245 Health and Wellness Slogans

The perfect
and unique health slogan is essential as businesses look to stand out in the multi-trillion-dollar
health and wellness industry. Health and wellness are big business around the
world with projected
growth only growing year after year. As more and more competition in
varying niches pop up every day, standing out is critical to success.

Staying fit
and keeping healthy is a priority for people spread across the globe. In the United
States, heart
disease remains the leading cause of death. In fact, heart disease and
stroke are the leading cause of death world-wide with
more that 15 million deaths annually. These astonishing figures make healthy
eating and adequate exercise increasingly important as they are the primary
means of prevention.

If you are just
starting out in the health and wellness industry, preparing to launch a new
product or service, or are just looking to revamp your marketing efforts, Your
Elite Writer is here to help you write a catchy
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Health slogans
from Your Elite Writer

They offer promises, we
provide results.

Because just going
through the motions won’t cut it.

The body you love, the
lifestyle you want.  

body, your health, our priority. 

Transforming your body, changing your lifestyle, delivering results.

We know what matters.

Tested strategies, proven results.

results speak for themselves.

Our guarantee is in our

your eyes to the life you want.

the life you want.

glimpse at the life you want.

Life is
great…start living it.

Life is
great, we will show you how to make it better.

to dream with your eyes wide open.

with your eyes open.

Relax. Rejuvenate.

Relax. Rejuvenate.

Recharge. Redefine

Health slogans
from around the web

A better way to practice care.

A better you, Today.

A fit body holds a Healthy mind and spirit!

A good wife and health are a man’s best

A happy mind is a sign of healthy body.

A healthy body is a home for a healthy soul.

A healthy family… is a happy family.

A healthy lifestyle is a perfect lifestyle.

A mile of run a day will keep the fat away.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

A nagging wife may save your life.

A natural way of improving your health.

A strong nation, a healthy family.

All heart.

All hearts strong.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

An apple a day, helps you run in a long way.

Be aware about health and live life

Be keen to live long.

Be smart, eat smart.

Beautiful body. Beautiful mind.

Beautiful body. Built by you.

Because it matters….Heart Disease awareness.

Being fit is important.

Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend,
it’s a lifestyle.

Being on a diet is better than being on a
hospital bed.

Better choices = healthy lifestyle.

Better health through better living.

Bigger Snacks, Bigger Slacks.

Building a healthy team.

Burn calories, not money.

Burn fat and leave the rest.

Care for your health as much as you care about
your wealth.

Come forward to a healthy life.

Commit to be Fit.

Coordinated. Connected. Committed.

Diet cures more than doctors.

Discover wellness.

Do something today that your body will thank
you tomorrow for.

Don’t be a fluffy cat. Burn the extra fat.

Don’t fear the reaper, live longer.

Don’t give up on your health.

Don’t give up what you want most for what you
want at this moment.

Don’t limit your challenges , challenge your

Don’t starve your health in pursuit of wealth.

Don’t wait to lose weight.

Early to bed, early to rise keeps you healthy,
wealthy, and wise.

Easy to gain, hard to lose.

Eat clean and green. Eat Organic.

Eat healthy food. Keep your health good.

Eat healthy… Live healthy.

Eat less and live more.

Eat right and the pants won’t be tight.

Eat right, be bright.

Eat the best, leave the rest.

Eat to live not live to eat.

Eat Wise, drop a size.

Eat your veggies-have less wedgies!

Education and treatment is our mission… kids
are our passion.

Either stick to it or fall sick.

Embrace and love your body.

Embrace your health because that is what
empowers you.

Embrace your health.

Embracing body and mind.

Empowering individuals with personal health.

Empowering the individual and enhancing the
personal healing experience.

Engaged Learning.

Every day is a chance for you to get stronger,
eat healthier and live happier.

Everything your body needs, nothing it

Evidence based wellness care.

Experience the difference.

Fat and ugly. Fit and beautiful.

Fat… easy to gain, hard to lose. Think again
before consuming extra booze.

Feeling healthy and feeling good about
yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

Fitness boosts your energy.

Fitness is important.

Fitness is like a relationship; if you cheat,
you can’t expect it to workout.

Fitness. Performance. Life.

Get a jump on your day!

Get answers about your health.

Get to the heart of the matter.

Gift yourself with good health and good sense.

Give a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Give up the fat, watch your belly go flat.

Go healthy and be happy.

Good health – that’s the spirit.

Good health will help you in the long run.

Good Health. Bad Health. Which will you

Got health?

Grown by Nature.

Health, Happiness and Harmony.

Have control over your mouth to have control
over your weight.

He who Indulges, Bulges.

Health empowers you.

