Конспект уроку на тему: Meals – АБЕТКАland


Конспект уроку з англійської мови в 5 класі на тему: Meals.

  • Автор: Смоляк Катерина Євгенівна
  • Заклад: Запорізька ЗШ I-III ступенів №69, вчитель англійської мови
  • Тема: Meals
  • Спрямування: англійська мова 5 клас

Цель: Активизировать и закрепить знания учащихся по теме. Закрепить понятия о исчисляемых и неисчисляемых существительных. Отрабатывать употребление some/any, much/many, a lot of, few/little.
Оборудование: раздаточный материал, “faces”.

Ход урока

І Вступительная часть.

1. Приветствие.
– Good morning, dear pupils.
Good morning, dear teacher.
We are all at our places
With sunshine faces.
Good morning to you.

How are you today. Take your “faces” and if you feel great – draw a smile; if you feel neither great nor bad, draw a face without a smile; if you are sad and unhappy, draw a sad smile.

Now show me you “faces”, please. I see everybody is happy, so we can start our lesson. (Some of you are not happy, I’m sure your mood will change to the end of our lesson.)

2. Объявление темы и цели.
Look at the blackboard. What can you see there?
(- I can see food. – I can see some fruits and vegetables. -I can see different products. – I can see…)

Right you are. How do you think, what we are going to speak about today? Use the phrases on your desks.

(- I think we are going to speak about healthy food. -To my mind we are going to speak about different dishes. – I’m sure we’ll speak about fruits and vegetables. In my opinion…)

You are right, today at our lesson we’ll continue our talk about food. We’ll do some exercises in grammar.

II. Основная часть.

1. Фонетическая зарядка.
– Listen to the riddles and try to guess, what is it?

Little old uncle, dressed in brown.
Take off his coat, how the tears run down. (an onion)

A hundred shits and all without buttons. What is it? (a head of cabbage)

What house has many people inside, but neither window nor doors! (a cucumber)

I’m white. I’m good to drink. (milk)

I’m yellow. I’m made from milk, you eat me with bread. (butter)

Name the other fruits and vegetables you know!

– What poems about food do you remember?
I like pizza
You like cheese
We like ice-cream
Ice-cream, please!
I like coffee
You like tea
I like you
And you like me

Milk and bread
For little Fred
Tea and Jam
for brother Sam
But I drink orange juice
Coke, milk, tomato juice

On Sunday I like steak and chips
On Monday bread and cheese
On Tuesday Coca-Cola
And pizza… mmmm, yes, please.

Thanks a lot for your poems. Let’s play!

I have got a very funny rhymes for you.
Your task is to finish the lines. Are you poets? Let’s see!

I am Sam and I like ….. Jam
I am Bruce and I like….. juice
I am Soffie and I like ….. coffee
He is Tony. He likes ……. macaroni
She is Betty. And she likes ….. spaghetti
He is Lee. And he likes …..tea

– How clever you are. Thanks a lot.

2. Речевая зарядка.
Answer the questions.
– Do you usually have breakfast?
– Do you like juice for breakfast?
– Do you like milk for lunch?
– What food do you like to eat?
– Do you eat a lot of sweets?
What fruits and vegetables do you prefer?
Look at the poster again and tell do you usually eat for…

3. Составление рецепта.
At home you have to write and learn by heart the recipe of your favourite dish. But I would like to help you to do it.
– Look at the card on your tables. There you can find the example. (Додаток)

4. Групповая работа.
Gather into 4 groups. You have got 4 different recipes. But the order of making the dish is mixed. Your task is to put all sentences in correct order.

I. How to make sandwiches.
• Slice some cheese.
• Put some cheese on the pieces of bread and butter.
• Take some bread and slice it.
• Enjoy your sandwiches.
• Put some butter on the pieces of bread.
• Take some butter and cheese.
• It’s delicious!

II. How to make mashed potatoes.
• Wash 5 or 6 potatoes.
• Peel potatoes and put them into the water.
• Boil the water.
• Add some salt.
• When the potatoes will be ready, add some milk and butter.
• Then mush them.
• Enjoy your mashed potatoes.

