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intermediate healthy lifestyle and exercise man – woman 01:18

Pre-Listening Exercise

Think of five important steps to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Write them down and look up information on the Internet to support these ideas.


feel like a million bucks” = feel in very good health
Hey, some people get tired after a long day’s work, but I feel like a million bucks.”

play it safe” = be careful and not take chances
My knee still hurts, so I’m going to play it safe and not go jogging today.”

Listening Exercise

A. Listen to the recording and answer the questions.

Man: Hey, hon, you know, they’re organizing a company basketball team, and I’m thinking about joining. What do you think?

The woman is worried that ______.

Woman: Yeah, twenty-five years ago. Look, I just don’t want you having a heart attack running up and down the court.

First, the woman suggests that her husband _____.

Woman: Well . . . you ought to at least have a physical before you begin. I mean, it HAS been at least five years since you played at all.

Woman: And you need to watch your diet and cut back on the fatty foods, like ice cream. And you should try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Why does the man’s wife recommend cycling?

Woman: And you should take up a little weight training to strengthen your muscles or perhaps try cycling to build up your cardiovascular system. Oh, and you need to go to bed early instead of watching TV half the night.

Vocabulary Practice

Do the vocabulary quizzes with the words from the conversation for more practice:

Post-Listening Exercise

Find information on the following topics and discuss your findings with a partner:

  • serious health concerns in different countries and solutions to resolving these problems
  • a basic daily menu for a healthy lifestyle
  • recommended exercises for different age groups and people with certain health risks

Online Investigation

There are many companies that promote products promising amazing, and often, unbelievable health claims dealing with anything from weight loss to better memory power. For example, diet plans, weight loss aids, and nutritional supplements can provide health benefits, but you have to evaluate claims. So, how can we tell whether the claims are true or not? Search online for a product or service that claims to provide fantastic results, read over the information, and identify any parts of the ad that might be deceptive or misleading. Does the ad use an emotional appeal to get you to buy a product? Share your ideas with a partner.

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