Mich Baron had just turned 40 when she decided to change her lifestyle.
In her book ‘Healthy is funky’ she teaches us what she has learned from her
search for the perfect diet. “Admittedly, I had a nice job, but the
workload was sky high and the stress was corresponding,” Mich explains in
the book. “Add the daily traffic jam again. In the weekend I felt like a
wrung-out rag, I often lay on the couch for a full Sunday. With a cigarette.
And a glass, or two.

In that period I gained ten kilos, and my skin and hair also looked bad. ” Time for a change. After a long search, she has found a way of life that suits her, not a diet, but some simple tips. In her book, she shares those tips and gives more explanation. Not a boring book full of strict rules, but just as funky as the music style of the same name. We put her 9 tips in a row.

Drink Enough Water Daily

Your body consists of 70% water, so it needs fresh water every day. Water offers countless benefits. In her book, you can read what daily 1.5 liters of drinking does to your body.  Mich recommends the following: when you get up, drink at least 1 glass of water. Lemon helps to get your metabolism going. Moreover, drinking lemon water has numerous health benefits. Drink another 1 large glass of water before every meal and snack. It is proven that if you drink a glass of water before each meal, you eat less. You should also drink a large glass of water before bed.

2. Get
Proteins From Vegetables

Proteins are essential nutrients. You need them to stay healthy and strong. Proteins are cut into building blocks for body cells. Your muscles, blood, and cells like to consume these building blocks. You get proteins from meat, fish and eggs, among other things. But you can also get your proteins perfectly from vegetable foods. Think of: soy, seitan or quinoa. You can also blend to make healthy vegetable smoothie drink.

3. Eat
Healthy Carbohydrates

Besides fats and proteins, carbohydrates are the most important energy suppliers of your body. They are converted by the body into glucose (sugar): energy for your brain and muscles. There are 2 types: slow or complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates. It is best to opt for the complex variant. The complex carbohydrates are good because they digest slowly and in this way slowly bring sugars into your blood so that your sugar level rises less and falls less quickly. Result: No sugar peaks and troughs. You can feel lifeless and hungry as a result of these troughs, which makes you crave for sugary and fatty foods. Complex carbohydrates include brown rice/pasta, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and fruit.

Take Regular Fibers

Good digestion is very important! The better your digestion works, the more nutrients your body absorbs. What you eat determines how well your stomach and intestines behave and how well your bowel movements go. Fiber contributes to good digestion. You can find them in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Healthy Fat Is Essential

It is a big misconception that you are not allowed to eat fat if you want to lose weight and that fat is unhealthy. Fats are an important supplier of energy and they are essential for the proper functioning of your body. There are healthy fats and unhealthy fats. The unhealthy fats are unhealthy because they burden your body, among other things because they are difficult to digest and also not good for your heart and blood vessels. Consider, for example, the fats in pastry and fast food.

Feed Your Body With Vitamins & Minerals

Do you want to be completely healthy and funky? Then vitamins and minerals are very important. They are indispensable for many body functions. They make you energetically and mentally strong. They give you a radiant appearance: they ensure that your hair, nails and skin shine. They protect against diseases and infections. Moreover, you will heal faster if you get enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, aka healthy and varied food.

Exercise Daily

Move a few times a week, half an hour per session is enough! And try to take a walk every day. What you do does not matter so much, as long as you do! What is the point in dragging you to the gym against your will? Then that is not funky. If possible, move as much as possible in the fresh, healthy outside air. Did you know that you burn more calories walking than you think?

8. Get
Enough Sleep

Going to bed early is not a punishment, because the next day you will be rewarded twice! Waking up before your alarm clock expires ensures that you can begin your fantastic, funky day when you are asleep. So sleep enough. After all, your body recovers at night. So the better equipped you are, the better your body can function.

Avoid Strict Diet

You don’t have to diet to live healthy and funky. If you are overweight, it is, of course, good to get rid of it, but do it in a healthy, balanced way. A healthy diet is crucial if you want to lose weight and maintain your weight loss. Strict diets make you unhappy and crabby. How can you become happy starving yourself? To deny all of the things that you like? From getting fatter once you stop your diet? Eating the ‘Healthy is Funky’ style will make you lose weight without being hungry! And so you stay happy.

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