What Causes Down Syndrome While Pregnant? A Variety of Down Syndrome

What Causes Down Syndrome While Pregnant? A Variety of Down Syndrome - Get to know early on what causes down syndrome while pregnant? In this article I review some of the sorts of types of down syndrome are not yet know.

What Causes Down Syndrome While Pregnant

Down syndrome (trisomy 21) is not a disease, but genetic abnormalities in the formation of chromosomes. Sperm and egg cells (germ cells) from a person carrying the23 chromosomes. Have occurred either egg or sperm surplus “chromosome # 21.”Happens during fertilization, cells with chromosome-47. Instead of the usual 46. This extra chromosome material interferes with the growth and development of the fetus is body functions So it has about 40. 60 percent of all children with down syndrome, congenital heart disease

Down syndrome may occur during pregnancy by amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling noted recently, there is also a shop. Controversial-prenatal blood test for the detection of trisomy 21 scientists and doctors, but parents fear that children who have not been born can be routinely issued as undesirable by the test.

The initial name of the syndrome came down as mangled or were based on external similarities with the Mongols and is no longer used today.

Features Of Down Syndrome

Even before birth, there are special features of Down syndrome children are identified by ultrasound. These instructions include, for example:

  • Heart defects
  • Stunting
  • Small head, thick neck, striking
  • Long eye relief
  • Short femur and humerus
  • Increase the distance between the first and second legs
  • Underdeveloped nasal bone
  • Short or missing middle ranks fifth digit
  • Isles
  • The extension of the system of pyelocaliceal.

For this, a pregnant woman has a large amount of amniotic fluid and unusual levels of certain hormones in the blood. This antenatal record, but never all occur together.

Down syndrome symptoms after birth

After birth, there are also symptoms that suggest a suspicion of Down syndrome. These include:

  • Third Fontanelle (from seams between large and small head)
  • Extra folds of skin on the neck
  • Eyelid upward and outward tend to
  • Cross-eyed
  • Simian crease on the Palm
  • Decreased muscle tone, for example, when sucking, tongue tends to occur from the mouth.

The organic weirdness on the baby with Down syndrome heart disease (the most common are atrial septal defects), obstruction of the bowel and colon anomalies (Hirschsprung’s disease).

Causes of Down syndrome is not known

Cause you’re from Down’s syndrome is not known. Until now, no one knows what the formation of chromosomes is compromised. It operates in accordance with the State of present research at random and every time on every person may, with increasing age, however, more often. It is evident that all people with Down syndrome “Chromosome 21” not two, but three have. Therefore, the medical term for trisomy 21 is happening

After birth can be determined by a study of chromosome types of trisomy 21. There are three forms of Down syndrome:

  • The free trisomy 21 (in 95 percent of cases)
  • The Translokationstrisomie (4 per cent)
  • The trisomy 21 mosaic (1 percent).

A lot of Down’s syndrome pregnancies ended in miscarriage. If a child with Down syndrome in the world, life expectancy is now about 40 years old, often even in 70 years. Boys are more often affected than girls.

The diagnosis of Down syndrome, possibly before birth

Even before birth, a diagnosis of Down syndrome can be detected. Imaging notes test during pregnancy is

  • ULTRASOUND or blood tests
  • Amniocentesis 15 to 18 weeks of pregnancy
  • Chorionic villus sampling in week 10 of pregnancy
  • Measurement of partial fetal nuchal hump.

After the birth, the doctor, the following course options:

  • Visual diagnosis based on symptom characteristics
  • Analysis of the chromosome to keep oversight
  • Study material from skin fibroblasts
  • Fine-Diagnostics in the form of Down syndrome is present.

Down syndrome is not a disease like that. However, there are steps that can help children with Down syndrome. On the right advice for children and parents become steps in Down Syndrome Therapy was told.

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