Статья на тему "Physical culture and sports as the basis for the formation of a healthy lifestyle"

Physical culture and sports as the basis for the formation of a healthy lifestyle

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In modern Russian society, special attention is paid to the issues of strengthening the spiritual and physical health of citizens and the formation of a healthy lifestyle. In this connection, close attention is now being paid to physical culture and sports as a priority direction of the state’s social policy.

The relevance of these problems has been repeatedly noted in his speeches by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He argues that the task of the state is to attract as many citizens as possible to physical culture and sports, which ultimately should shape and strengthen the values of a healthy lifestyle. This opinion is shared by many modern researchers, including A.V., Tsprik, V.V., Borisov, L.N. Bibik and others.

In spite of all the efforts of the state, the adopted normative and legislative acts, the programs being implemented, in the whole country, the level of public involvement in mass physical culture and sports remains low. In this regard, this topic remains relevant in relation to different segments of the population and different social groups.

Numerous studies conducted recently by various researchers suggest that the country’s population does not correlate a healthy lifestyle with the ability to lead a full-fledged active life. When ranking the values of “Sport and physical education”, it occupies only 10th place in the ranking, losing to the position of “Money”, “life without conflicts”, “having friends”, “prestigious work”, etc.

At the same time, only a third of the respondents understand the meaning of the concept of a “healthy lifestyle”; the rest either have little idea about it or have never come across this issue at all.

It is also annoying that the time spent “on the Internet” and “on TV” is superior to “physical education and sports” [2, p. 93].

The basis for the formation of a healthy lifestyle is the personal-motivational attitude of a particular person to incarnate his social, physical, intellectual, and mental abilities and capabilities.

A healthy lifestyle is a way of human activity, which is aimed at preserving health and strengthening it. At the same time, a healthy lifestyle is considered as a condition for the existence and development of various aspects of life.

Anything that has a positive effect on health can be attributed to a healthy lifestyle, and here a special role is occupied by physical education or sports. A healthy lifestyle favorably affects the process of maintaining and promoting health and is a fundamental component in the issue of disease prevention. The data of a number of studies conducted by domestic and foreign experts, the health of the population of any country by more than 50% depends on the way of life [3, p. 102].

Physical culture is a part of social culture that contributes to the assimilation and reproduction of social experience by a person. In the process of formation and development of social educational and educational systems, physical culture at the present stage acquires the role of a dominant factor in the formation and development of physical qualities. Physical culture and sports in this case should be the basis for the formation of a comprehensively developed personality by means of developing skills for a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle program in this case should be a comprehensive program aimed at shaping goals, attitudes, personal orientations, standards of behavior, which in turn ensure the preservation and strengthening of the physical and mental health of the population.

Among the main elements of physical culture, it is customary to single out a number of elements: a body culture, a health culture, and motor culture. A number of researchers identify indicators characterizing personal physical culture, these include:

– the relationship of a person to their health as a value, as well as the degree of manifestation of this relationship;

– arbitrariness or declarativeness of this relationship;

– funds that are used to maintain and promote health, as well as the ability to use them;

– the level of knowledge of their own physical condition, means, ways to maintain and promote health;

– the desire and ability to provide all possible assistance to others with a view to their recovery and physical improvement.

Thus, a systematic approach to the formation of values of a healthy lifestyle should be constructed taking into account factors affecting the health of the population of the country and its various social strata. These factors include special social, economic and environmental conditions; risk factors taking place in the workplace, in the process of obtaining education; the formation of complete sets, habits and rules of behavior.

In this regard, for the formation of a culture of a healthy lifestyle, it is important to adhere to the development of society several aspects: the formation of ideas about the positive factors affecting human health, training in the implementation of the rules of personal hygiene; the formation of ideas about proper nutrition; formation of ideas about the correct mode of the day and the value of its implementation; the formation of ideas about the main components of the culture of health and healthy lifestyles. The implementation of this activity depends not only on representatives of education and medicine, but also on each of us.


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