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Зам.директор по УР

Бисалиева Ж.Е_____

Groups: 7,11

Lesson №15

The theme of the lesson: Healthy Lifestyle. Bad habits. I wish/If only

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to study new words connected with healthy lifestyle and to practice for talking about bad habits.

Developing : To develop students’ speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. To develop creativity, imagination, cognitive interest, and initiative; the ability to analyze and express their opinions, the ability to engage in questioning, the ability to request additional information.

Bringing- up: to bring up the interest to the health and take care about your health.

The type of the lesson: Competition lesson

Methods: Discussion, explaining, question-answer, brainstorming, comparing, giving information, acting out and vocabulary, individual and pair, group work.

Interobjects connection:Kazakh language, Russian language, Sport, Healthy Lifestyle.

The visual aids: Materials, cards with words, papers with exercises.

The procedure of the lesson:

I.Organization moment:

1.Greeting. Good morning? Glad to see you! How are you?

2.Conversation with on duty:

Check up the educational accessories.

What date is it? Who is absent today? What problem has he (she)? Are you ready for the lesson? Let’s start!

3.Creation the language atmosphere

What is the weather like today? What season is it now? Is it snowing today?

II. Phonetic drill:

Please, have a look at the blackboard, please.

I eat to live, but I don’t live to eat

Who can read the words?(P1 читает слова) Thank you. What does this sentence mean? (P1, P2 отвечают.) So, what shall we speak about? (P1, P2 отвечают).Correctly, we’ll learn what should we do and eat to be healthy

III. Brainstorming

Today we`ll devote our lesson to reading, writing, speaking about WHAT??? Have a look at these pictures and guess WHAT ARE WE GOING TO SPEAK ABOUT?

P: I think we are going to speak about smoking…….., alcohol drinking……., taking drugs………., about regular meals……, healthy food and going in for sports.

T: Yes of cause, you are right we are going to speak about health, health problems and healthy lifestyle. And also we’ll speak about good and bad habits.

IV. Warm –up.

I am sure it is very important to be healthy. Health was valued greatly in all times and in all countries. People can buy different things but they can’t buy their health.

b)Активизация познавательной деятельности учащихся (работа в парах)

Teacher :Are you healthy? Ask each other questions and put “one” for each “Yes”



1. Do you often eat vegetables and fruit?

2. Do you eat chocolate, sweets, chips and biscuits every day?

3. Do you drink one glass of milk every day?

4. Do you never eat in front of the TV?

5. Don’t you like McDonald’s food?

6. Do you think about health?

What is your score?

Now read about yourself: (сопровождается презентацией)


Oh, dear! Forget about sweets and chips. You need fruit and vegetables and lots more exercises


Do more exercises and eat more carefully.


You are healthy! Well done!

b) Здоровы ли вы? Почти каждому из вас есть, над чем задуматься.

Что же значит «быть здоровым» и вести здоровый образ жизни?

Люди всегда заботились о своём здоровье и берегли его. Существует много пословиц и поговорок об этом.

Знаете ли вы пословицы о здоровье?

Здоровье дороже денег.

Держи голову в холоде, живот в голоде, а ноги в тепле.

Деньги потерял – ничего не потерял, время потерял многое потерял, здоровье потерял – все потерял.

Где здоровье, там и красота.

В здоровом теле – здоровый дух

Если хочешь быть здоров – закаляйся.

V. Checking the homework. Sport. Sport in my life.

Find eight sports in the crossword.


VI. Today we have a competition. So we have two teams. And at the end of the lesson we’ll make the rules how to keep fit. But now I wish you good luck.

The 1st task is match the beginning and the ending of the proverbs:

  1. 1.Health is

  2. 2.An apple a day

  3. 3.A remedy is

  4. 4.Early to bed and early to rise

  5. 5.The early bird

  6. 6.Prevention is

  7. 7.A sound mind

  1. A.worse than disease

  2. B.better than a cure

  3. C.the greatest wealth (above wealth)

  4. D.catches the worm

  5. E.keeps the doctor away

  6. F.in a sound body

  7. G.makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

Key: 1-c, 2-e, 3-a, 4-g, 5-d, 6-b, 7-f.

