14 Best Custom Traits On The Sims 4

Though The Sims 4 is filled with fun traits that can affect the way a Sim reacts to their world, players of The Sims 3 might miss the plethora of traits that used to exist. Thankfully, The Sims series has always friendly to the modding community which has allowed players to add hundreds, if not thousands, of unique traits to their game.

Players who download these can create some seriously fun and interesting changes to the way that your Sim lives their little Sim life. Since there are so many traits to choose from, here is a list of 10 of the most downloaded custom traits available to players.

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Updated on July 18th, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: For the longest time, expansions like Eco Lifestyle and Discover University have been introducing traits and aspirations with a very limited scope into the game. This means that there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to traits in The Sims 4, which can affect gameplay negatively.

Luckily there are hundreds of custom traits out there made by fans. They provide a healthy dose of diversity and gameplay challenge, but also make it much easier to tell a proper story in a game that just lacks realism and immersion. Here are some additional traits to give more depth to The Sims 4.

14 Drama Queen

Although Get Famous introduced the Self-Absorbed trait, there’s nothing quite like a dose of dramatic attitude to complement the trope of a snobby Sim. The Drama Queen trait is perfect for that especially and is ideal for people who love to overreact and make a chicken out of a feather.

Sims with this trait will tend to throw a temper tantrum over the smallest things, which will manifest itself in a Sad moodlet for a set amount of time.

13 Culinarily Inept

In The Sims 4 everyone can learn how to cook by just putting their mind into it. However, wouldn’t it be great if just like in real life there were Sims that just can’t wrap their minds around the art of cooking? With the Culinarily Inept trait, this is finally possible.

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Sims with this trait will of course be particularly bad at cooking, and the Sim in question will struggle to create anything remotely edible no matter how hard they try. Finally, the perfect trait for a spoiled Sim!

12 Internet Kid

Just like many people these days are absolutely obsessed with being online all the time and checking their social media, so are the Sims with the Internet Kid trait. Sims like this absolutely need a computer in their lives in order to thrive and survive.

That being said, they’re particularly talented in all things computer and will benefit from working towards a career in the computer field. They’ll also stay up way past their bedtimes just to be online.

11 Arrogant

Many of the traits in the game can be interpreted as other, secondary traits. However, sometimes custom traits like this one are vital since they bring in a bit more depth and ambiguity into Sims.

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The Arrogant trait is exactly what one would imagine. Sims will feel extremely confident almost all the time. However, if they mess up, rather than feeling embarrassed they’ll simply get angry.

10 Youtuber

With over 60,000 downloads on Mod The Sims, the YouTuber trait is one of the most popular custom traits for The Sims 4. The mod is as simple as it sounds, giving your Sim a chance to struggle (and possibly succeed) with their own YouTube channel. The YouTuber trait comes with some comedic buffs such as “Not a fan of the great outdoors” which causes the Sim to feel uncomfortable.

Since The Sims has always been the type of game that promotes storytelling, many players share their experiences on YouTube, Twitch, various Sims forums, and even their own websites. Having the Youtuber trait adds a fun new storytelling element that is sure to bring smiles to players.

9 Healthy Lifestyle

With so much focus on living healthy, it makes sense for a Healthy Lifestyle trait to exist, especially with so many Sims choosing to eat the entire birthday cake. The Healthy Lifestyle trait allows Sims to gain cooking, fitness, and wellness skills quicker than usual as well as causes hunger to decrease at a slower rate.

Along with the healthy benefits, Sims also receive health based whims such as “Go for a jog” and “Grill chicken”. Enjoy watching your Sim feel happy after their yoga routine or force them to watch TV and suffer in boredom.

8 Woohoo Lover

Who doesn’t love woohoo? Though it really only affects a Sim’s whims and adds a flirty buff, the Woohoo Lover trait is one of the most downloaded traits for The Sims 4. P

airing perfectly with Romantic Sims, this trait can offer you just the right whims to help your Sim achieve their aspiration. Don’t forget to add Sims with this trait to your Woohoo oriented clubs as well to get a great boost in club points!

7 Sports Enthusiast

With the Sports Enthusiast trait, your Sims can progress through the athletic career of their choice faster, build fitness faster, and even get a happy buff just from being near somebody who is higher up in the athletic career.

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Perfect for players who want their Sims to be fit, healthy, and successful. This trait does rely on The Sims 4: City Living, Bowling Night Stuff, and Fitness Stuff packs to fully enjoy everything it has to offer, so it’s also ideal for those players with all the fitness-related packs.

6 Schmoozer

One of the most challenging parts of The Sims 4 is getting promoted. Your Sims can go to work with their promotion tasks complete and their emotion in the correct state, but it will still take time. With the Schmoozer trait, getting promoted can be achieved quicker.

Use those simulated networking skills to get ahead! Your Sim is also more likely to build friendships faster and enjoy an increase in their confidence.

5 Adventurer

While the Adventurer trait requires users to have The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure pack, it is definitely worth trying out. The whims keep Sims on the right track as they explore booby-trapped tombs and build their archaeology skill.

There are also some energizing buffs that can put a Sim in a far better mood in the most uncomfortable of situations. This may not be a day-to-day living trait, but for Indiana Jones fans, it’s a whole lot of fun.

4 Shopaholic

Have you ever felt the elation of buying something new followed by the guilt and anxiety of wondering whether you could afford said item? Perhaps you would enjoy making your Sim feel the same. With the Shopaholic trait,  Sims will get whims to buy things of various value.

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When completing these tasks, they will experience an increase in happiness, however, there’s a 10% chance that they will feel embarrassment from their inability to control their urge.  They will also feel tense if their household funds become too low. With an oh too realistic feel, the Shopaholic trait is definitely worth trying out.

3 Absent-Minded

Do you miss certain traits from The Sims 3? Thankfully for you, the Absent-Minded trait has returned to The Sims 4 (if you download it and add it to your game).  This trait allows you to enjoy watching your Sim walk into a room and then forget what they were doing (without you having to cancel their task).

The afflicted Sim will also experience the dazed emotion more frequently than other Sims. This may not be something that makes a massive difference to the game, but the Sims has never really been about the big things…


Along with the more realistic traits, the ADHD trait can truly enhance any Sim story. What makes this trait even more special is that it can affect even child Sims. The trait can make homework difficult, yet can help when building creative skills.

As an adult, it can also help Sims advance in certain careers at a much quicker rate. Take note though that careers such as the Astronaut career may be harder to advance in for the ADHD Sim.

1 Coward

Though the Coward trait may be enjoyable to watch, it may not be too much fun for the afflicted Sim. Experiencing constant uncomfortable buffs, your Sim will become the Piglet of the Sim world.

Unfortunately for the Sim who gets this trait, their short Sim life will be filled with fear and misery. There are far worse things that can happen to those little simulated people, however. For instance, they could eat a Bizarre fruit and succumb to a horrifying plague.

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