maintaining a healthy lifestyle

maintaining a healthy lifestyleAccording to a study done by Oregon State University, only 2.7% of Americans are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means that more than 97% of Americans have no idea how to take care of their own bodies, shocking isn’t it?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be part of our everyday practice, just like our morning coffee and getting ready for work.

Good general health will help prevent chronic disease and long-term illnesses and will not only extend the length of your life but also improve the quality of it as well.

Good news, by dropping some bad habits and incorporating some new ones, anyone can live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

But what exactly are these habits, and how do we implement them into our daily practice?

Keep on reading and learn how to keep your body healthy, happy and more energized. Let’s jump into it.

1. Eat Nutritious Food

You know how you have to put gasoline in your car to keep it running? You have to do the same with your body, but treat your body like a Ferrari- not an old Pinto.

Every single cell in your body is fueled by the food choices that you consume. Your eyes, skin, nails, hair, bones, muscles need micronutrients to keep them happy and running smoothly.

Eat a wide range of vegetables, incorporating new colors into your diet, eat healthy fats such as avocados and olive oils, whole grains, lean proteins. Stop overeating, eat less processed foods, fewer sugars, and less alcohol.

2. Exercise Regularly

This does not mean that you have to become a bodybuilder or Olympic athlete, but it does mean that you need to break a sweat a few times a week.

Moving your body strengthens your cardiovascular system, lungs, circulation, muscles and helps to prevent the chance of injuries by improving your flexibility.

Exercise can also combat depression, improve confidence, and allover body awareness.

3. Drink More Water

Our bodies are comprised of over 60% water, it is a vital ingredient to our survival, yet many people still choose not to drink enough. Keeping hydrated with clean, pure water should be at the top of your list of good health practices.

Water regulates our body temperature through perspiration, it assists in the removal of wastes, flushes out toxins, helps transport material through our cells, lubricates joints and so on.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress can cause more than just psychological problems. In fact, stress is directly related to many physiological problems such as digestive issues and heart trouble.

Learning how to manage stress could actually save your life. If you find your stress levels high, there are a myriad of things to help to calm you down.

Learn to meditate and sit in mindfulness, try a yoga class, exercise, and doing activities that make you feel happy. Get outside and walk in nature, hang out with a good friend and just laugh.

5. Get More Sleep

The lack of sleep is directly correlated with poor mental health and physical health problems. More than one in every three Americans does not get adequate sleep.

Poor sleeping habits can affect your metabolism, concentration, mood, immune system, hormones, body fat levels, and all over well being. The lack of sleep can cause you to have blurry vision and other eyesight problems, check this website for more on poor eyesight.

Improving your sleep has a lot to do with your nighttime routine, try doing a digital detox, read a book, and help your wind to wind down after a long day.

6. Quit Smoking

It is shocking that this still needs to be a point in this article, given how bad smoking is for your health. Smoking leads to cancer, impotence, birth defects, emphysema, COPD, heart disease, blood clots, and bucketloads of other problems.

If you care about your health, seek help and quit smoking. The sooner, the better.

7. Limit Alcohol Intake

Limiting your alcohol intake will do wonders for your overall well being. Cutting alcohol will help with mental clarity, lose body fat, increase muscle mass, improve energy levels, combat depression and save money.

8. Take a Time Out

Meditation can help beat stress, improve concentration, improve confidence, improve self-awareness, strengthen your mind-body connection, boosts happiness and provides overall good general health.

A common misconception about meditation is that it is not about quieting the mind, it is about becoming more aware of your thoughts and emotions.

There are many guided meditations online, and a multitude of apps to help you stick to it.

9. Express Yourself and Communicate

For many years, societal pressure has taught us to suppress our feelings, that it is ok to stuff our emotions and that it is not polite to speak up. This could not be further from the truth!

Stuffing emotions can lead to depression, eating disorders, stress, physical pain, and sleep disorders.

There is a way to share your feeling and say what is on your mind without offending anyone. Including the words “this makes me feel” is a great way to express and honor your feelings without hurting someone else.

10. Learn Something New

The simple act of learning a new skill can have incredible benefits for your overall well being. Learning something new can improve confidence, boost happiness, make new friends, and strengthens your brain.

In fact, learning something new re-wires the brain, your brain changes the structure of its neurons and the number of synapses.

Challenge your brain on a daily basis, and you will be amazed by the benefits.

Are You Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle?

Just like taking your car to the mechanic, you need to check in with your body and ensure you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you deserve. The better you treat your body, the longer and more fulfilling life you will live.

These simple habits have the power to dramatically change your life for the better, all you have to do is take action.

We have many articles that will help you live a better life, save on unwanted medical expenses, and fitness tips to keep you in tip-top shape.

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