are many reasons why A healthy lifestyle and an unhealthy lifestyle are many different.  Another problem associated with a healthy lifestyle is that it can affect people’s ways of life, including appropriate sport.  Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. in “The 12 habits of highly healthy people” showed that exercise and physical activity are not only dramatically advancing people’s physical health and longevity, but also exercise and physical activity is an interesting way of consuming time.  In order to make life healthier, a healthy lifestyle people make their life regular and they also do the proper exercise.  For instance, a healthy lifestyle people insist on a morning run to become a part of their daily life to enhance their body’s health.  Moreover, they would not miss any outdoor activity which is means they actively participate in outdoor activities for their physical and mental relaxation. Conversely, the people of unhealthy lifestyles are not aware of the importance of exercise in their daily life.   It should be noted that lack of exercise is one of the reasons that causes of obesity.  Overall, the consequence of ignoring exercise impacts on people’s lives in the long-term, which not only affects people physically, but also causes psychological problems.

In conclusion, even if the two lifestyles are life; however, we can still see an unhealthy lifestyles bring harm to people definitely.  In the meantime, there are many ways provided to people to choose the healthiest lifestyle.  Lifestyle and living conditions occupy a relatively important part of life; however, an economic condition also determines the standard of living. In the fast paced, some people have to eat fast food, because they can not afford some healthy food, but People who live an unhealthy lifestyle does not mean they do not want to live a healthy life. On the other hand, pressure of time and work restrict person to do exercise. Due to external reasons, conditions and long-term accumulation, unhealthy lifestyles can also cause healthy people to become unhealthy.

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