What Kind Of Wine Can Pregnant Women Drink

What Kind Of Wine Can Pregnant Women Drink - “What kind of wine can pregnant women drink” This attitude to alcohol consumption during pregnancy is common. There is speculation that circulated at the time, from which the alcohol is no longer added to the fetus, and even some doctors expert obstetrician see dealing with alcohol in pregnancy is rather quiet. Be fore warned JoachimDudenhausen, Department of Obstetrics of the Berlin Charité directs. “As long as I tell the woman, you’ve told them, a glass of champagne is not detrimental and beneficial to blood pressure runs in my view, there is still much that is wrong,” said the doctor.

What Kind Of Wine Can Pregnant Women Drink

Each year, 10,000 alcohol damaged newborn (FASD) to the world, between 3,000 and 4,000 children with a frame of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Physical and mental retardation are the most common among newborns in Germany. This happened twice more often Down syndrome — and 100 percent preventable if pregnant beer, wine and other beverages are leaving.

Alcohol consumption is often hidden

But see some pregnant women are not so strict. Information about alcohol consumption during pregnancy varies significantly. Some six percent of the survey report, the other numbers are much higher. “We went from nine percent of the women who admitted more or less alcohol consumption on a regular basis, many may not give it to him. But what about on a regular basis? This is always a personal assessment of the person, “said Joachim Dudenhausen.

During another survey said 58 percent of the women, pregnancy sometimes drink alcohol at least temporarily, even if less than once a month in this case. After all, 45 per cent have resorted to in the last four weeks of drinking – especially for sparkling wine, champagne or wine. In a U.S. study revealed: one of 30 pregnant women consumes even seven alcoholic beverages per week. More than one in five get drunk on the first trimester poisoning.

Ignorance or stupidity?

Even “One glass” is probably too much. “You don’t know what amount of alcohol harm the baby. Likewise, so far no one knows if a glass of alcohol on day 21 of gestation is important from day one, 217-us know the time frame used to be, “said Joachim Dudenhausen. The majority of the herb lady just out of ignorance. You don’t have to be aware that alcohol through the placenta passes for children. A consequence is the development of inhibiting cell division and the cells of the brain, because alcohol is a poison cells. Instead of smoking reduces blood flow to the uterus and hurt by the child. Some women do not fast from sheer irrationality. “How much is written and said about smoking?” Also Joachim Dudenhausen asked. “However, for example, smoking 25 percent of Berlin’s pregnant.”

While babies from mothers who smoke often undersupplied and easily in the world, rich FASD symptoms of mild physical and psychological damage on subsequent behavior problems, defects, by the child can live independently once. Only about 20 percent of those children are diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome can live independently later able. The remaining 80 percent dependent on care for a lifetime.

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