25 YouTube Video Ideas for Lifestyle Channel

If you need YouTube video ideas for your lifestyle channel or vlog channel, or you’re learning how to start a YouTube channel, these topic ideas should help!

Starting a YouTube channel can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you have YouTube topic ideas lined up to film. The suggested 25 YouTube video ideas below should be enough to cover you for at least 4+ months if you plan to post only one video per week.

If anything, I hope the list can inspire you to think of other YouTube video ideas for your channel.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, experiment, and show some personality in your videos. Have fun and be sure to watch the video at the end of this post!

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25 YouTube Video Ideas for Lifestyle Channel

  1. 10, 20, 50 Things About Me
  2. Favorite Inspirational Quotes
  3. Day in the Life
  4. What I Eat in a Day (i.e. on vacation, on the weekend, during the holidays)
  5. Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag
  6. Sibling Tag
  7. Top 10 Movies (i.e. scary, comedy, sports, action, fantasy, biography, drama, etc.)
  8. Top 5 or 10 Favorite Books
  9. Health Lunch Ideas
  10. Healthy Dinner Ideas
  11. Skincare Routine (i.e. day, night, summer, winter, etc. You can even do a video showing your must have products to care for your skin; especially if you have skin issues like acne, which I have. Check out my DIY Customized Acne Oil Serum video and blog post here)
  12. Fitness Routine
  13. Storytime (i.e. sad story, funny story, inspirational story, etc.)
  14. Lookbook (i.e. seasonal outfits, work outfits, party outfits, date night outfits)
  15. Room Tour (you can film an apartment tour, house tour, or break it up to film just the bedroom, closet, living room, etc.)
  16. DIY Videos (i.e DIY Beauty Videos are SUPER popular! My DIY African Black Soap Acne Wash, Body Wash, and Shampoo video is almost at 100,000 views. Also try DIY face mask, DIY Sugar Body Scrub (click here for more info on that video), DIY lip scrub, etc.)
  17. Challenge Video (would love to see more videos to encourage women to save money. My 52-Week Money Challenge video is almost at 10,000 views. Click here for info on that video.)
  18. Healthy Breakfast Ideas (lol-meant to mention along with lunch and dinner)
  19. Vlog Video-Day in the Life Caring for _________ (pet, newborn, twins, 4 kids, elderly parent/grandparent, etc.)
  20. Seasonal Skincare Essentials (i.e. skincare essentials items for summer, spring, fall, winter)
  21. Try a Meal or Dessert from Pinterest (Did it taste good? Did you screw it up?)
  22. Unboxing Videos (i.e. handbag, new electronic, subscription box review (click here for my subscription box review), gift from boyfriend/husband)
  23. Makeup Routine (i.e. date night, work, holiday party, summer, etc.)
  24. Hairstyle Routine (i.e. date night, work, clubbing, summer, etc. I usually have my hair in a protective style as a natural hair girl, and so I wear hair wraps instead and did a tutorial)
  25. “How to” Entertaining Party Ideas (i.e. how to throw a bridal shower, baby show, sweet 16 party, graduation party, etc.)


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YouTube Video Ideas - Lifestyle blog topic ideas


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