T: The score is 7:7. Smart, brilliant!

The 2nd task is giving the Russian equivalents for these English proverbs


Key:1.d 2.c 3.a 4. b

T:The score is 2:2. I see, students, you know English and Russian proverbs well.

The 3rd task is matching the words from the 1-st and the 2-nd columns. You see different parts of habits on the screen.

1. Physical a. low-fat food 1. влияние окружающей среды

2. Taking b. breakfast 2. есть низкокалорийную еду

3. Personal c. activity 3. регулярные приемы пищи

4. Skipping d. alcohol 4. пить спиртные напитки

5. Regular e. drugs 5. принимать наркотики

6. Environmental f. diet 6. привычки здоровья

7. Health g. hygiene 7. физическая активность

8. Healthy h. meals 8. пропускать завтрак

9. Eating i. influence 9. здоровая диета

10. Drinking j. habits 10. личная гигиена































The 4th task is saying if they are good or bad habits. You see different health habits on the cards. What are they? Match the cards.

Health Habits

Good habits Bad habits

Exercising Drinking too much alcohol

Good plain food Smoking

Taking a cold shower Snacking

Personal hygiene Taking drugs

A healthy diet Physical inactivity Eating too much sweets

How do they influence our health and our appearance?

What habits have you got more? (высказывания учащихся)

The 5th task is looking at the list of words and word combinations. Try to put them into the correct column:

to sound one’s heart, to catch a cold, to suffer from, a scarlet fever, to examine, tonsillitis, to recover after illness, to be a chain-smoker, to take one’s temperature, cough, to prescribe medicine, a sore throat, to have a running nose, a toothache, to have one’s chest x-rayed.

names of diseases

people can

doctors can

Посмотрите на список слов и словосочетаний. Попытайтесь поместить их в правильную колонку:прощупывать свое сердце, простужаться, страдать от скарлатины, исследовать тонзиллит, восстанавливаться после болезни, быть курильщиком цепи, принимать температуру, кашель, назначать медицину, боль в горле, иметь бегущий нос, зубную боль, чтобы получить рентген грудной клетки.

names of diseases

названия болезней

people can

люди могут

doctors can

врачи могут

to catch a cold

a scarlet fever


a sore throat

to have a running nose


a toothache

to recover after illness

to be a chain-smoker

to sound one’s heart

to examine

to take one’s temperature

to prescribe medicine

to have one’s chest x-rayed

The 6th task is calling “ Health Code”. And the next task will be given by the doctor.

D. Now I will give each team a leaf sheet with a list of recommendations which we should follow or shouldn’t follow to be healthy. Your task is to make Health Code. The first team will discuss and tell us what we should do to be healthy and the second team will tell us what we shouldn’t do. I will give you two marker pens so you can tick the right points in your leaf sheets.

T: Are you ready? We’ll start with the things which we should do.

T: And the second team will tell us what we shouldn’t do.

You should

You shouldn’t

Get up early and go to bed early

Wash your hands before eating

Do sports

Clean your teeth twice a day

Sleep enough

Take a cold shower

Eat more fruit and vegetables

Air the room


Watch TV too long

Drink Coke

Surf in the Internet all day long

Eat too many sweets

Skip meals

Eat between meals

Spend much time indoors

Get up early and go to bed early

Wash your hands before eating


Watch TV too long

Do sports

Clean your teeth twice a day

Sleep enough

Drink Coke

Take a cold shower

Skip meals

Surf in the Internet all day long

Eat too many sweets

Eat between meals

Eat more fruit and vegetables

Air the room

Spend much time indoors

T: The score is 8:8. Great! Good for you.

VII.Физминутка Your eyes are tired.

Look left, look right.
Look up, look down.
Look around.
Look at your nose.
Look at me.
Close your eyes.
Open. Wink and smile.