Health is not about your body, it’s about your

Health is not appreciated until sickness

Health is wealth.

Health isn’t about less weight, it’s about how
much stamina you have.

Health should be your priority.

Health should come first, or you will come

Health, hygiene and happiness walk hand in


Healthy is the new “Happy.”

Healthy lifestyle to the core.

Healthy physique brings confidence in life.

Heart and Soul.

Heart to Heart.

Helping people lead healthy and happy lives.

Helping you live longer, healthier, and

Holistic rejuvenation in a healing space.

Hopeful Hearts.

How can you love anyone when you don’t even
love your health?

Hustle to gain more muscle.

I support a healthy lifestyle… Do you? 

If a bug won’t bite it, why should you? Go Organic.

If alcohol is your choice today, then
medicines will be your only option tomorrow.

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost – if health
is lost, something is lost.

If you don’t do what is best for your body,
you’re the one who comes up on the short end.

If you don’t have time for fitness you will be
forced to take out time for your illness.

If you eat wise , you can maintain size and if
you eat right the pants won’t be tight.

If you hang your swimsuit on the refrigerator
door, the goodies inside will be easier to ignore.

If you let the cake control, you’ll look like
a cinnamon roll.

If you lose fat you are winning against

If you put it in your mouth it will just go

If you want a better body tomorrow, start
working for it today.

If you want stay a hit , first be fit.

If you want to be wealthy, start with being

If you work on your health , it will let you
work on everything else.

Ignore your health, it will go away.

Improve your health, improve your life.

It is easy to weight fat but hard to lose.

your duty to protect your health.

It’s your future…be there happy and healthy.

Just for the health of it!

Just keep in mind that your body is your slave,
it works for you.

Keep working on your health. Don’t quit.

Keep your health fit and your mind wise.

Keep your heart strong.

Keeping families happy.

Keeping your family healthy & happy.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food.

Laying the foundation to good health.

Live healthy. Live long.

Living healthy should never be an option, it
should be your choice.

Love your body because it will stay with you
till you die.

Make your health your priority.

Med Spa and wellness.

Move it or lose it.

No pain no gain.

Nothing feels as good as having a fit body and
a healthy life.

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

Nurturing body and mind.

One day at a time. One workout at a time. One
rep at a time.

One step towards a healthy life.

One workout session is better than hundred
party nights.

Organic farmers are outstanding in their

People die every day; can’t we help them in
some way?

Replace those fries with fruits.

Rest a while and run a mile.

Run for your lives!

Running to the future.

Say no to junk foods. Stay healthy.

See you in your healthy self.

Seven days without exercise makes one weak.

Shape up your figure.

Show some skin for Vitamin D.

Show you care, be aware.

Sink your teeth into health.

Spreading awareness, one step at a time.

Start on your path to better health.

Stay conscious about your health.

Stay strong and live long.

Stop waiting for a miracle to happen, start
working for one.

Street Walkers for Life!

SUN: Giver of Vitamin D.

Take care of your body and it will take care
of you.

Take charge, don’t be large.

The biggest asset you can ever have is your

The fitter you are, the better you are.

The glow of good health can only be enjoyed if
you exercise.

The greatest wealth is health.

The larger the portion size is. The larger you
will become.

The pain you are going through today will be
the strength you will possess tomorrow.

The power of possibility.

The spirit of healing is profound empathy.

This kid has heart!

To avoid sickness, eat less. For a prolonged
life worry less.

To eat is a necessity but to eat healthy is an

To enjoy your hard-earned wealth, you need to
keep a check on your health.

To fight like a champion, you must train
yourself as one.

To have your health and mind stay at peace,
you should exercise.

To your good health.

Together we achieve stronger, healthier lives.

Too Fit to Quit.

Treated right.

Use it or lose it.

Usually people fear height, but I fear width.

Vitamin D is D-lightful.

Vitamin D is good for me.

We can help you be at your best.

We have heart!

We walk to the same beat.

We want you to live long and prosper.

We’ll help you find your way.

Wellness is Everybody’s Business.

What I like for me is GMO free.

Where we believe you are a priority.

Why put off feeling good?

Workout to work it out.

You are not your illness.

You are what you eat from your head down to
your feet.

You didn’t gain this weight overnight so stop
hoping to lose it overnight.

You must eat right for the fat to take flight.

You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

You’ll huff and puff if you eat a lot of

Your body hears whatever your mind says.

Your happiness and peace are a reflection of
your health.

Your health is not only for you, it will help
you help others too.

Your health is your biggest asset. Take good
care of it.

Your health is your responsibility.

Your life is precious. So is your health.

Your place to discover wellness.

Your stomach shouldn’t be a waste basket.


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