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Looking for a new food, fitness, body image, and health inspiration? Then you must check out this roundup of MUST WATCH health and fitness YouTube channels. Entertaining, informational, and fun to follow! 

It’s about time I did another roundup of my current favorite YouTubers! I’ve done several posts featuring my favorites in the past, but since my last one my subscription list has grown a ton and I’ve followed a lot of new and interesting folks on the ‘tube!

I know I am always looking for suggestions from others on who to watch next, so I thought you would all enjoy some recommendations from me!

To be honest, I watch more YouTube than I do TV! It’s sort of like background music for me. While I’m doing work, I always have a video on that I am half listening to. Some people like music for working or being productive, I like YOUTUBE!

Frankly, it’s pretty fun too! You get inside looks into people’s lives that are different from your own and get learn a lot of new stuff in the process.

Without further ado, here are my top 12 favorite YouTubers as of late! A great mix of foodies, fitness fanatics, self-love advocates, vegan gurus, and more. You’ll see from this eclectic mix that I don’t discriminate when it comes to YouTube. I accept all lifestyles, fitness regimens, and dietary choices. It’s a great way to open your mind and perspective to differing views.

12 MUST WATCH Health and Fitness YouTube Channels | Healthy Helper @Healthy_Helper Looking for a new food, fitness, body image, and health inspiration? Then you must check out this roundup of MUST WATCH health and fitness YouTube channels. Entertaining, informational, and fun to follow!

Brian Turner-Beyond the Weak | Vegan, body-builder, great attitude, and very inspirational to people from ALL walks of life! Lots of day of eating videos and thoughtful uploads about the world around us. 

Amanda Bucci | Fitness enthusiast, bikini competitor, and all around fun gal! Follow her journey in and out of prep life. 

Emily Hayden-EHFitness | Amanda’s (see above) bestie! NPC Bikini pro and down-to-earth fitness lover. Watch for fun adventures with her hubby and pups, fun food, and lots of awesome workouts. 

Marie Wold | Marie is a bikini competitor with an amazing, healthy mindset. She does prep right and stays happy and healthy throughout! She’s not afraid to enjoy delicious, indulgent eats and fun adventures. She’s always traveling to a new places and attending cool events, too! 

HealthyandHappy96 | Former eating disorder sufferer turned rockstar vegan! Steph is so bubbly and fun to watch. She’s obsessed with cereal like me and always has something new and different to share. Watch for her travels, daily eats, and cycling adventures! 

Bonny Rebecca | Plant-based Aussie all-star! Bonny is so sweet and funny. Looks for videos on her travels around the world as she promotes the vegan diet and meets new friends! 

Erik the Electric | Competitive eater and rad cyclist! Eric posts his weekly (and DAILY) food challenges, lots of Q and As, and insights into life as a male college student and fitness/food lover. 

This Girl Audra | Audra has helped thousands of people regain their health and happiness after struggling with disordered eating and exercise. Her videos are NO BS, straight to the point discussions on diets, hormones, exercise, and finding a healthy balance with food. I LOVE hearing her perspective and getting her amazing, helpful advice! 

Kara Corey Fit Life | Kara is an NPC Bikini Competitor Pro and Registered Dietician. She shares her daily life with her goofy husband, informative nutrition tips, and a fun look into her life as she juggles career, family, and her fitness passions.  

Em Dunc | Emily is just a ball of fun! She’s a bikini competitor and body builder like a few of the other channels I mentioned, but she’s just so silly and engaging to watch! She shares daily eats and workouts, insights into being the best version of yourself, and fun favorites videos on a regular basis. 

Cayanne Marcus-HealthyEZSweet | Cayanne is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she a personal friend of mine, but she’s also making moves in the body image and self-love field. She is so positive and inspiring with sharing her own story and struggles, while always striving to help others along their own journey. Her videos make me incredibly happy an always give me something important to think about! 

Diana Malloy | Food lover and fitness fanatic! Diana is such a fun, sassy girl who really cares about her family and enjoying life. Follow along for insight into her delicious eats, fitness routine, and thoughts on self-love. 

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Do you watch YouTube channels frequently?

Are you familiar with any of these vloggers?

What are your favorite YouTubers to watch?

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24 responses to “12 Must Watch Health and Fitness YouTube Channels”

  1. This is awesome, Kaila! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve checked out a couple of these channels, and I absolutely love them! Cannot wait to check out some more 🙂 Happy Friday!!

  2. Yes many of my faves too! And a few new ones to check out. I totally do the watch and work thing too, either ÿhst or a podcast. I’m all about the background noise 😀

  3. Great list!! I need to take advantage of the free videos more often!

  4. Hopefully I can come back and check some out! And your new logo looks beautiful Kaila!

  5. thanks for these and the inspiration! x

  6. This is a Great List! I just started using the Runtastic Channel & LOVE it, but will check these out….Thanks for sharing at Sunday Fitness & Food….Pinned 🙂

  7. Sarah says:

    These are great suggestions! I’m looking forward to checking out the ones I haven’t watched before. I similarly enjoy having youtube playing in the background. I know how great it can be to find some enjoyable new youtube channels, so here are some suggestions you may enjoy:
    – Valentina Esteban (Bikini Competitor)
    -NikkiPhillippi (A variety of posts – some recipes, food hauls, makeup tutorial etc)
    -Travis S (Lots of full day eats, food challenges)
    -Sarahs Day (Australian food blogger

  8. What a great idea, sometimes I listen to videos, or television, for background noise when I work. But never thought about YouTube for anything other than Ted Talks for this time. These are some great channels, checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great selections thanks for sharing with us at Turn It Up Tuesday 🙂

  10. Great resources! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

  11. Great list! Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop!

  12. Great selection, Kaila! I am glad that some of my favourite channels are on this list, can’t wait to check the others channels!

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