VIII. Practice

Совершенствование и контроль навыков аудирования, говорения.

a)Read the words with the translations. Pay your attention to the pronunciation of the words.

to consult a doctor-дәрігерден кеңес алу/советоваться с врачем headache-бас ауруы/головная боль

complain of – шағымдану/ жаловаться

heartache-қайғы-қасірет/страдание;боль в сердце


rest – демалыс/отдых

cure- емдеу/вылечить

patient – науқас/пациент

strictly-қатаң түрде/строго

treatment –емдеу/лечение

b)Reading and speaking

A visit to the doctor

Once an old gentleman came to consult a doctor.

What do you complain of?” – asked the doctor.

You see, doctor, my nervous system is in a bad state. I have a heartache, often headache and my sleep isn’t good. Sometimes I cannot sleep all night long.”

The doctor examined the patient very carefully and said: “Your treatment will be very simple, is other words it will be a rest-cure. You should go to a quiet place in the village for a month and have an active rest there: get up early, do morning exercises, have breakfast and go for a walk. You should walk much, go to the forest for fresh air, eat much fruit and vegetables and drink milk before going to bed. And you can smoke only one cigarette a day.

A month later the gentleman came to see the doctor again.

How are you?”- asked the doctor.

I am quite well now,” –answered the patient – “I’ve done everything that you recommended me, doctor. I strictly followed all your orders. I walked much, ate much fruit and vegetables and drank milk before going to sleep. But one cigarette a day almost killed me.”

But why?” –asked the doctor.

It’s not a joke to begin smoking at my age, I had never smoked before,” –answered the gentleman.

IX. Group work.

Listen the text again and who can answer the questions quicker and give the correct answer.

1.What did the old gentleman complain of when he came to consult the doctor?

2.What did the doctor recommend the patient after examining him carefully? How many cigarettes could the man smoke every day?

3.When did the patient come to see the doctor again?

4.How did the patient feel after the rest-cure?

5.Did the patient follow all the doctor’s orders?

6.Why did one cigarette a day almost kill him as he said?

X. Practice. Fill in the blanks with the suitable words.

1.Once an old gentleman came ____ ____ a doctor.

2.The doctor asked the patient: “What do you ____ ___?”

3.The doctor ____ him _____ .

4.“Your _____ will be very simple, said the doctor.

5.“You ____ go to a quiet place in the village for a month and have an _____ rest there.

6.And the doctor recommended the patient to smoke only ____ cigarette a day.

7.____ ____ ___ the gentleman came to see the doctor again.

8.“I strictly ____ all your ____, doctor,” said the patient.

9.But one cigarette a day ____ killed me.

10.It’ not a _____ to begin _____ at my age. I had never smoked before.

How to remain healthy? What should we do to be fit and healthy? (высказывания учащихся)

XI. Grammar material.

XII. Reflection «Рефлексия»

T: Let`s summarize our lesson.

1)Which letter is the second letter of the alphabet?

2) Which letter is the fifth ?

3)Which letter is the eighth ?

4) Which letter is the fifth ?

5)Which letter is the first ?

6) Which letter is the twelfth ?

7) Which letter is the twentieth ?

8) Which letter is the eighth ?

9) Which letter is the twenty – fifth?










So today we have spoken about different problems concerning health. Now I want you to make a conclusion and make up health rules for you. Your friends. Parents foe everybody who wants to be healthy and happy.


1) the food we eat 2) our good or bad habits 3) our physical activity

Conclusion T-S,S.. Estimating the activity

Who was the TOP student today? – кто был лучшим сегодня, по вашему мнению?(Учащиеся оценивают свою работу на уроке).

Feedback – обратная связь

What was new for you?

What was the most interesting to you?

What  could  be improved?

Who was the TOP student today?

Write down your homework, please: You should write short composition about the 16th of November is the day when people all over the world quit smoking? or to smoke or NOT to smoke that is the question…

Teacher: I want you to say that you are brilliant. You all get excellent marks today. You have worked very hard. Thanks for your work. I hope our lesson will be useful for you. You should always remember that health is above wealth. Try to follow these rules and you will be strong? Healthy and study well.

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