III. How to make meet salad.
• Boil some vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and eggs.
• Open a can of peas
• Peel boiled vegetables and eggs.
• Cut meet, cucumbers and vegetables.
• Add some salt, pepper and mayonnaise.
• Mix all together.
• It’s delicious!

IV. How to make pizza.
• I need some mushrooms, cheese, tomatoes, meet, and mayonnaise.
• Slice all ingredients.
• Put mushrooms and meet on the pizza base.
• Then put some tomatoes on mushrooms and meet.
• And cover with cheese and mayonnaise.
• Put the Pizza into the oven and bake it for 15 minutes.
• It’s delicious!

Let’s have a rest.
If you like carrots – touch your nose
If you like tomatoes – turn around.
If you like cucumbers – clap your hands 3 times
If you like cheese – stamp your feet 3 times

6.Работа с грамматическим материалом.
Какие слова чаще всего используются с продуктами питания?
Давайте вспомним, какие слова чаще всего мы используем, когда говорим о еде?
some/any, much/ little , a lot of, many/ few, a little, a few.

Когда мы используем…? (countables / uncountables nouns )

7. Чтение диалогов.
Read 2 dialogues and fill in
some / any.

Cindy: I’m thirsty. Is there _______ orange juice?
Lin: No, but there is _______ milk.
Cindy: Is there ________ ice-cream?
Lin: No, there isn’t, but there are _______ bananas.
Cindy: Are there ______ oranges?
Lin: Yes, there are ______ oranges. There are _____ cake, too.
Cindy: It’s delicious. I like cake!

a lot of, much/many

Alice: Let’s make a cake, SALLY!
Sally: That’s a good idea! A chocolate cake!
Alice: How _______ flour do we need?
Sally: We need _______ flour! Give me the packet!
Alice: How _________ sugar do we need?
Sally: Oh, we don’t need _______ sugar- only a cup of sugar!
Alice: What about eggs? How ______ eggs do we need?
Sally: Not _______! Only two!
Alice: And don’t forget the chocolate! We need __________ chocolate!
Sally: Mmmm, come on! Let’s make it! I’m hungry!

8. Письмо.
Read and circle.
4. There is no/some milk in the carton.
5. There aren’t some/any steaks in the fridge.
6. Is there no/any jam in the jar?
7. There are some/ no eggs. We must buy some.
8. There is any/no fish left.
9. Are there some/any French fries?

Read and choose. (Взаимопроверка)
– Mum: Lia, how 0) _______milk is there?
– Lia: Oh, we’ve got 1) _______ milk, Mum!
– Mum: Are there 2) ________ onions?
– Lia: Well, not 3) _______ , but there 4) _______a lot of mushrooms. And we’ve got 5) ______ lettuces.
– Mum: Is there 6) _______ sugar?
– Lia: Yes, there ‘s 7) _______, but there isn’t any butter.
– Mum: Oh, dear! And we haven’t got 8) _________ chicken, either! Can you go to the shop again, dear?
– Oh, Mum!

0 –                     A. many –                     B. much –                     C. a lot of
–                     1 –                     A. any –                     B. many –                     C. a lot of
–                     2 –                     A. much –                     B. any –                     C. an
–                     3 –                     A. many –                     B. a lot of –                     C. much
–                     4 –                     A. is –                     B. are –                     C. isn’t
–                     5 –                     A. a –                     B. one –                     C. three
–                     6 –                     A. many –                     B. a –                     C. any
–                     7 –                     A. a lot of –                     B. many –                     C. much
–                     8 –                     A. any –                     B. some –                     C. no

III.Заключительная часть.

1. Подведение итогов.
Представьте что мы идем со школы домой. У нас есть небольшой ранец. Что самое ценное с нашего урока вы возьмете с собой в эту поездку?

2. Домашнее задание.
Make the recipe of your favourite dish.

Авторськими правами на розміщений матеріал володіє автор, що підтверджено сертифікатом про публікацію №18-480 від 12.02.2018року. Відповідальність за достовірність та якість викладеного матеріалу також несе автор матеріалу.

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