Can You Drink O’Douls While Pregnant

Can You Drink O’Douls While Pregnant - Can you drink O’Douls while pregnant, often questioned by many pregnant women, because even in the non-alcoholic beer in the smallest amount of alcohol listed. Alcohol is one of the prohibited foods in pregnancy, many pregnant women often have concerns about whether it’s non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy can drink.

Non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy: how much alcohol is in it?

Non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy provides women as an alternative to the usual left and delicious alcohol beer, because the alcohol content is very low so as not to have physiological effects on the body and the child. According to Brauer-Bund-alcoholic beer containing up to 0.5% vol. alcohol, which is caused by the manufacturing process. However, traces of alcohol in alcohol-free beer is very low so that they don’t have physiological effects on the human body has. In Germany, the maximum alcohol limits for alcohol-free beer, and drink fruit juices or kefir, which by nature, with a fermentation process because, the track contained alcohol, 0.5% vol. Is a small amount of residue, which is also included in the non-alcoholic beer can in the human body, however, does not measure, which is why non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy is safe for pregnant women and children.

Can You Drink O'Douls While Pregnant

Can you drink o’douls while pregnant?

Most women drink o’douls while pregnant not interrupting her pregnancy. Just a weekend suggestion to drink it. Added slices of lemon to it and it is like having a blue moon. A Midwife said one or two were ok, the equivalent would be 8-10 of O’Doulsor Buckler’s to make 1 regular beer.

How can I know the non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy?

Non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy are marked with the sign “Alk. 0.5 Vol <. “On the label of the bottle. Drinks containing alcohol content up to 0.5% alcohol referred to in Germany as the “alcohol-free”. The name of this goes back to an initiative of the industry of juice from the year 1954 Just natural juice fermentation is sometimes a bit and thus can have a low concentration of alcohol. Because the amount of alcohol, however, is very low so there is no effect observable alcoholizing, one of respect for the limits of 0.5% vol. and referred to them as “alcohol-free”. During pregnancy and lactation alcoholic beer because it might be safe to drink.

Whether non-alcoholic beer really has no effect on the body?

According to the Berlin Charité and other institutions, non-alcoholic beer has no effect on the body. A number of studies confirm that in a short time 15-20 bottles of beer alcohol would be drunk to get close to the alcohol content of one beer bottle.

The medical-legal Institute of the University of Freiburg has been researching the consumption of non-alcoholic beer drinking in real conditions. Here, the minimum level of alcohol in the blood is after drinking three bottles of non-alcoholic beer (1.5 liters, Total) within an hour, finding (average 0.0024 per thousand). With 70 percent of the subjects had no effect on the level of alcohol in the blood and has no effect on the physical and mental reflex is observed. After just half an hour after the last beer, there is no measurable amount of alcohol is more contained in the blood.

Just as bread or fruit juice blend, which has minimal traces of alcohol, women may enjoy alcoholic beer secretly on pregnancies in moderation. However, it is important that non-alcohol beers do not include the demand for the liquid during pregnancy. As thirst quenchers for pregnancy Water and tea without sugar is generally the most suitable.

A variety of food and drinks that you (don’t) need to be avoided during pregnancy more, please see our checklist for forbidden foods during pregnancy.

There are many foods forbidden during pregnancy is not recommended consumption early part. The reason is that they have an increased risk of infection of toxoplasmosis or listeriosis can cause.

A food infection runs on most people, although harmless and occur in pregnancy are rare-but children could be hurt. For this reason, their diet recommendations for pregnant women.

The following checklists provide you with a simple overview of forbidden foods during pregnancy.

What are the foods that are forbidden during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a balanced diet plays an important role. Daily food should be designed to be healthy and varied. For this reason, pregnant women are forbidden foods during pregnancy should be known.

Some foods cause increased risk of foodborne infection by a parasite or bacteria with which causes health problems in children who are not yet born or in the worst case of a premature birth or miscarriage can happen.

It is therefore also called “forbidden foods during pregnancy is called”. This does not mean that you eat food it may in no case more during pregnancy, but only that they should be consumed with caution!

An infectious disease caused by the parasite toxoplasmosis found in raw meat and meat products, and can be transmitted through contaminated soil on vegetables or fruit. Toxoplasmosis can develop towards a life-threatening at worst in immune compromised people, pregnant women and their children who are not yet born.

Bacterial induced listeriosis, common in animal products, raw or processed foods, which can breed during storage. If infection with Listeria is a commonly used antibiotic.

Forbidden foods during pregnancy, you should be treated with caution

Milk, raw milk products and cheese

To protect yourself on a pregnancy before the default food recommended for raw milk and raw milk products to get rid of. This does not apply as the forbidden foods during pregnancy. The following cheeses during pregnancy should better not (or only heated enough) to eat:

  • Spring-hard-cheese with blue mold (such as Gorgonzola)
  • Pickled cheeses, served from open containers in the refrigerated display case (such as mozzarella, cream cheese, feta, cream cheese)
  • Grated
  • Cheese with red smear

Meat, poultry and meat products

Because of an increased risk of developing infections, especially after meals of meat and meat products is considered forbidden foods during pregnancy:

  • Raw meat and raw poultry (e.g. Steak, Mett, Tatar, carpaccio, chopped)
  • Sausage (such as salami, sausages, sausages, Plockwurst spread)
  • Raw cured meat products (e.g. Ham, dried beef, smoked ham)
  • Basically, you have to eat meat and poultry are always well cooked.


Fish, shrimp and shellfish must be heated enough immediately before a meal. Listeria are hiding mainly in fish and fish products, which are considered as forbidden foods during pregnancy:

  • Raw fish and raw seafood (e.g. Sushi, oysters, sashimi, fish carpaccio)
  • Smoked or pickled fish products (e.g. Smoked salmon, smoked trout, Stremellachs)
  • Fish products (e.g. Young herring, Heringsstip, creamed herring)

Fruits and vegetables

In particular, the fruits are washed, vegetables and salad greens are considered as forbidden foods during pregnancy. Therefore, they should be washed or heated more thoroughly before it is consumed to clear the Listeria and reduce the risk of infection:

  • Raw, washed fruit, vegetables, lettuce, herbs, seeds and sprouts
  • Prepacked so salad (e.g. Cut salads, coleslaw and salad mix)
  • Pre-cut fruit (e.g. Melon) at retail or in a restaurant
  • The juice the juice and smoothie stand in juice and in catering

Cakes and desserts

In addition to the hearty food is unfortunately also some baked goods and desserts such as forbidden foods during pregnancy:

  • Preassigned bread and sandwich from the bar
  • Cakes and sandwiches with non-partially cooked filling (e.g. Cream, cream)
  • Desserts with a raw egg (tiramisu or zabaglione)

I hope the above helps answer a question can you drink o douls when pregnant? Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly. Read also the article about Can A Pregnant Woman Take Pepto Bismol For Heartburn – 10 Tips For Heartburn

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