169+ Catchy Health Awareness Slogans and Sayings

Health and wellbeing have turned out to be one of the profoundly organized issues that individuals are concerned and thought about.

This can be additionally clarified by the ascent in the ubiquity of exercise center, yoga classes, natural nourishment and consistently sorted out wellbeing efforts, projects, and tasks composed by the administration, private parts and in addition the NGO’s.

Health mindfulness is the need of great importance with the inexorably complex difficulties towards the strength of populaces in the 21st century.

These days, restorative offices for some, sicknesses are generally accessible and effectively open, particularly wherein a few spots, government-financed medicinal focuses can benefit treatment against infections at the negligible expense or once in a while, free of expense.

Health Awareness Slogans

  • You will enjoy losing too if its fat.
  • If you want stay hit , first be fit.
  • Don’t limit your challenges , challenge your limits.
  • Stay strong and live long.
  • Health should be your priority.
  • Beautiful body. Beautiful mind.

Nonetheless, individuals frequently have a tendency to overlook the well-known axiom which goes that “Prevention is better than cure”. This familiar axiom is especially legitimate even at this point. Playing it safe and mindfulness is in every case better before the catastrophe strikes.

Once the illness begins spreading, the outcomes can here and there be troublesome, risky and to the degree of perilous. Eventually, making health awareness and taking appropriate anticipation against infection is of most extreme significance.

Keeping in mind the end goal to make health awareness, it is critical to comprehend what it involves. It is the way toward empowering individuals to expand power over and to enhance their wellbeing.

This basically intends to achieve a condition of finish physical, mental and social prosperity.

The people group needs to understand a longing to fulfill needs and to adjust to the earth.

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Here are Very Catchy Health Awareness Slogans for your Inspiration

Stay strong and live long.

If wealth is lost nothing is lost but if health is lost something lost.

If you don’t have time for fitness you will be forced to take out time for your illness.

Health should come first or you will come last.

Seven days without exercise will make you weak.

You will enjoy losing too if its fat.

Burn fat and leave the rest.

Take good care of your body , you should provide a good and healthy home to your soul too.

To have your health and mind stay in peace you should exercise.

Usually people fear height but I fear width.

Your quantity of food my deteriot your quality of health.

A happy mind is a sign of healthy body.

Love your body because it will stay with you till you die.

If you lose fat you are actually winning against illness.

If you eat wise , you can maintain size and if you eat right the pants won’t be tight.

Stop feeding your body garbage or else you will live for less age.

If you savour your lips , be ready to exercise on hips.

The glow of good health can only be enjoyed if you exercise.

The biggest asset you can ever have is your health.

Your body hears whatever your mind says.

Be aware about health and live life peacefully.

Either stick to it or fall sick.

If you want stay hit , first be fit.

If you let the cake control, you’ll look like a cinnamon roll

You didn’t gain this weight overnight so stop hoping to lose it overnight.

To enjoy your hard earned wealth , you need to keep a check on your health.

Embrace your health because that is what empowers you.

H3 should be your life mantra , Health , Happiness and harmony.

To eat is a necessity but to eat healthy is an art.

Being healthy or fit isn’t a fad or trend , its lifestyle.

The pain you are going through today will be the strength you will possess tomorrow.

Your happiness and peace is a reflection of your health.

You know what sweat is , its your fat which is crying.

Everyday is a chance for you to get stronger , eat healthier and live happier.

Do something today that your body will thank you tomorrow for.

health awareness slogans

Health, hygiene and happiness walk hand in hand.

If alcohol is your choice today then medicines will be your only option tomorrow.

Living healthy should never be a option , it should be your choice.

Your health is not only for you it will help you help others too.

Gift yourself with good health and good sense.

To fight like a champion , you must train yourself as one.

Stop waiting for a miracle to happen ,start working for one.

Don’t limit your challenges , challenge your limits.

If you work on your health , it will let you work on everything else.

Health isn’t about less weight rather it’s about how much stamina you have.

Stop feeding junk to your body else you will result in one.

The best six doctors anywhere and no one can deny it are sunshine, water, rest,air,exercise and diet.

The way you believe that one junk meal won’t make you unhealthy is the same way that one workout session won’t make you healthy.

Just keep in mind that your body is your slave , it works for you.

To avoid sickness eat less , for a prolonged life worry less.

If you want a better body tomorrow , start working for it today.

One workout session is better than hundred party nights.

You can earn money like a beggar but for health even that won’t work.

There are hundred ways to become wealthy but the only way to be healthy is discipline.

Don’t be disappointed if the progress is slow it’s always better than no progress.

Never workout because you have started hating your body but because you have started loving it.

Health is not about body its about your soul.

Fitness is like relationship where if you cheat you can’t expect it to workout.

If you promise to be healthy today than it will be a new beginning for you.

Your health is your responsibility.

If you want to be wealthy , start with being healthy.

Health should be your priority.

A healthy body is a home for a healthy soul.

You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

Go healthy and be happy.

Eat less and live more.

Eat healthy… Live healthy.

Your health is your biggest asset. Take good care of it.

An apple a day, helps you run in a long way.

Be keen to live long.

Live healthy. Live long.

A healthy family… is a happy family.

The fitter you are. The better you are.

A healthy lifestyle is a perfect lifestyle.

Have control over your mouth to have control over your weight.

Don’t be a fluffy cat. Burn the extra fat.

Eat healthy food. Keep your health good.

Keep your heart strong.

Fat… easy to gain, hard to lose. Think again before consuming extra booze.

Replace those fries with fruits.

Burn calories, not money.

Give a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Come forward to a healthy life.

Beautiful body. Beautiful mind.

All hearts strong.

Being on a diet is better than being on a hospital bed.

One step towards a healthy life.

Avoid chocolate cakes to avoid being fat.

Fat and ugly. Fit and beautiful.

The fitter you are, the better you are.

Healthy physique brings confidence in life.

Don’t give up on your health.

Keep your health fit and your mind wise.

It is easy to weight fat but hard to lose.

The larger the portion size is. The larger you will become.

Embrace your health. Don’t make it a waste bag.

Fitness is important.

Fitness boosts your energy.

Give your health as important as you give your phone.

Workout to work it out.

Nothing feels as good as having a fit body and a healthy life.

A mile of run a day will keep the fat away.

Embracing body and mind.

How can you love anyone when you don’t even love your health.

Make your health your priority.

Shape up your figure.

Your life is precious. So is your health.

It’s your duty to protect your health.

Good health will help you in the long run.

Care your health as much as you care about your wealth.

Being fit is important.

Wealthy by health.

Say no to junk foods. Stay healthy.

Do exercise to burn fat.

You are still poor if you have bank balance but don’t have good health.


A fit body holds a Healthy mind and spirit!

Keep working on your health. Don’t quit.

I support a healthy lifestyle… Do you? 

The healthier we are… The healthier our environment is.


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