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Remélem kellemesen telt a hosszú hétvégéd. Én egy kicsit most már elvesztettem az időérzékemet a sok szünet és szünnap miatt, de ma visszarázódunk a régi kerékvágásba, és elkezdünk rendesen tanulni:) 

A héten diétával, fogyókúrával és edzéssel foglalkozunk – természetesen szókincs, nyelvtan és hanganyag is lesz a leckékben. 

Ne feledd, hogy már kapható a nyomtatott 5 Perc Angol Magazin januári száma is – párhuzamosan a decemberivel – ennek tartalmába itt nézetsz bele:

Jó tanulást! 



Martha tried a lot of diets, but nothing helped her lose weight. She was so overweight that she couldn’t buy clothes in normal shops, she couldn’t move quickly and easily, she couldn’t even do the housework properly. When last year her first grandchild was born, she decided to start a very strict diet because she wanted to be able to play with the little girl. Thanks to her stamina, she lost almost 30 kilograms and dropped several dress sizes. Losing the weight made a big difference to her daily life. Martha sent her success story to a fitness magazine, and now a reporter is talking to her.

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Reporter: Congratulations Martha! You look wonderful!
Martha: Thank you! It was a big challenge, but I did it!
Reporter: Tell us something about the time, when you were overweight!
Martha: First of all, I was not only overweight, I was fat!
Reporter: What was your worst eating habit?
Martha: I didn’t use to eat big meals, but every meal was rubbish and fattening. I also used to snack a lot between meals. Actually, I was snacking all the time.
Reporter: What did you use to snack on?
Martha: I love chocolate and I used to have two or three bars in my handbag. I used to nibble on peanuts and crisps, too.
Reporter: What did you use to have for breakfast? And what do you have now?
Martha: I used to have bacon and eggs with some slices of bread. White bread, of course. Now I have a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter and a banana.
Reporter: What about lunch?
Martha: I used to eat out, mostly in fast-food restaurants.
Reporter: Well, that’s not a healthy choice!
Martha: Not really! I used to have junk food, like hamburgers and fries. Now I usually have some chicken with a big bowl of salad.
Reporter: … and what did you use to eat for dinner?
Martha: I used to eat a lot for dinner, too. I used to have steaks with potato and greasy sauces. I used to drink a couple of glasses of wine, too. Now, I generally have fish with steamed vegetables for dinner, and sometimes have one
glass of dry wine.

Reporter: How did your life change?
Martha: I now have more clothing shops to choose from. I can walk much faster, my self-confidence grew and also my mental energy increased a lot. I can do all the household tasks and what is most important, I can play with my granddaughter all day long!
Reporter: What about your health conditions?
Martha: According to my doctor my health improved a lot. He is also delighted with my results.
Reporter: How can you maintain your weight loss?
Martha: I automatically check the fat and calorie count of everything I eat, and stick to the recommended calorie intake and I go jogging five times a week.  

to help sb do sth– segíteni vkinek csinálni vmit
overweight – túlsúlyos
properly– megfelelően, rendesen
strict diet– szigorú diéta
stamina– kitartás
to drop a dress size– leadni egy ruhaméretet
several– számos
challenge– kihívás
eating habit– étkezési szokás
rubbish – szemét, itt: rossz minőségű étel
fattening– hizlaló
to snack on– nassolni valamit
to nibble on– majszolni valamit
wholemeal– teljes kiőrlésű
peanut butter– mogyoróvaj
healthy choice– egészséges választás
junk food– gyorséttermi étel
greasy sauce– zsíros mártás/szósz
steamed vegetables– párolt zöldség
mental energy– szellemi energia
to increase– növelni, növekedni
task – feladat
health condition– egészségügyi állapot
to improve– fejlődni, fejleszteni
to be delighted with– elégedettnek lenni valamivel
result– eredmény
to maintain– megtartani/fenntartani valamit
to stick to– ragaszkodni valamihez
recommended – ajánlott
calorie intake – kalóriabevitel

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