Your gut is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Even your brain’s health is affected by your digestive health due to the large amounts of serotonin synthesized in the gut.

So how can you boost your gut health? Eating a diet rich in gut-friendly foods is the first step! When it comes to choosing foods to help improve digestive health, there are a couple factors that help make certain foods more gut-friendly than others.

The first is fermentation. Fermented foods are full of good bacteria and enzymes, which give your digestion a boost! The second is choosing gut-friendly vegetables, spices and herbs. These foods help provide a balance of good bacteria versus bad bacteria, and can also prevent leaky gut. There are many ways to start incorporating these type of foods into your regular diet. For example, try cooking with recipes that contain prebiotics like sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and zucchini. Or start using aromatic herbs (oregano, ginger, rosemary) and lemon to add extra flavor into your routine dishes.

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To make it as easy as possible for you by removing all the guesswork, below is a list of twenty healing Paleo recipes that will boost your gut health.

The Best Kombucha

kombucha recipe

Kombucha is one of the best choices around for helping to build up the good kinds of gut bacteria and minimize the bad. This recipe also has the optional ingredient of ginger, another gut-friendly choice. Try drinking kombucha once daily to help boost your gut health in as little as 30 days.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | The Best Kombucha

Simple Sauerkraut

simple saurkraut

Sauerkraut is a fermented classic. This recipe is easy to make and will do wonders for your gut. Try pairing this with a protein-rich food (like grass-fed beef or chicken) along with some nutrient-dense veggies to round out a very healthy Paleo meal.

Recipe: Fat-Burning Man | Simple Sauerkraut

Ginger-Turmeric Carrot Soup

ginger-turmeric carrot soup

Turmeric is definitely one of the breakout health stars of 2016 – and with good reason. Not only is it loaded with beneficial antioxidants, but it’s also great for your brain. This delicious soup complements turmeric with the added benefits of carrots and ginger. Carrots provide a large amount of essential vitamins and enzymes which aid in digestion, and ginger kills bad bacteria (like H. pylori). This soup will boost your gut health in no time!

Recipe: Gourmande in the Kitchen | Ginger-Turmeric Carrot Soup

Chocolate Berry Bars

chocolate berry bars

These berry bars are so decadent and they’re great for your gut flora! Multiple scientific studies show that blueberries and strawberries both lead to beneficial effects on the microbiome. Since there is chocolate and coconut sugar in this recipe though, always remember to consume in moderation.

Recipe: Bakerita | Chocolate Berry Bars

Simple Herb Crusted Salmon

simple herb crusted salmon

Not only is this recipe easy to make, it’s also loaded with beneficial nutrients like DHA. DHA is the most bioavailable of all omega-3 fatty acids, and wild-caught fish (like salmon) are loaded with it. As a result, this meal will help with inflammation and cognitive function too – not just boost your gut health!

Recipe: PaleOMG | Simple Herb Crusted Salmon

Gut Healing Bone Broth

gut-healing bone broth

If you want to boost your gut health, it doesn’t get much better than bone broth! That’s why I highly recommend bone broth as the best gut elixir. By healing the intestinal barrier, it allows us to absorb more nutrients from our healthy diet. Try incorporating bone broth every day if you are serious about improving your gut health.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Gut Healing Bone Broth

Easy Roasted Sunchokes

easy roasted sunchokes

Jerusalem artichokes are an often overlooked, gut-friendly veggie. This innovative recipe makes them into Paleo “fries” – and they are delicious. Try pairing these with some grass-fed beef to make a scrumptious dinner.

Recipe: Olive and Herb | Easy Roasted Sunchokes

Garlic Roasted Broccoli

garlic-roasted broccoli

This recipe brings new flavor to an old favorite, and adds the nutritional, gut-healing benefits of garlic to boot.

Recipe: Paleo Grubs | Garlic Roasted Broccoli

Dairy-Free Butter

dairy-free butter

This dairy-free butter recipe is simple and features just coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil. By combining two of the best oils, we get a healthy, energy packed snack – and one that will go a long way towards healing a leaky gut!

Recipe: Bare Root Girl | Dairy-Free Butter

Spicy Avocado Shrimp Tower

shrimp stack recipe

By swapping the rice with cauliflower and a dose of cucumber, we have a Paleo take on shrimp towers.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Spicy Avocado Shrimp Tower

Persian Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Persian roasted butternut squash soup

With a number of beneficial herbs and bone broth, this soup recipe is absolutely loaded with gut-friendly ingredients! Try making this in bulk during the winter for a fridge full of gut goodness. Pair it with some high quality protein to round out a hearty lunch or relaxing dinner.

Recipe: Nazkovacs | Persian Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Gobi Masala Soup

gobi masala soup

Don’t know what gobi is? Actually, you probably do – you just don’t know it! Gobi is the Hindi word for cauliflower – one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables. This soup is jam-packed with gut-friendly herbs and spices as well as the gut-healing benefits of bone broth.

Recipe: Worthy Pause | Gobi Masala Soup

Sausage and Sauerkraut

sausage and saurkraut

This recipe may be simple, but it is also delicious as well as extremely nutritious. Try pairing this with your favorite Paleo veggies to make a complete lunch or dinner experience. And be sure to buy sausages that have minimal ingredients – don’t want to hurt your gut with some artificial bad guys!

Recipe: The Domestic Man | Sausage and Sauerkraut

Emerald City Soup

emerald city soup

This soup gets its color largely from the generous portion of spinach found within the recipe, and spinach is a great way to improve your leaky gut! This is a particularly potent soup, great for when you’re feeling sick or even just a little fatigued.

Recipe: petra8paleo | Emerald City Soup

Easy Paleo Breakfast Scramble

easy Paleo breakfast scramble

No list of recipes would be complete without a breakfast choice, and this scramble has certainly earned a spot on this list! Packed with beneficial fats like avocado, it also has a big dose of protein as well as your choice of veggies. Get creative here!

Recipe: Bare Root Girl | Easy Paleo Breakfast Scramble

Gut Healing Blueberry Gummies

blueberry gummies

Made with gelatin, these gummies are a sweet, easy way to boost your gut health. Try making a batch and keeping them in the fridge to munch on throughout the week!

Recipe: Primal Palate | Gut Healing Blueberry Gummies

Paleo Coconut Chicken Curry

coconut chicken curry

This curry is jam-packed with gut-healthy ingredients – plus it tastes incredible! This is a staple around my house, and I make it almost every week. Be sure to experiment with different ingredients to keep things interesting!

Recipe: Amy Myers MD | Paleo Coconut Chicken Curry

Paleo Peach Coconut Smoothie

peach coconut curry

Upgrade your smoothie game by making this gut-friendly recipe with coconut.

Recipe: Cook Eat Paleo | Paleo Peach Coconut Smoothie

Purple Sweet Potato Soup

purple sweet potato soup

Break this one out for friends and family at dinner parties — it’s stunning color, creamy texture and savory taste make it a hit.

Recipe: Balancing Paleo | Purple Sweet Potato Soup

Thai Coconut Turkey Soup

Thai coconut turkey soup

This coconut turkey soup packs a mouthful of flavor as well as gut-friendly ingredients. Try making this with bone broth to mix things up a bit if you’re in the mood!

Recipe: The Endless Meal | Thai Coconut Turkey Soup

gut healthy recipes

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